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  1. Ptrick

    22.5 Asian Spizzichino (and some good instruction)

    I had an Asian Spizz like this. The video came into my feed, and my jaw dropped.
  2. Ptrick

    22 Paiste Twenty Masters Dark Crisp Ride

    This has been my main ride for the last year. Love it, but I needed something with a bigger bell for the type of music I play. 3178 grams, great condition. Couple pieces of gaff tape on bottom that can easily be removed. Pics and file of exact cymbal below. $350 shipped to continental US.
  3. Ptrick


    I have been gigging my earlier series Paiste Twenty Masters Dark Crisp 22 ride 3178 grams for over a year, and love it’s definition, and that it is heavy yet not too bright. My only complaint is the bell size. I play a lot on the bell, and it’s just a bit too small for me. Excellent...
  4. Ptrick

    Alex Van Halen Tone

    There was a thread on one of the Facebook forums recently about AVH and what snares he used. I was curious to see if I could come close to his 1980’s sound with something I own, not setup Alex style (which would be clear CS dot with duct tape-later used Emperor X, 42 strand wires). This is a...
  5. Ptrick

    Brian Blade

    Someone made a cool Brian Blade compilation on YouTube.
  6. Ptrick

    Wallace, Wayne, Herbie, Ron, Tony play Miles

    Some good quarantine viewing:
  7. Ptrick

    Copper Quarantine Snares

    Been playing my copper snares last couple days. Love the fat punch you get. Anyone else love copper snares? Tama Pro Custom 14x6.5 (the Bruford snare) Yamaha 14x6.5 Seamless 90’s copper Trick 3mm 14x6.5 Copper
  8. Ptrick

    Tours cancelled

    I’m an unfortunate victim of this tonight. Drove 5 hrs North to see Tool tonight in Eugene, OR only to find out show is cancelled. Now major touring companies are canceling everything until the end of March...
  9. Ptrick

    SCDR videos (For TK)

    Two videos Lane just posted on YouTube with multiple SCDR’s and a 602 dark.
  10. Ptrick

    Paiste 22 Masters Dark for some 20”

    I have a very nice Paiste 22” Masters Dark ride at 2613 grams. It is redundant in my setup, and I just bought my son a drum set, and need a 20” ride. Looking for something medium, still crashable. Looking for trade or trade plus cash depending on what you have. Let me know what you have...
  11. Ptrick

    “Midnight Special “

    Been digging this today. Pretty eclectic group of performers, and like a greatest hits station from the period. There are several of these from different years on YouTube.
  12. Ptrick

    Tony Williams 1972

    For the cymbalholic TW fans:
  13. Ptrick

    14x6 N&C Alloy Classic

    This is a very early American made, sand cast 3 mm aluminum Noble & Cooley alloy classic snare in very rare ‘silver vein’ finish. I asked Jay at N&C about it, he said it was a very early and limited run of this finish. I’ve seen one other one in 25 years. I switched out the hoops to triple...
  14. Ptrick

    14x6.5 Ludwig Black Beauty-SOLD

    Circa 2006 Ludwig Black beauty. Was originally sold as “B” stock, never was able to find a reason why, looked like my other black beauty’s. Really good shape, some surface scratches here and there. P86 throw. Somehow it ended up with Pearl superhoop II’s on it (better than stock Ludwig...
  15. Ptrick

    14x7 Keplinger Black Iron Snare

    Almost feel guilty selling such a fine piece. I’ve been bitten by the cast bronze bug, unfortunately. 14x7, black iron (steel, just a raw finish), 3 mm rolled steel shell. No issues. Sounds absolutely fantastic, big fat sound that cuts. Has that Matt Cameron vibe for sure. Strainer was...
  16. Ptrick

    DCP 10th Anniversary Sonor Cast Bronze Snares!

    Out of my price range, and I think my Duluth can hang, but wow! Pretty awesome.
  17. Ptrick

    Quantizing John Bonham

    Interesting new video from Rick Beato. Puts Bonham ‘on the grid’ (and sucks the feel right out of the groove.)
  18. Ptrick

    Favorite way to muffle a snare

    I’m going to share my favorite way to shorten sustain on a snare, that keeps the same basic sound of your snare intact. I’ve used and tried just about everything. Rings, gaffer tape, wallet, moongel. Problem with them all is they change the pitch and sometimes feel of your snare. I got this...
  19. Ptrick

    Paiste Masters Dark crash 20 $235 shipped!

    Mint 20” Paiste Masters Dark crash, 1861 grams. Sounds exactly like you’d expect, AND, I have sound file of exact cymbal. Priced for quick sale. $235 shipped to CONUS
  20. Ptrick

    Drum dial and Tune Bot Case

    I’m one of those guys that uses both these tools for easy, accurate tuning. I usually tension up the drums with the drum dial to my preferred tensions, and then fine tune to the note with the tune bot once in the general area. Works great. To me it’s faster than just the tune bot because I’m...