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  1. Drumworm

    WTB: Ludwig Keystone 8" Tom - Pewter Glitter

    As the title states...
  2. Drumworm

    How about 11, 13, 15 toms?

    Never had an 11" tom, heads my be difficult to find. Never seen that config as a stock option.
  3. Drumworm

    Something Fresh

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. Drumworm

    Solid wood snare drum for the studio

    Lol... ain't that the truth...
  5. Drumworm

    Check Out My Video.....

    Below is the very first video that pulled up when I searched this song... and this guy nailed it. Very smooth, controlled, and precise. Compared to this vid, I would give you a 5/10. I'm not trying to discourage you, but only pointing out that you have a lot more work to do that you might...
  6. Drumworm

    Paradiddle Displacement CHALLENGE! One-Up#1

    Cool exercise. This is the kind of stuff that will broaden a player's grooves and fills... especially players moving into the intermediate level. Looking forward to seeing you apply this to the kit.
  7. Drumworm

    Check Out My Video.....

    When you post a video of your playing on the internet you have opened yourself up for all the world to see. This vid is neither "one of the better covers on youtube", not is it "nearly spot on". It is a good start as others have said. But the nuances of the groove and fills are just not...
  8. Drumworm

    OT: rock n roll hall of fame nominees list

    It truly is the R&R Hall of Shame... a total joke. Cheap Trick not being there is down right unthinkable. Has any Rock & Roll band played more shows for their fans than CT? They have been touring non-stop for 4 decades... some speculate over 6,000 shows.
  9. Drumworm

    OFF TOPIC: The Walking Dead

    Trailer shows walkers breaking into the prison... that should be interesting...
  10. Drumworm

    What New Bands Do You Like?

  11. Drumworm

    Max Weinberg - wow.

    Max played on one of my favorite albums of all time... Ian Hunter's "You're never alone with a Schizophrenic". I have a lot of respect for the man and all he has done in his career.
  12. Drumworm

    Gavin Harrison on when to play fills

    Man how I would love to see a Porcupine Tree show!
  13. Drumworm

    Vinnie's new cymbals

    Never have seen Vinny play a 1 up 2 down config before... wonder if that is actually his new set-up?
  14. Drumworm

    So that's it

    Unfortunately, pretty typical band drama.
  15. Drumworm

    How Did Your NYE Gig Go?

    Weather was not a helping factor at our gig as well. We had a great time and it was one of our tightest performances since we have been together, a lot of great compliments after the gig. I guess the crowd was more of the laid back, sit and listen type. The dance floor did finally pick up...
  16. Drumworm

    How Did Your NYE Gig Go?

    We played at one of our regular venues and the crowd was pretty much blah. We have much bigger and more enthusiastic crowds on a routine Sat nite at this place than what we had last night. I believe New Years Eve has lost it's luster for night clubs and such for the most part. A lot of people...
  17. Drumworm

    How do you count off the intro to a tune?

    Totally depends on the song and the setting for me. I never only use just one method. However, I prefer to just click it in most of the time.
  18. Drumworm

    Great app "Figure"

    The app is cool, but man that cat is smooth! Very nice playing... loved it!
  19. Drumworm

    carmine appice black dog

    If I am reading this correctly, what you are saying is once you have made a name for yourself and influenced others, it is perfectly acceptable to give your supporters and followers a real crappy, unrehearsed, half-ass performance?
  20. Drumworm

    What are your favourite songs to play

    Here are a few our band does that I enjoy: Barracuda - Heart Separate Ways - Journey Shine - Collective Soul Rock in America - Night Ranger Blue Collar Man - Styx Promises in the Dark - Pat Benatar Whole Lotta Love - Zep