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    YAMAHA Manu Katche Jr. kit MIJ

    I have an opportunity to purchase one of these kits in great condition. BD, 2 toms, snare, BD riser, tom mount, FT legs. $500. It is the MIJ version, wrapped in the brushed aluminum looking wrap. A few questions: Weren't these made in Sakae factory in Osaka? Any idea of the vintage of these...
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    Original Sonor Jungle kit + extras

    [ All gear is in excellent condition and there are no problems except as specifically noted. Sonor Sonic Plus II jungle kit. The original "Jungle kit". Discontinued in 2001, this is an outstanding kit for small venues and a perfect jazz/Be-Bop kit. Immaculate, near mint condition in black...
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    LEGEND drums

    That is what I had heard. They look really nice, and they sound AWESOME!! Happy I got them!
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    LEGEND drums

    I am a Sonor/Yamaha guy. However....... A while back, I came across a just ridiculous deal on a LEGEND kit. They needed a wee bit of TLC, so I got them and began to love on'em. I remembered these drums from the I recall, they were considered to be upper end drums, comparable...
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    LEGEND kit

    Thank you Tommy! So what would you guess the value of them to be? Should I leave them alone, or think about refinishing them, either strip/re-lacquer or wrap? What would that do to the value, or does it even have any effect on that , so long as any re-work is done well and has a good result? I...
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    LEGEND kit

    I have recently come into possesion of a LEGEND drum kit, and I am hoping to gain some knowledge about their value and history. This kit is 8/10/12/14/16 toms (14 and 16 are FT's), 22 kick, and a 13 SD. Finish in checking in places on some of the drums, but still a beautiful teal lacquer. BD...
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    Which kit should I buy?

    I am a Yamaha fan. I have a DTXtreme III with upgraded module to DTX900. I prefer the yamaha rubber pads and I think the Yamaha cymbals just blow away the Roland cymbals. I also prefer the SAMPLED drum sounds in the Yamaha modules. REAL drum sounds, NOT "modeled" (i.e., Roland). I think they are...
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    Finish question

    Oh no worries there mate! I have wrapped drums before, and I use glue on the ENTIRE surface of the dum/wrap. It will never come off! Jammin' Sam's tape method BLOWS HARD!! I have thought of wrapping the kit.....LOVE the torquoise and salmon sparkles......but if I can somehow preserve the lacquer...
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    Finish question

    It will be a keller maple shell. The kit is now a very nice dark green lacquer.......not green like Simon Phillips' TAMAs, but green like almost dark teal. I was also thinking of making the whole kit a new color.......I think that may be a bit much for me though. Not sure how I'd get the...
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    Finish question

    I am buying a kit that has a damaged bass drum. I am getting the kit for a song. I want to get a new BD shell and use the hardware off the damaged one. The kit is a really beautiful dark green lacquer, and I'd like to match the new BD to the rest of the kit. Is this possible? Thanks in advance...
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    What would you do?

    This is the most important question YOU have to answer: Do you LIKE how the cymbal sounds? An "A" Rock crash is a stout cymbal. There is definitely a "dent". But that cymbal is designed and built to take a bit of a pounding, not unlike, say, a "K" thin crash. Different animals. If it were me...
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    OT: Best airport food?

    Amsterdam has some wicked good eats.
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    New (to me at least) Sonor Delites

    AWESOME!! I got my S-Class Pro in grained maple in a similar fashion. A local salvage store had them on Craigslist. They didn't know what they had! The 8/10/12/14/22 Sonors, a Tama Starclassic snare, Axis pedal, Paiste Signature, 2002, and RUDE cymbals, and a mish mash of hardware for $800!!! I...
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    Guitar Center vs. the internet

    I live in least 3 GC's in the area....several Ken Stanton music stores, Atlanta Pro Percussion, a VERY few "mom & pop" stores. When I was a kid growing up here in ATL, we had "Rhythm City" and "Metro Music"......and invariably, whenever I was in there looking, and asked a question...
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    An eBay sucks rant.

    :evil:I HATE Feebay and Slaypal! I can't remember the last time I bought something there. I go to various forums or C/L to buy stuff. Doesn't surprise me at all that they're bending you over. It's how they do business. Pretty pathetic. BTW, your Sonor's are beautiful! I have a S-Class Pro kit...
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    TAMA Snare drum question

    This was the snare drum in a kit I recently bought. It is a TAMA Starclassic. 100% birch, 6X14, 8 lugs, die cast hoops. I don't plan to keep it. My question is; what is it worth? I'm not a TAMA guy, and I have no idea. I do know that Starclassic is their high end drum, and that's about it. Any...
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    Wuhan traditional cymbals

    I just recently purchased a set of 3 WUHAN Traditional series splash cymbals....12", 10", and 8". I gotta tell ya.....these cymbals are a HUGE surprise! I have all Zildjian K's except for these, and they are every bit as nice sounding as any one of my K's! I would in fact favorably compare them...