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    One drum company for all of your drumming needs?

    This type of thread has probably been done before, and I didn't search. But I have some time to kill, so I'll start this up and see where it goes. One drum company for all your needs, who would you pick? I'm talking hardware, toms, snares, everything (except cymbals, of course). I realize this...
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    Cover Tunes and original tempo (too slow?)

    I'm playing drums in a rock band doing cover tunes. I often find that the band, as a whole, is pushing to play the songs a bit faster than the original recording, especially on recordings that are not fast originally. Do you, as the time keeper, try to slow it down, or give in and accept that...
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    Gibraltar rack clamps

    I have a whole bunch of Gibraltar rack clamps that I'm not using anymore. Plus the 1-1/2 tube connectors, T-leg connectors, and 1-1/2" memory locks. All are black. I recently converted my rack connections to chrome finish. I don't really want to sell these parts one at a time, but if you need a...
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    Do you like your beater hard or soft?

    Bass drum beater, that is. What were you thinking? This is mainly for the pop and rock drummers. For years I used a wooden BD beater to get that nice clicking sound. Recently, I've been noticing a lot more vibration going thru my leg (I'm getting old). So, I switched to a felt beater, which is...
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    Bass drum pedal lubricant

    I'm looking for a lubricant recommendation for my Pearl Eliminator double bass drum pedal. It comes with "ninja oil" which is used for the bearings. The Pearl manual says to lubricate the stainless steel heel plate hinge, but doesn't suggest what to use. I also want to lube the drive shaft, and...
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    Which bass drum pedal - of these 3 ???

    So, I have three of the "industry standard" bass drum pedals, all are double pedals. Pearl Eliminator DW5000 Tama Iron Cobra Which one is THE BEST? Okay, it's not that easy, they are all good. But which one do you prefer (of these three). My thoughts: Pearl Eliminator I've had it the...
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    drum mixer live setup

    I plan on using a compact drum mixer and some mics for the drums at live shows. I'd mic the BD, toms, and probably the snare using my personal mixer. Then, I would send that signal to the main FOH board. I will then use the monitor send from the MAIN board to send guitars/vocals to my drum...
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    minimal mic placement on drumset for live performance

    Looking for suggestions for mic placement on a drum set for live performance. Let's assume I have a 2 or 3 microphone limit, and it's a standard 5 piece with two rack toms. In the past, we placed a mic on the front of the bass drum and one on the snare batter only. Last show I did, the sound guy...
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    drilling holes in a virgin bass drum shell to accomodate a tom mount

    I have a Tama Starclassic virgin bass drum with a wrap finish, and I'm going to mount a Tama tom holder on top. It requires 4 small mounting screw holes (no large center hole, fortunately). Anyhow, I'm assuming the "best" way to do this is to apply some painters tape on the wrap, mark it, and...
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    dw5000 pedal footboard not staying 90 degrees to BD

    I have a DW5000 double pedal and a DW Performance bass drum. I set it up and clamp it down tight. Within a few minutes of playing the heel end of the pedal is shifted to the left, so that the beaters are now hitting the head at an angle. I'm not talking about the natural motion of the pedal (up...
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    coated batter tom heads for rock

    First off, I realize that there "are no rules" regarding drum head selection. Coated heads are popular in the jazz community for using brushes, etc. But are any of you who are playing pop/rock music using coated heads on your toms? I like the look and the warmth of coated heads, but do miss a...
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    New Pearl Thrones

    Does anyone have any idea when these new thrones from Pearl will be available?
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    My 14" floor tom resonates forever.

    I recently got a DW Performance kit with a 14" floor tom. I know the companies all strive for max resonance, but this thing resonates for an extremely long time. I'm currently using an Evans UV2 2-ply batter head, and an Evans EC reso head. I tune the batter just above wrinkles and the resonant...
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    DW Design maple snare drum

    I just ordered a white marine pearl DW Performance shell pack. I wanted to add a white snare drum. So, I was looking at either the matching WMP Performance snare or the DW Design gloss white snare. Both are 5.5" deep American maple. The Design is a little less expensive because it's not...
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    Help me decide on a gigging shell pack.

    I'm looking for a nice mid-priced gigging kit for my use with my rock cover band. I'm looking at small shallow drums, but with a 22" BD. Most likely, 22x14, 14x12, 12x8, 10x7 Narrowed it down to DW Performance, Tama Starclassic Birch/Walnut, Pearl Session Studio Select. I realize the DW is maple...
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    Drumstick control clips.

    Has anyone seen these: Drumstick control clips. Supposed to help with holding the sticks and doing stick twirls. I stumbled upon them on Amazon while looking at other percussion stuff.
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    drum hardware - lighten your load

    There's always a lot of talk about reducing the weight of your hardware for travelling. Has anyone ever noticed that, particularly with cymbal stands, the maximum height permitted by many stands is quite high, by today's standards? I recently bought a pipe cutting tool from Amazon for like $25...
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    Drum monitoring when playing live.

    For those of your playing in a relatively loud live setting, like a bar cover band, do you typically get your drums in a monitor mix? I filled in on drums last weekend and I couldn't hear my bass drum very well. It was really only my bass drum that just got lost in the mix, from where I was...
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    Using in-ear monitors for practicing. No more ringing in ears!

    How to practice on a real drum set without damaging your hearing? I've tried many different ear plugs, and most of them take away most of the natural tone of the drums. Everything just sounds muffled, and I can't hear my mp3 track that I'm trying to play along with. My solution? I mic the...
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    In ear monitors, who uses them? Recommendations?

    I'd like to try in ear monitors in order to save floor space AND my hearing. Wondering how many of you use them, and your recommendations. I don't need wireless and I don't need top of the line, but I assume dual driver is important for getting proper low end. I figure, if I get the lead vocals...