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  1. Bonzoholic

    RIP Leon Redbone
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    CL: But Wait!!! There's More!!
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    Neil Peart Drum Clinic 1992

    I have never seen this before! Some pretty cool discussion and insights on his transition to adding electronics to his setup.
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    OT: Go Pro Hero 7 White Users

    Anyone here using one of these cameras to record shows? What settings are you using? Thanks!
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    Kent Snare Project

    I have this Kent snare drum that I’ve been meaning to put together but never got around to it. All the hardware is there. The head is stuck on the shell. I don’t want to try to take it off. Make an offer!
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    Presentation Is Everything
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    OT: We Gots Us Some Snow

    I live in Prescott, AZ which is about 11/2 hours north of Phoenix. We were told last week that we going to get a major snow event starting Feb 20 through Feb 22. They weren't kidding. We received 21" of snow in a two day period. This is not the norm for our little neck of the woods...
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    What Would You Do...

    Last night I rehearsed with a band whose drummer had to take a leave due to a medical situation. The drummer is a friend of mine and had told me that he would need to take some time away from his group and asked if I would be able to fill in in his absence. I agreed. I have never heard the...
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    2019 NAMM DFO

    Any DFO peeps going to NAMM this year? I will be there late Thursday through Saturday.
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    Eyes Closed

    I typically play with my eyes closed. For whatever reason, I do. For some reason I want to try and play with my eyes open. I feel like I might be missing out on crowd response or being able to read the crowd and it might also improve my playing. I've been playing with the same band for the last...
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    Gettin' My Funk On...

    This is a video of my funk/disco band. Yours truly in da fro!
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    RIP Stan Lee

    Just reported....
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    GoPro Hero3 **FOUND**

    Looking for a GoPro Hero3. I have gear to trade. Thanks!
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    DW Memory Lock

    Anyone have an extra one of these they can part with? Preferably NOT broken...;-)
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    Because I Like Mark Craney

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    RIP Burt Reynolds

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    Looking to trade a set of DW5000 double pedals in case for a 22" ride. Something on the medium/heavy side. Zildjian or Paiste. Open to suggestions. Thanks all!
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    Best Free Setlist App For Ipad

    Anyone? Thanks!
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    Roland TD-4

    Anyone using a TD-4 for practice/gigging? I have a friend selling his for a really good price. Thoughts? Thanks!
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    Interesting Craigslist Ad I've never seen a "sealed bid" ad on CL before. Legit or scam?