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  1. hoochymama

    22" crescent wide ride SOLD

    looking for 21 or 22" heavier ride
  2. hoochymama

    22" Cresent/sabian wide ride SOLD

    Greetings, 22" wide ride in great condition. 200.00 east coast, 210.00 west side of town shipped
  3. hoochymama

    22" Crescent Element ride SOLD

    greetings looking for sabian heavy ride,power ride, something heavy! Istanbul blackbell ride
  4. hoochymama

    Crescent 22" element ride excellent SOLD

    Greetings Sabian Crescent 22" element ride in excellent condition, don't know the weight I'd say its a medium. Great condition. 200.00 shipped
  5. hoochymama

    19" sabian hhx evolution crash excellent SOLD

    Greetings in excellent/mint condition. 200.00 shipped east coast 220.00 west coast
  6. hoochymama

    slingerland 5 ply 70's complete kit *Sale pending pickup* SOLS

    Greetings, before I put on fee/reveb thought I'd try here. Got this from original owner years back just to have mostly. 22/12/16 5x14 Buddy Rich TDR snare. Has two flat stands, one boom, snare stand and hi hat stand (both snare and hi hat have tubular legs, all hardware is very good plus...
  7. hoochymama

    late 60's keystone acrolite great condition SOLD

    Greetings, I believe this is a late 60's keystone acrolite in very good condition, one of the best thats gone through mt grubby little fingers/hands. Serial number 210952 all present and accounted for original equipment, except top head. Few scrathes and some of the lugs have lite pitting, I've...
  8. hoochymama

    Vintage Fibes fiberglass drum set 22/16/13/12 SOLD

    Greetings, I have a 4 piece fibes kit in good condition 22/16/13/12. Apart from the additional holes from different mounts ( got them this way) they are all intact with no major issues. Chrome pitting/flaking, wrap it tight and shows a scuff here or there but nothing bad. Everything is there...
  9. hoochymama

    Yet another supraphonic 5X14 keystone badge good players cheap! SOLD

    Yes another supraphonic. This a a very nice players grade 5x14. Its complete but the baseball bat muffler arm is broke off. Tunes up really quick and easy and more importantly sounds good. Wires are alittle stray but tighten up ( I used different wires). Probably 65/66 era. I've had this one for...
  10. hoochymama

    paper thin zildjian 11" splash 1st stamp SOLD

    Greetings in great condition, no issues 60.00 shipped
  11. hoochymama

    fibes fiberglass 5x14 player snare drum SOLD

    Greetings, this is a 5x14 snare that I was informed that the wrap was removed and the badge was cut down. Otherwise its in very good condition and complete, sounds great. Has fiberskyn medium top/diplomat bottom head. All chrome in very good. Throw assembly complete. 260.00 shipped east coast...
  12. hoochymama

    fibes throw, butt, wires sold

    Greetingsa ladies and gents. I have a fibes throw butt and wires for sale. Throw is complete with all screws ets and in great condition. The butt plate is in great shape as well but there is some missing chrome (see picture) and the wires are missing one strand. Don't know what the value is but...
  13. hoochymama

    20" old zildjian 1841g SOLD

    Greetings cymbal has no cracks just the keyhole 110.00 shipped
  14. hoochymama

    paiste powerslave ride GONE

    Gents still looking for heavy/medium ride, this ones close, really like sabians zildjians. In great conditiomn
  15. hoochymama

    old zildjian?

    Gents/ladies, I bought a few cymbals from a pawn shop and this one here has no stamp, I've looked and looked but no dice. Looks like maybe a fifties a zildjian. Its says its 1877g and it is very light but I haven;t weighed it any thoughts? Sounds REALLY good
  16. hoochymama

    sonor designer maple light 5x14 snare drum SOLD

    Greetings, I have a designer maple light in white sparkle for sale. Snare is in great condition but missing top die cast hoop, rubber grommet on lugs, and the original wires. Sounds great I just like my metal snares better. 375.00 plus actual shipping
  17. hoochymama

    Heavy ride help

    Gents and ladies, looking for a heavy ride with a quality tone ( not a ping, not dry). I've tried so many rides that I'm going backwards now. I am a sabian guy but have tried a lot of them and can't find what I'm looking for. Not worried about the crash at all. The closest one I've had is the...
  18. hoochymama

    22" sabian legacy ride excellent SOLD

    Greetings in excellent condition. Need something heavier. Had a paiste blue bell that was close to the sound I'm after but didn't like the bell
  19. hoochymama

    22" sabian legacy heavy ride SOLD

    Greetings in excellent condition. 250 plus shipping
  20. hoochymama

    21" sabian HH Vintage ride

    Greetings, I have a 21" hh vintage ride. Shows normal wear but looks great. Never weighed it but its on the thinner side and sounds best with light play, also is a very nice large crash. 175 shipped