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  1. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Fork’s has new owners

    Talk amongst yourselves
  2. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Loctite for P85?

    My P85 adjustment knob keeps loosening when playing. Has anyone used Loctite to keep it from loosening? Any other ideas? Trying not to buy a new throw. Thx
  3. RobbiefromAtlanta

    3 new songs from my rock band JesusHoney

    Just finished a few songs with Tom Tapley(Mastodon,Bruce Springsteen,Kristian Bush) and thought I would share.
  4. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Two new singles from my band The People If you're into shogaze-y indie murder ballad-y stuff you may like us Check it out!
  5. RobbiefromAtlanta

    My new Slingerland set

    Picked these up Sunday at Atlanta Drum Collective.Virgin bass drum and rack tom.24-14-16 3 ply maple/poplar/mahagony in walnut.Serial #'s are 4 digits which from what I've read it should be 70-71.Super stoked about getting this kit.Thought I would share.
  6. RobbiefromAtlanta

    New single From Cadillac Jones

    Here is the first single from our new album Cabin Fever.Thanks for listening!
  7. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Friday the 13th studio time

    Excited to be hitting the studio today to hopefully get 5 drum tracks down with a rock band I've been playing with for the past 7 months or so.Wanted to post some photos of the house kit I'll be using.Went by last night to get myself familiar with the kit and to get sounds so we can get going as...
  8. RobbiefromAtlanta

    New Cadillac Jones album Cabin Fever out now!! The band is very proud to announce the release of our 5th record, entitled Cabin Fever. Cjones started writing this record over several days holed up in the N.Carolina mountains. We came home to Atlanta and recorded at Studio...
  9. RobbiefromAtlanta

    It's my birthday....

    ...lets party!!!!!
  10. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Todd Trent now with Joyful Noise
  11. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Why do so many Gretsch drums smell like old man farts?

    A friend and I were talking the other day about this...what gives?!Is that just the stench of weeks old jazz?Why would someone spent 4k for a smell like that?
  12. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Rudd arrested again
  13. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Tune Yards on KEXP

    This is great stuff!So percussive and the vocals between all of them is amazing at times.If you don't like it that's cool but I wanted to share cuz I think others would find it cool.Enjoy!
  14. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Chicago Custom Percussion

    Check this out.I'm probably gonna get these guys to build me a drum.Not sure where they get their shells.Tarnished brass shell with brass tube lugs and brass single flanged hoops.Kind of up in the air about a throw but they will put which ever I want on it...and all for $475 for the month of...
  15. RobbiefromAtlanta

    New no name drum...can you identify?

    Picked this up yesterday and put new heads/snares on it.I'm thinking it's aluminum...very thin shell...hardly any snare beds.....six lugs.The throw and muffle work great except when you really lay into the drum the throw will come loose but I've taken care of that. This drum sounds...
  16. RobbiefromAtlanta

    New Aquarian Vintage Deep II

    Picked up two of these heads yesterday at Atlanta Drum Collective.They are the only shop carrying them in Atlanta at the moment.They helped test the prototypes of these new heads.The heads I picked up are 2 ply and they are both 10 mil each so a 20 mil head.Also there is a 2 ply head that is...
  17. RobbiefromAtlanta

    Jon Brookes of Charlatans UK dead at age 44 Great band live.Another drum brother gone.