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  1. mlucas123

    Free drums. Is there anyone in Boise who can assist with a CL purchase?

    Is there anyone in Boise who can assist me with purchasing a small bop sized kit and shipping to me in Ohio? The seller only wants to sell it as 2 5-piece kits together. I only want one of them. Just the 5 drums. Whoever helps me can keep the other kit plus all of the hardware. And, I want the...
  2. mlucas123

    Ludwig Classic interior finish

    Does anyone know exactly what Ludwig used to finish the insides of Classic shells?
  3. mlucas123

    Ludwig BD Hoops

    Have Ludwig BD Hoops changed specs over the years? Depth and the shape of the edge. When did the shape of the outer edge change? Are they 1.5" or 1.75"?
  4. mlucas123

    Unexpected favorite

    Does anyone have an unexpected favorite drumset? A beater? A house kit? Something you never expected to even like, let alone love?
  5. mlucas123

    Biggest kit you have ever owned?

    This was mine.. Full Neil Peart setup, but all Sonorlite/Protec/ddrum.
  6. mlucas123

    Cymbal weights

    Does anyone else not give a sh#t? Completely worthless information IMO. The model description is sufficient. Why haven't we started to weigh drumshells, too?
  7. mlucas123

    80's Ergonomics

  8. mlucas123

    Time for a brand new kit....

    I haven't had a brand new kit since my first one in 1986 when I was 16. I have had over a hundred used kits since then. Every major brand. Enough to know that "parts is"...pretty much.."parts". I am tired of used kits. I sell off anything of value. I want something brand new. To keep. And, I...
  9. mlucas123

    DW Design Heads

    Do DW Design series drums come with USA-made Remo heads?
  10. mlucas123

    Black Swamp

    Does Black Swamp Percussion make kits?
  11. mlucas123

    Who else is using 13" hi-hats?

    That's all I have. K/Z is the role model. Always a Z on the bottom, and occasionally will swap the top K for something else. Hated every 14" set I owned. Too sluggish. Can't imagine using the gargantuan sets that people are using now. Peart, Copeland, Katche... All 13".
  12. mlucas123

    Who would buy this??
  13. mlucas123

    DS drums

    I wonder if these are the same metal shells that Yamaha is now using for the RC?
  14. mlucas123

    New Drumming Heroes

    Are there any? I haven't heard anyone interesting since the late 90's.
  15. mlucas123

    Ludwig 6 ply Classic shell scrap

    I need to plug 2 Modular holes. Does anyone have any scraps?
  16. mlucas123

    What Ludwig Finish Is This?

    1993 Classic series. Blue metallic paint finish. I have never seen this one before.
  17. mlucas123

    Maxwin or similar Pearl-made 16" floor tom.

    I need a 16"x16" Maxwin or similar Pearl-made made in Taiwan floor tom. CB700, Maxwin, Apollo..
  18. mlucas123

    Need a favor in Columbus, OH

    Does anyone have a 16" floor tom that I could borrow for this weekend? I have a cover band gig coming up, and the only kit I have available to use is missing the floor tom. Anything would work. The kit I am using is an old Maxwin. 22,12,13...I will keep it in a case, and use my own heads. Thanks!
  19. mlucas123

    I have another new album...

    My girlfriend and I have been busy. Our new album "Duets - Volume 2" is now available worldwide for purchase or streaming. Like the first, this is another compilation of completely spontaneous - sometimes raw, but beautiful - live piano tracks blended with studio recorded drums. All natural...
  20. mlucas123

    SOLD Sonor 3000 double stands

    I have 3 of these available. Excellent + condition. solid riveted legs. slotted rod memory locks. $55 each, plus actual shipping.