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  1. dirtysicks

    Masters of the Groove Thread!!

    Groove Appreciation Thread!
  2. dirtysicks

    Post your drumming thread...

    Not sure if there is a thread like this already, but I saw this in another forum as a way to better get to know each other. It interesting to see each other’s gear and views on drums or music but even better to connect the dots and show each other’s personal playing and style. Post practice...
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    O.T Amazing and Electrifying live Performances!

    Been watching more music On YouTube than usual while working from home. What are some your favorite live performances?
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    Ok, who will be 1st to tackle this transcription?

    I know many here can read music and do it well... so who will be the first to play this one through? Wheeeew!!
  5. dirtysicks

    You guys ever play Simon Says on the drums?

    These types of exercises are fun and commonplace in my drum community but I had never seen it recorded and put on youtube. Thought I'd share some of the things that many of my drummer friends do at drum sheds. They help to improve your listening and it's just downright creative fun... anyone...
  6. dirtysicks

    Which add on toms would you get?

    Thinking of adding some toms to the New Crush kit and I’m definitely going to add the 10” but should I get the 8” to go with it or the 13”? What would you do and why?
  7. dirtysicks

    Who else could sit at drums for Snarky Puppy or Mahavishnu Orchestra?

    I posted this thread in a Facebook drum group so I wanted to pose this question here on a drum forum. The premise is that the replacement drummers could be from any time period and any genre. Drummers were posting suggestions and sometimes proof by way of videos of what drummers could take the...
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    Share your “snom” details...

    “Snom” drums have been rapidly becoming more popular. What heads are you running? What are you using for dampening, if any? What are you using as a snom? How is it tuned? How is it mounted and positioned? I had a Tama Starclassic B/B 14x12 that I was going to convert into a snom or cut down...
  9. dirtysicks

    I took a chance... Crush Sublime Kit!

    Last year I sold a few kits so when I had a little bit of extra money, I wanted to buy a kit. I initially bought a Pearl BLX but that kit went down the tubes due to faulty shipping. Had to return that kit. Then I bought a Sonor Sonic Plus II kit for $399 but when that kit came in today, all the...
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    Brand New Crush Aluminum Snares on Blow-out for $146.37 on Reverb

    Here's the description from the Crush site: "Aluminum has been used for many years in drum making. We start with a spun aluminum shell which gives us a precise and rigid base. Bearing edges are slightly rounder resulting in a very warm tone from the drum. The precise construction of the shell...
  11. dirtysicks

    Drum Solo Appreciation Thread

    I've been working from home and watching some drum vids on youtube to pass the time. I've enjoyed some great drum solos so I figured, why not start a thread of solos we can enjoy while quarantined? I'm not sure if this has been done, but didn't see it. My first for your consideration is this...
  12. dirtysicks

    Old school Yamaha was on another level!

    So my good drum favor has continued lol... a few months back, I stumbled upon a little studio room in the church where I play and I saw this old school Yamaha 7000 kit in there just collecting dust. I asked how long it had been sitting back there and the saxophyplayer said it was his and that he...
  13. dirtysicks

    Calfskin/Rawhide Drum Heads... anyone use them?

    I’ve heard of them but never tried them. Came across this video and liked the sound on the snare. I’m sure they cost more but are they durable? How comparable is the life of these heads vs regular Mylar heads? What are the thoughts on this?
  14. dirtysicks

    Great deal on a Slingerland kit at GC!

    I went by GC near my job and they have this great looking Slingerland 3pc kit for $399! I’m not sure if this kit has been refinished it if this is the original finish but it looks and sounds great in person and that price is stupid low. Just wanted to pass the deal along if anyone wanted to...
  15. dirtysicks

    Pearl Masters Tobacco Burst $350

    I have a pristine Pearl Masters Studio kit with 10x8, 12x9 and virgin 22x18 for $350. Selling cheap because the floor time is missing. In the Houston Area.
  16. dirtysicks

    Decisions, decisions... kit buying drama lol

    I just had a baby girl so I sold one of my kits a few months back. Now I looking at potential kits and I am stuck on 2 main options. The first is a Sequoia Red Pearl BLX with 10x8, 12x10, 13x11, 14x12, 16x16 and 22x16 for $599. The other is a brand new Tama Starclassic B/B with 12x8, 16x16 and...
  17. dirtysicks

    DW Top Edge

    I am on the verge of getting a new 6x14 DW Collectors Top Edge in Black Silk Onyx finish with a 10 ply VLT shell. Does anyone on the forum have one, or have any experience with them. I tested it and loved it before I even messed with the tuning. It seems to be pretty versatile. I have an edge...
  18. dirtysicks

    DW Collectors Exotic Heartwood Quilted Maple Limited Edition #83 of 100

    Just picked up an amazing snare! 5.5x14 10 ply VLT without re-rings! This thing sounds unique and has great depth that is beyond it's size due to the VLT shell. Its a limited edition and only 100 like it were made ( this one being #83). Signed by John Good. Has black nickel hardware and of...
  19. dirtysicks

    Pearl Session Studio Classic

    I tried out the Pearl Session Studio and they sound amazing! I was tempted to sell a kit of mine so I could get it or at least put it on layaway. I already have a DW Collectors and a Pearl Prestige Session select. Both of these kits sound amazing and the Prestige Session Select seems to sounds...
  20. dirtysicks

    Lost one great snare... Gained two amazing snares!

    Traded one of my snaresto a guy and got 2 in return...A maplePearl7x12 in amber lacquer and the other one is a 2005 5x14 DW COLLECTORS maple snarewith a 10+6 shell in natural oil finish!!!The snare I traded him was a CB700/Pearl 8x14 maple free floating snare. I bought the free floater for...