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  1. Geardaddy

    Stripped the powder coating on my Alloy Classic

    I used Zip Strip to remove the powdercoat. I think it stripped it all off with a single application. Left the shell looking kind of dull, but I buffed it lightly and it turned out how it looks in the pictures. I personally like the contrasting look of the black and silver finishes better than...
  2. Geardaddy

    DW Edge snare owners...

    I have an older 5.5x14 Edge and it definitely has snare beds. They are very shallow and about 6" long. You can faintly see where they were milled into the metal to match the 45 degree profile of the rest of the bottom edge of the drum. Possibly the shell piece got turned so the edges aren't...
  3. Geardaddy

    Stripped the powder coating on my Alloy Classic

    Your snare turned out looking very nice. I really like how the hoops look. What did you use to strip the powdercoat? I did a similar thing to my Pearl Ultracast snare. The powdercoat on the shell was chipped and peeling in places, so I stripped it off. The hoops and lugs are still looking good...
  4. Geardaddy

    Royal Star King Beat Snare - parallel strainer, who can help?

    I own an Apollo Megatone snare drum that I believe uses the identical parallel strainer. I'd be willing to take some close-up pictures of the strainer mechanism if that would help you out. Attached are some pictures of my Apollo drum.
  5. Geardaddy

    Tuna Can Snare

    A local drum shop in Minnesota (Ellis Drums) did a Spam drum kit a number of years ago. It was actually pretty cool.
  6. Geardaddy

    Have you ever beaten a cymbal to death?

    This didn't happen to me, but back in the 90's I used to fill in as the house sound guy at a club that featured a 10 piece R&B house band. One night when I showed up to run sound I noticed that the garbage can in the band dressing room had a big pile of cracked Zildjian cymbals in it and there...
  7. Geardaddy

    Worst stage you ever played on.

    Years ago a band I was in played for a frat party at the U of MN Ag campus. It was held in the sheep judging arena - a long narrow concrete building with a dirt floor. Of course it smelled like sheep, but the worst part was the fact that the "stage" was the judging platform which was located on...
  8. Geardaddy

    Opinions DW Collectors or Pre YESS Yamaha RC as a gigging Kit

    I gigged both of those kits regularly (as well as a couple of other kits) from around 2010 to 2015. Both sounded great to me from the drivers seat and also received repeated compliments from the sound guys we were using. Either one would be a great choice and wouldn't fail to deliver a killer sound.
  9. Geardaddy

    Heavy, sensitive but likes to play loud. Apollo Megatone pre Tama King Beat

    I own the very same Apollo Megatone snare drum. i found mine back in 2018 on Craigslist for a very modest price. Very cool drum that holds its own compared to my Ludwig SS.
  10. Geardaddy

    Yamaha Slave Pedal...

    A Tama should also work. They use the same type half moon ends on their double pedal linkages.
  11. Geardaddy

    Yamaha Slave Pedal...

    I think either one of them will work, but I'd go for the second one. It's cheaper and has a double chain. So it should work and feel a little more like the Flying Dragon. BTW, I assume that your Flying Dragon has both sets of springs on it. You need the second (left side) set to power the slave...
  12. Geardaddy

    Yamaha 9500C

    Sounds like you have a screw loose! A set screw that is. The cam tightens on to a round piece that is locked to the hex shaft with a set screw. That is probably the culprit. Also check the beater holder set screw as well as the drum key screw on the top of the cam that holds the spring. I use a...
  13. Geardaddy

    Drum Hoops (Low-profile, short-height, inward-flanged, s-hoops)

    Is it possible that the height difference from the top of the rim to the head you are referring to was a function of the type of heads on the drum rather than the type of rims? For the 6" octabons in particular, sometimes bongo heads are used that are designed with a taller edge so the rim...
  14. Geardaddy

    Yamaha Slave Pedal...

    There are other remote pedals with the connecting shaft that will work with the Yamaha. And some brands that won't. The Yamaha uses a round connector with a flat spot for a set screw to prevent slippage. DW uses (as far as I remember) a square connector. From what I remember, most of the double...
  15. Geardaddy

    Interesting Prototype drum kit on eBay with keyless tuning lugs The pictures and description speak for themselves. Interesting concept, but I would think that it would take a lot of finger strength to achieve any higher tuning ranges.
  16. Geardaddy

    Yamaha DTX 502 rack top of pole cymbal mount

    Here are some examples:
  17. Geardaddy

    Mini Slingerland/Ludwig One Tripper

    Great use of that Slingerland marcher Joe!
  18. Geardaddy

    Info on this 1936 Ludwig & Ludwig kit?

    That snare drum looks like one I own that has the early Imperial lugs that are threaded directly into the metal. There are no lug inserts. From the OP's pictures, it looks like his lugs were re-tapped to a larger size thread at some point. Probably because the lugs being very soft metal...
  19. Geardaddy

    Difference Between Gibralter 9608 and 9608RQPRB Throne

    Not necessarily better material, just cooler looking. The RQPRB has a red/black quarter panel top (2 red & 2 black pie shaped panels on the seat top). It costs more in labor to sew that material together which probably accounts for the extra cost. Of course the cooler looking top only matters...
  20. Geardaddy

    Tom Drum Identification

    Pictures of a Miler snare drum I own.