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    PAIR OF VINTAGE SLINGERLAND FLAT BASE CYMBAL STANDS. Excellent Condition. Chrome is super clean. Some scratches on the aluminum legs. No cracks in rubber feet. Nothing stripped. Fully functional. $165. for the pair, shipped to the US
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    14" K Zildjian Hi Hat Cymbal

    14” K Zildjian Bottom Hi Hat Cymbal in excellent condition. No cracks, chips, dents or damage of any kind. $120. shipped in US 48
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    Vintage Gretsch Bass Drum Shell Mount Cymbal L Arm Holder

    Vintage Gretsch Bass Drum Shell Mount Cymbal L Arm Holder. Complete. From the late 50's - early 1960's. Excellent Condition. $85. + shipping
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    Vintage Camco Flat Based Cymbal Stand ----SOLD----

    Rare Vintage Camco Flat Based Cymbal Stand. From the early 60's. Oaklawn period. There is a photo of this stand in the 1962 Camco catalog. Excellent Condition. $95.00 + shipping.
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    Dial Tune Snare Drum

    This is the design of one of my former drum students. Check it out...hip drum!
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    Look Out For Stolen Drum Set

    Read article from The Morning Sun for details...
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    Look Out For Stolen Drum Set
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    Gretsch Hex Badge Tom Tom

    Gretsch Hex Badge 8"x 12" Excellent Condition. Rosewood finish. No extra holes. The Pearl tom mount installed when the drum was new in the 1970's. Overall a very clean drum with some slight wear. $250. + shipping.
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    Trixon Snare Drum

    I recently bought this snare drum along with a Gretsch kit. It's a cool looking drum, German made in the 1960's. It appears to be all original with the snares intact and a parallel throw. Does anyone have any idea of it's value?
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    Sabian - does anyone know anything about this cymbal??

    I bought this with a vintage kit recently. Can anyone approximate how old it is? Looks to be before Sabian fully developed its logo.
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    Are all Gretsch chrome snare drums from the 70's brass?

    I have a 70's Gretsch, chrome, hex badge, 4160 and was wondering if its brass. The reason I ask is because it has a seam and I have always thought brass shell snare drums were seamless. Anyone know about this? Thanks!!!
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    Regal BG Maple Sticks

    Does anyone know where I can find any Regal Tip BG Maple drumsticks? ...down to my last few pairs. wood tip
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    Can anyone identify this vintage Zildjian stamp?

    20" Ride - 50's -60's?
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    Vintage Slingerland Snare Drum Stand - 1970's

    Here is a Vintage Slingerland Snare Drum Stand in excellent condition. Super clean chrome w/ no rust or wear. Set-O-Matic era, model #1386, circa 1970's. Fully functional, no issues. $55. shipped to US48
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    ***Video Added*** Vintage 15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hats - 1974

    Here is a pair of 15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats from the 1970's. Good News: These are the original issue 2002's like John Bonham played back in the day. They have consecutive serial numbers dating them to 1974. Bad News: The top cymbal suffered a crack. It has been repaired correctly so...
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    SOLD - 15" Istanbul K Hi-Hat Cymbals - Heavy - SOLD

    Up for sale is a rare set of 15” Istanbul K hi –hats. No cracks, keyholing, etc. The actual diameter is 14 & 7/8”. These are a heavy weight set of hi-hats. The top cymbal is 1312 grams and the bottom is 1397 grams. As you can see, the diameter is slightly irregular, as is common in these...
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    SOLD - SOLD___22" Thin Ride Cymbal - Custom Made By Heather Stine of 37 Cymbals___SOLD - SOLD

    SOLD - 22" Thin Ride - Custom Made By 37 Cymbals Here is a 22" Thin Ride custom made by cymbal artisan, Heather Stine of 37 Cymbals. Dark, Istanbul, Old K Vintage Craftsmanship. Incredible, one of a kind, ride purchased from Jim Bettis on one of his ebay auctions. It is in excellent condition...
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    Has Anyone Tried Skrill?

    Has anyone tried Skrill to send or receive a payment on ebay? I understand that their money transfer rates are extremely low. Any feedback??
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    Is Session Work Declining?

    I've known drummers to use brushes but this is