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  1. nikkofan

    Height Adjustable Stool

    Good Day, I have started to look for a new throne to use only at home. I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with a Height Adjustable Stool ? I am giving my Roc N Soc Motion throne to a friend who needs it more then I do. (Long Story). Any advice would be appreciated. Best...
  2. nikkofan

    Bass Drum Practice Pad

    Good Day, I am looking for the best Bass Drum Practice Pad to give as a gift. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge or experience? It should be as rock steady as possible. Thank You. Best, "nikkofan"
  3. nikkofan

    Roto Tom Heads

    Good Day, I recently acquired a set of Remo roto toms 10",12" & 14". My goal is to use them to practice quietly. Currently I have Remo Silentstrokes, and tried pearl mesh heads on them. Not a great match for me. Has anyone tried Evans Hydrolics on a pair of roto toms or shell-less drums? I'm...
  4. nikkofan

    Remo RotoToms 8”10”12”

    Remo RotoToms 8”10”12” Overall very good condition. No rust or corrosion. A 24” and 4” track is also included. I'm asking $125.00 pay pal gift plus actual shipping costs based on zip code. Thanks, "nikkofan"
  5. nikkofan

    Spaun 12X8 Tom

    This is my personal drum purchased a few years ago on eBay. When I purchased the drum it was listed as natural finish. When I received it the original owner removed the wrap and it was actually a raw shell. The drum had no badge or vent ring. All it has was the original Spaun label inside. I...
  6. nikkofan

    Favorite Modern Felt Type Bass Drum Beater

    Good Day, Recently I picked up a Trick Pro 1- V pedal to replace my Axis pedal. I'm interested in trying a "Old School" type felt pedal. Does anyone have any suggestions in a new version? Thanks in advance, "nikkofan"
  7. nikkofan

    Traps A 400 Kit

    Good Day, I just picked up a set of Traps A 400 drums. I would like to replace all the heads and am looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance. "nikkofan"
  8. nikkofan

    18" Roto Tom

    Good Day, Recently I was given an 18" Remo roto tom. I was wondering if anyone has converted it to a bass drum? Does anyone have any first hand information on building a stand? Thanks, "nikkofan"
  9. nikkofan

    My Gretsch Free Floating Pedal

    Good Day, My pedal was purchased in 1964 with my drum-kit. I was 14 and had started lessons 3 years earlier. I still have the kit and all the hardware. This pedal and a Camco hi hat. Recently i started to downsize and went through my trap case. I found the original leather strap was in bad...
  10. nikkofan

    Sticks For Electronic Drums

    Good Day, Until recently I had no idea there were drum sticks specifically made for electronic drums. Does anyone have any first hand information and recommendations? Thanks, "nikkofan"
  11. nikkofan

    Question About Rogers XP8 15 Tom Mount

    Good Day . I recently acquired a 15"x 12" Rogers XP8 mounted tom. I would like to use the tom with the attached Rogers mount. Has anyone mounted a this with a modern style tom holder that would fit the Rogers mount? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, "nikkofan"
  12. nikkofan

    Is This a Pork Pie Drum?

    Good Day, Let me begin by saying I have a great deal of respect for My pork Pie drums and my Pork Pie throne. I found this drum on eBay (borrowed the photo. ) The listing is; The owner assumed it was a...
  13. nikkofan

    Ringo Starr's drumset @ Shea Stadium

    Good Day, While my wife is in New York she sent these photos to me. The drums are set up in Bloomingdales. Hope you all enjoy "nikkofan"
  14. nikkofan

    Gaad To Be There.

    Good Day, Last night we were 4 of 18,000 + people to be at the final performance of the James Taylor tour in Highland Park, IL. Needless to say it was a wonderful show. Eleven of the finest musicians performed flawlessly with Mr. Taylor. Including Steve Gaad and Luis Conte. I was able to...
  15. nikkofan

    Snare Wires

    Good Day, Thinking about new snare wires for a 13" Aluminum GMS snare. Has anyone had any first hand experience with the Puresound Twisted Series? Thanks in advance. "nikkofan"
  16. nikkofan

    GMS Aluminum Snare Drum Question

    Good Day, I recently acquired a used 13"x 6.5" GMS aluminum snare. After dis-assembling the drum I had a difficult time removing the Evans heads from the drum. They were the tightest fit I have ever seen. With that said, can anyone recommend batter and resonant heads to compliment the drum? I'm...
  17. nikkofan

    I Need Your Advice

    Good Day, After downsizing my home kit I have began a search for a 12" snare as my main snare. After considering a few good options I have chosen to go one step further and have one built. Your mission if "you choose to accept" is to respond with "your" wish list for the drum. I must admit I...
  18. nikkofan

    12" Snare Drum

    Does anyone have a favorite 12" snare drum? Thanks in advance, "nikkofan"
  19. nikkofan

    10" Snare Drum

    Good Day, Does anyone have a favorite 10" snare drum? Thanks in advance "nikkofan"
  20. nikkofan

    10" Pork Pie Snare

    Good Day, I just acquired a 10" maple Pork Pie Snare. All intact minus snare wires. Before ordering new heads I was wondering what snare wires are recommended for such a small drum? Thanks in advance, "nikkofan"