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  1. SpinaDude

    Small Auxiliary Snare with a Marching Drum Sound

    I already have a second snare off to the left of my hi-hats. And I have the LP mini-timbales with the snare (but the snares are off) mounted on the rack above the 2nd snare. What I think I want to do, is get a pair of 10" hi-hats mounted above and jut to the left of my regular hi-hats. And I...
  2. SpinaDude

    Hi-Hat Advice

    I would like to get a remote hi-hat stand -- send my 14" Dream Energy hats over there and put a set of 15's on my main stand. Right now I'm leaning towards the Sabian Paragons, but my mind is far from made up. I'm playing hard-rock. I want something with plenty of attack and bite, but not too...
  3. SpinaDude

    Wood Grain and the Effects on Sound

    So, I've read a lot about how the grain orientation in a drum can affect the sound of a drum through transfer of energy leading to increased resonance. But I haven;t seen much on the COARSENESS of the grain, and what that contributes. I thought I saw something...somewhere and now I can't find...
  4. SpinaDude

    Hybrid Snares

    Last time I was in a music store, back in the aughts, 'afore the sickness came and I was still a courtin' my bride, I tried out the Ronald Bruner, Jr. signature snare. It's a 1mm steel shell on the outside, coupled to a 6mm walnut inner. It was tight and sharp, just a bit ringy. I really...
  5. SpinaDude

    OT - Dee's Got Some Pipes!

    Just rediscovering some old stuff. Man, Dee Snider's voice is strong. Give the guy props. Underrated hard rock singer. I think it's pretty obvious where this is going, but they still make it work. Really well. Classic Twisted Sister Live:
  6. SpinaDude

    Saturday Sextet: Faith No More

    All LIVE. All fantastic. I love how the bands intensity builds almost imperceptible when he lands.
  7. SpinaDude

    OT: Where's Nolly?

    Anyone know what happened to Nolly from the Drummer's Review YouTube page? These days, because of Covid, when someone drops from the public eye, I unfortunately fear the worst.
  8. SpinaDude

    Janka Scale

    I hope this doesn't devolve into another divisive argument about whether or not the type of wood used in a shell affects the sound of a drum. This is a link to a Janka hardness scale. It's very comprehensive from what I can tell. Does...
  9. SpinaDude

    A wood snare like nothing you've ever heard before...but in a good way

    Does anyone have one that comes to mind? Something that really turned your head because it brought something new to the table and no other manufacturer had anything close?
  10. SpinaDude

    80's Remo Drums

    So, I think any drummer who was coming up in the 80's will remember this video. So Bozzio's playing aside, which as always is IMO beyond reproach, does anyone know the story behind his drum sound here? Forever and a day I thought Remo drums were garbage becuse of this video. But over the...
  11. SpinaDude

    Vox Telstar

    Well...someone had to do it. A lot more decay and sweetness to the sound than I would have given it credit for. Really nice boom on that kick. Retro sound, not for me, but I'm still impressed.
  12. SpinaDude

    Helluva great snare drum deal

    This just posted on YouTube. For all you Mapex haters out there... The drum sounds damn good...even with the UT heads. Especially for that price. Excellent appointments on it too. If I hadn't just ordered a snare, I would get one of these.
  13. SpinaDude

    COB and NOB

    Assist the ignorant here, please. I see a ton of metal snares that are chrome over brass and nickel over brass. Are these coatings purely cosmetic? Do they enhance or change the sound? There's also a DW knurled black nickel over steel. Same questions apply for that one.
  14. SpinaDude

    Couldn't wait to play along and then...

    I like to jam to music on my pad, while working on rudiments and technique. there are plenty I'll play to that I know I can't handle on a full kit. Sometimes I try one, a track I really love, but when I get behind the kit it just doesn't connect for me and I find myself bored to death playing...
  15. SpinaDude

    ChromaCast Drum Bags

    Anyone ever heard of these cases? Anyone have experience with them?
  16. SpinaDude

    OT: CenterStageM and Official Drummer

    CenterStageM, which later became Official Drummer, was a forum that shut down a few years ago. I know there's many of you who know the site, because I know you from there. A few months ago, the site relaunched quietly and then shut down quickly with no notice. Augie, whom I've never met and...
  17. SpinaDude

    OT: CD Long Boxes...Who Misses Them?

    I used to love these. I'd cut them open with a razor blade, cut the front panel off, very carefully because I'm obsessive, and hang them on the walls of my room. I had a whole spread going at one time. Anyone miss having these? I know it's not the same as LP's, which had much larger and...
  18. SpinaDude

    Snare Drum Restoration

    I know nothing about Fibes, but I've seen them mentioned here on the forum quite a bit. So when I stumbled upon this this morning, I thought you guys might find it interesting. I never thought to restore a drum, so I found this interesting.
  19. SpinaDude

    Shipping Concerns

    Between Dan's recent problem with the cracked bass drum (courtesy of FedEx), and my own recent problem of ordering a computer on Amazon and it being lost in a transfer from FedEx to UPS. I'm getting a little paranoid about my new DaVille snare being shipped. I'm sure Terry is incredibly careful...
  20. SpinaDude

    Friday Five-Fer: Devin Townsend Live

    First four are from the By A Thread Live gigs. Last one is a hat-trick including one of my favorite live performances of all time.