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  1. Spooky

    Looking for a cymbal!

    hi, in my last cymbal post I asked what was best to do as my ride has a hairline crack. I have decided to play it as it is, until I can afford to replace it. ( that could be a while!) But.. I really like this particular cymbal and use it as a crash- ride, but it hasn’t got any lettering on it...
  2. Spooky

    Advice on cracked ride.

    Hi, a while back I noticed a slight sizzle, but couldn’t find anything but the other day I found it... Cracked right on the edge of the bell. It’s about 2’ long.. Would it fix it if I got a hole cut around it, or drilled each end? Or Should I leave it alone? It’s a ride, so doesn’t get too much...
  3. Spooky

    Sad to hear of the passing of Ted McKenna

    I just heard Ted Mckenna has passed away. I met him a few years ago when we supported the band he was in. ( Rory Gallagher band) He treated me like a fellow musician and we had a good chat about drumming and gigging etc, even though I was just a kid, 14. Got to sit just off stage and watch the...
  4. Spooky

    Second release :)

    hi, Our second release, recorded a couple of weeks ago :) Spooky
  5. Spooky

    Mystery sizzle

    hi, I’m going back into the studio in a week, and at the last few gigs and rehearsals I’ve noticed a sizzle on my ride. I’ve looked carefully and didn’t see any damage at all and didn’t hear the sizzle today ( at rehearsal) Any ideas on what it is, is it my ears!? I don’t want to set up in the...
  6. Spooky

    Ha ha ha ‘ a drummer !?’

    You will need Facebook to see this :)
  7. Spooky

    My new band, our first music video :)

    hi, I thought some of you may be interested to see this, Here is my new band, we have recorded a couple of tracks and this one is our first ‘music video’ Thanks to all the advice and support I have had here since I was a little kid, it’s help shape me into the drummer/ performer I am today. Note...
  8. Spooky

    I got recognised:D

    Hi, We have a gig tonight and yesterday me and the band went to buy some Cables, splitters,picks and sticks. When we went to check out, the guy on the counter looked at me funny, then he said is this you!? And pulled up my video I filmed there a few years ago to advertise a beginners drum kit, I...
  9. Spooky

    What do you wish you had known when starting out?

    Hi, I mean like physically. I do protect my hearing and have tried to in the 7 years I have been with a band( rehearsing in tiny spaces) What else should I be aware of if I am lucky enough to spend the next few years+ sat behind my kit? Spooky :)
  10. Spooky

    New heads and a gig in 4 days time

    Hi, So, finally got some new heads after playing stock ones for 3 years. Went for coated pinstripes I like them and have left the sympathys off for a bit. I have a gig on Friday with the new band so getting them bedded in , so far so good, Spooky
  11. Spooky

    My new band

    Hi, here is a demo my new band just recorder on an iPhone in my music shed. So its kinda rough but I thought Id share as it is a different style to my old band Khos :) Spooky
  12. Spooky

    Favourite time signatures?

    Hi, just wondered if anyone has a favourite time signature? Me I like 7/8 Spooky
  13. Spooky

    Mini me

    Today we had some family visit I took the girls to see my music room and the youngest who is 7 asked if she could play my kit and I let her try. She loved it and did have natural rhythm, I was about her age when I started playing and she does look like me! I showed her a bit of what to do and it...
  14. Spooky

    Musicals , I'm on my 7th

    Hi just checking in not been here for a while. I'm just in tech week for my 7th musical ( in school) This one is Rock of Ages and the whole band are on stage for the whole show usually we are hidden away! It's all pretty straight forward rock stuff . I've also been asked to join a band but I'm...
  15. Spooky

    I am into double figures!

    Hi, well now you can officially say I have been drumming 10 years! It's my birthday today, and two days before my 7 th birthday ( on the Saturday) I received a hand me down kit and the following Monday I had my first lesson. I am still with Geoff my tutor and have a better kit now, but I...
  16. Spooky

    Should we all have insurance ?

    Hi, after reading radioking's post about a drunken crowd member crashing onto his gear, it made me think! I have no insurance for my gear or anyone else, what would happen if someone fell into my gear and damaged it or not so bad, damaged themselves?! Should we be insured so people can't sue us...
  17. Spooky

    Injuries whilst playing?!

    Hi, my brothers band are rehearsing in our Motorshed today and the vocalist got whacked in the eye with a guitar head! One of the cut off strings gashed his eyelid and he had to go get it glued at the minor injuries unit! He bled everywhere What injuries have you seen happen on stage or whilst...
  18. Spooky

    Giving Jim Riley's book a go :)

    Hi, Thought some of you may be interested in this , I got Jim Riley's survival guide it's good fun, here I am mixing it up with playing a dance/ electronic Groove to a uptempo swung 16ths hip hop track! Why not?! Sorry Mr Riley for calling you John!! Ha ha Spooky
  19. Spooky

    What tip do you prefer ?

    Hi , after discovering the drummer in my brothers band had destroyed my oak ( yes oak, I couldn't believe he snapped them either) Sticks which I had accidentally left in the room this week, I had to use these huge 2B's of his, with a round tip for my lesson . It got me thinking , I much prefer...
  20. Spooky

    I quit the band

    Hi, I finally quit. 5 years in the band but I had got a bit bored, and the guys don't seem bothered about putting in work to learn new set lists. We are All staying friends doubt the band will carry on though. Also I have a busy year in school my GCSE exams. So got to work hard for a few months...