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  1. mlayton

    (SOLD) FOR SALE: Ludwig B/O Acrolite

    I LOVE Acrolites! And this one is a beauty. Vintage Ludwig Blue Olive rounded badge Acrolite. 5x14 8 lug seamless Ludalloy shell (same shell as the Supras). Serial number is 3113918, no date stamp inside. Drum is completely original including snare wires, cords and heads. Has the 12 hole black...
  2. mlayton

    Quick release hi hat clutch

    When i was working the cymbal booth in Chicago recently, one particular drummer had his own hi hat clutch. He made a quick,easy twist motion and it came apart to allow ease of replacing the top hat. He was trying out hi hat cymbals that I had for sale. I'm pretty much a vintage gear guy. So this...
  3. mlayton

    SOLD *REDUCED* For Sale: Ludwig 60's 1123 Hi Hat Stand

    This is a very nice Ludwig 1123 Spur-Lok hi hat stand. Made for a short time in the mid 60's, this is the only model that uses the Spur-Lok pedal and is still a flat based stand. Ringo used one! These are durable, high quality lightweight stands. My favorite for sure. Super smooth action on this...
  4. mlayton

    SOLD For Sale: Ludwig Trans Badge Snare

    '59 Ludwig Transition badge 14" 6 lug model -Mahogany interior/maple exterior -Originally a painted shell-stripped and refinished many years ago -Original badge glued in place and original grommet present -Nickel over brass hoops -May 26 or 28(?) 1959 date stamp -Nickel p83 works great....4...
  5. mlayton

    SOLD For Sale: Red Sparkle MIJ snare drum

    Nice and clean 60's MIJ 5x14 6 lug in Red Sparkle. Maybe a Pearl stencil? Surely someone knows. All original parts except for the heads. Strainer/tone control work smoothly. No issues. Add this to your Red Sparkle collection on the cheap! Sounds good! Can pm me here or email to...
  6. mlayton

    For Sale: SOLD Vintage bass drum anchor

    Very neat vintage bass drum anchor in nickel finish. Most of these were made by Walberg & Auge and used by the american drum companies. I use these on all of my sets. Work great. This one is good and clean with nice rubber tips. Please pm me here or email to if...
  7. mlayton

    SOLD For Sale: Ludwig classic strainer p87

    Nice Ludwig P87 classic strainer for sale. I think these fit the very late 60's and up snare drums with the classic strainers. Nice condition. Works great. Hole pattern is a little less than 1.5", 1 3/8- 1 7/16 maybe. Mounting hardware included. Can pm me here or email to...
  8. mlayton

    SOLD For Sale: Ludwig '66 Jazz Festival

    This is THE nicest Jazz Festival that I have ever come across. Collector grade all the way. This is a May 4 66 Ludwig Jazz Festival in vivid White Marine Pearl. This 3 ply beauty is completely original including heads,18 stand wires and snare cords. Wrap is stunning/flawless. Hardware is near...
  9. mlayton

    SOLD: K Istanbul hi hats

    Here is a great sounding pair of 14" K Istanbul hats. These are superbly thin by my standards. They are 623/642 grams. Each measure 13 7/8". The pair both appear to be Old Stamp 1 issues (circa '40-'45) from what I am being told. They sound amazing together. Both hats came to me with center hole...
  10. mlayton

    Yamaha cymbal stand

    Can anyone give me any info on this particular Yamaha cymbal stand? Very heavy duty. Looking for era/series...anything. Thanks. Mike
  11. mlayton

    Ludwig bass drum/tom mount

    Ludwig used to make a tom post with a single tom holder. This was a new/recent item. It also fit the vintage double bass mounts. They sold it separately and also sold it in a kit with the new bass mount. We had a topic here a few years back on them. KO had a fix for using a different ball/arm in...
  12. mlayton

    (SOLD) For Sale: Avedis Zildjian 50's Ride Cymbal

    SOLD-Very nice Avedis Zildjian 50's Small Stamp 20". Weighs 2037 grams. This a good versatile weight in these cymbals. Perfect crash/ride. Bell sounds great. Cymbal has some nice edge wobble when riding. Crashes easily. Good stick! Just a few edge flea bites. Little wave/ripple at top of cymbal...
  13. mlayton

    -SOLD- For Sale: 70's Ludwig Acrolite

    I've owned a lot of these. But this is one of the nicest!! Ludwig 70's Blue Olive pointed badge Acrolite. 5x14 8 lug seamless Ludalloy shell (same shell as the Supras). Serial number is 1804988, no date stamp inside. This one is stunning! Drum is completely original with the exception of heads...
  14. mlayton

    SOLD For Sale: Vintage Avedis Zildjian 15" Trans Stamp hats

    Beautiful, great sounding pair of vintage A's. Top hat is a 15 1/8" Trans Stamp @ 986 grams. Bottom hat is a 15" Trans Stamp @ 1349 grams. I paired these together several years ago as a New Beat style combination. 73% top to bottom ratio. New Beats were not introduced until the 60's. These have...
  15. mlayton

    Sold *REDUCED* For Sale: 60's Avedis Zildjian Ride

    Good solid versatile 60's Avedis Zildjian 20" here. 2281 grams. Pretty much a do it all cymbal at this weight. Nice full bell, strong stick, nice crash. Just a hint of a keyhole. No cracks or damage. Original patina on this workhorse.....$135 shipped US48. Please pm me here or email to...
  16. mlayton

    Sold *REDUCED* For Sale: Vintage 60's Norma Snare

    I bought this some time ago from the original owner...actually his sister. Drum had been tucked away for decades. In really nice original condition. This is a 60's Norma snare in Blue Sparkle. Has stick saver style hoops, 12 strand snare wires, 6 lug model. Has a neat older Remo Sound Master...
  17. mlayton

    SOLD *REDUCED* For Sale: Ludwig Blue Sparkle Pioneer

    Always to nice to see a Pioneer in a Blue Olive badge model! This is a beautiful early 70's Blue Sparkle 3 ply model with clear maple interior. No date stamp inside. Drum is original with the exception of heads. This one has been take care of over the years! Serial number is 1124671. Wrap is...
  18. mlayton

    For Sale:(SOLD) Zildjian 24" 50's Block Stamp Ride Cymbal

    This is a mid 50's Avedis Zildjian 24" Block Stamp ride cymbal (one of the Large Stamps). Weighs a nice medium 3512 grams. This weight makes it very versatile for many styles of music. Was owned by an older retired Jazz Drummer. This cymbal sounds great and has seen plenty of play time for sure...
  19. mlayton

    Snare bag question

    I've got a Puresound snare drum bag. Blue in color and appears to be for 6.5" snare. I can't find much info on these. Could it be new or a discontinued item? Any info would be appreciated. Mike
  20. mlayton

    *SOLD* For Sale:(Reduced) Vintage Ludwig Supra

    This a beautiful late 70's 5x14 Ludwig Supraphonic. Blue Olive pointed badge serial number is 1848115. No interior date stamp. As you can see, the drum is in great condition. Everything works flawlessly. Blackface P85 is super smooth. Has all matching original tension rods. These die cast hoops...