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  1. Bijan

    Long fiber cases

    Looking for long fiber cases. Like for a cocktail drum, or the old combo cases for a 12 and 14FT. Straps or no straps, Im not picky. Thanks!
  2. Bijan

    Sourcing a new solid shell

    Hey folks, who is making and selling one ply shells now? Looking for a 6.5x 14 for a project. Thanks!
  3. Bijan

    Rogers 14x14

    Hello all, Looking for a Rogers 14x14, non Tower. Prefer red sparkle Cleveland with beavertails but I'll do any sparkle finish with grey interior and beavertails if I don't have a choice. Feel free to email me at bijan77063 AT yahoo DOT com Thank you!
  4. Bijan

    14/6 NOB Hoops wanted

    Looking for a pair of 14/6 NOB hoops for a snare drum. I'll setter for a batter hoop for now. Must be straight and round. Thanks!
  5. Bijan

    SOLD Yamaha Made in Japan 5.5x14 Nouveau Copper Snare- $300

    Gotta thin ye olde herd. Yamaha SD6455, Made in Japan 5.5x14, 20 Nouveau lugs. Snares have been upgraded to 20 strand Puresound wires. Easily a 9.5 out of 10 (a little dusty and tag residue on the top head) sounds amazing- very thick and dark- beef for days! Asking $300 plus freight. You're...
  6. Bijan

    15" 10 hole brass hoop

    Chrome or nickel over brass- either would be AWESOME. THANKS!
  7. Bijan

    Ya gotta love people trying to unload garbage on Facebook pages

    Take a look at the BS Radio King shell ad on here:
  8. Bijan

    Ummmm, NOT!!! (eBay dreamer...)

    Uh, yeah. I DON'T THINK SO!!! So wrong:
  9. Bijan

    Mystery floor tom leg brackets- North???

    I've seen most everything out there by now- but I own three of these guys and I dunno who made them! They are like the Fibes brackets in how they work- and they work really well. The hole spacing is VERY close to the 1216 Ludwig brackets. I actually used one of these for a cymbal L-arm on a...
  10. Bijan

    Help a bro identify the elusive "Ringo hihat stand"

    I've got a PILE of Ludwig hi-hat stands, gotta be 40+ here. Which one is the holy grail "Ringo" stand? I know it's flat based. WFL or Ludwig footboard? What kind of feet? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Bijan

    Geeking HARD for the Chicago Show!

    dateline: Thursday, May 13th, 5 AM. My ass is hittin the road and heading to St. Charles! who else is ready to go NOW?!?!?!
  12. Bijan

    What to do with a SSB Gretsch COW dbl bass concert tom kit

    So, we bought a 12/13/14/15/16 (all concert toms), 16x16, 2 14x24 Gretsch kit a few months back. These were from the era of the GT (Gretsch Turd) mounts. You know the kind: huge hole in the shell. There is only one solution to that problem: I drilled bottom lugs on the 12, 13, and 14x16, had...
  13. Bijan

    John Aldridge strikes again!

    Hey what the hell, I'm never getting rid of this thing anyway! 6.5x15 late 20's Ludwig & Ludwig heavy brass shell Standard. sent it to John awhile back to get one panel engraved ala a Triumphal. Sure came out nice! AND hard to photograph!
  14. Bijan

    What the f- well, you know the rest!

    I had gotten an Oyester Blue Pearl kit for the store last fall. A fellow forum member had called me to go look at it for him, and buy and ship it if it was a winner. Well, it had the dreaded added double tom mount. He passed, I bought it for the store. I remember driving back in to town with the...
  15. Bijan

    OT- AC help?

    My window unit's compressor won't kick on. I can hear it trying, but it won't start up. The fan blows fine. Is this possibly an easy fix, like a relay? It's an older Friedrich model that cools great, so I'd rather fix than replace. At least the one in the bedroom works! :)
  16. Bijan

    Removing paint from Champagne Sparkle

    I got a Gretsch 14x14, super rare black paint over Champagne Sparkle. What would be a good stripper to use that won't melt the plastic wrap?
  17. Bijan

    Score of the year, so far

    14x14, Champagne Sparkle under the black paint. Let me just say I got into this RIGHT. I'll probably take it to the Chicago Show to sell or trade. Needs some elbow grease!
  18. Bijan

    Adventures in dent removal...

    Got in a 20's 6x14 Leedy Black Elite last month. The shell had a noticable push-in behind the throwoff. This isn't something to be left alone in my opinion. Here's the dent: I decided it was high time to make a tool of sorts to make this kind of thing more controllable. We have a piece of...
  19. Bijan

    Screamin' deal on a rare drum!

    Pretty nice price for a very rare drum. Not mine; I'd be all off up on it if I hadn't just got an early Full Dress RK! ... 240%3A1318
  20. Bijan

    Santa was a few days late, but he hooked me up!

    A long time customer/friend called me earlier in the week. He said he wanted to come by the shop and talk to me about something. Turns out he wanted to sell most of his collection, and he wanted me to broker some sales. He gave me a list of what he had, and the prices he wanted. Then he gave me...