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  1. messineo21

    Wanted: 14 Camco Tuxedo Floor Tom

    In search of a 14 inch Camco Tuxedo Floor Tom in red sparkle but will consider other finishes as long as it is a tuxedo. Would also consider 14 red sparkle floor with turret lugs.
  2. messineo21

    Jim Gordon's Camco set

    I’m pretty sure I read that Jim Keltner has Gordon’s Camco kit. I’ll try and find the article I’m pretty sure I have it somewhere.
  3. messineo21

    Nickymoon Custom Cymbals - thoughts on a new cymbalsmith based in NJ

    Where abouts in Jersey is he? I have a Swish knocker I want thinned out and hammered.
  4. messineo21

    RIP Hal Blaine

    From Hal's Official Facebook Page Hal Blaine - loving father of Michelle Blaine; grandfather of Anthony, Josh, Aaron, Whitney, Tempest, Ever and Lyryk; and inspiration to countless friends, fans and musicians - has passed on today, March 11th, 2019 at the age of 90. May he rest forever on 2 and...
  5. messineo21

    SOLD - C&C Super Flyer - 13/16/22

    Is this still for sale?
  6. messineo21

    Armand med thin 18” and new Avedis 22”

    Any interest in trading the 22?
  7. messineo21

    21" Zildjian K Custom Organic Ride for K Ride

    Looking to trade my 21" Zildjian K Custom Organic Ride for a Zildjian 22" K Light Ride but with consider other K rides as well. Weighs 2672 grams. Some stick marks but no cracks, dents, or keyholing. Designed by Pat Petrillo and autographed by him on the underside of the bell. Sound file...
  8. messineo21

    New remo colortone heads, availability?

    I saw Chicago Music Exchange has them
  9. messineo21

    Traded! Mods Please Remove! Zildjian 14" K Custom Special Dry Hi Hats for 14" New Beats or 14" Paist

    Looking to trade my Zildjian 14" K Custom Special Dry Hi Hats for a set of 14 inch New beats, Armand, the new Avedis series or 14 inch Paiste Formula 602's. Weight: Top 868 grams Bottom: 1388 grams. Thin top with heavy bottom. Nice solid chick sound with a dark stick sound. Dirty sounding bark...
  10. messineo21

    Thinking about cutting down a bass drum

    I had a 20x20 DW Collectors series bass cut down to a 20x15. It was the best decision I ever made. Great tone and punch and can actually use the kit out of the house now.
  11. messineo21

    Coated Emperor - but on which snare?

    I've been using the White Suede Emperor on my 6.5x14 Blaemire snare and I love the feel of it so much I'm thinking about putting it on all of my snares now. Super durable with just the right amount of dampening to it.
  12. messineo21

    *sold* Ludwig 6.5x14 Copper Phonic, new

    Would you be interested in trading this for a new DW 6.5x14 purple heart snare?
  13. messineo21

    New kit! DW Santa Monica - I got the scoop!

    Alright so how much are these gonna set me back? Better start saving now haha
  14. messineo21

    Best recorded crash ever..

    I've asked Jamie what cymbal was used on Wonderful Tonight. He said it was a 22' Zildjian Swish with rivets and it has since been retired due to it having a few cracks.
  15. messineo21

    1950's Gretsch 3ply BDP 13/16/22 w/ 14x5 snare
  16. messineo21

    Zildjian 21" K Custom Organic Ride 2672 grams $300 Shipped

    Up for sale is a 21" Zildjian K Custom Organic Ride. Weighs 2672 grams. Some stick marks but no cracks, dents, or keyholing. Designed by Pat Petrillo and autographed by him on the underside of the bell. $300 shipped OBO. Paypal or Venmo accepted.
  17. messineo21

    Zildjian K Constantinople 22" Medium Ride Low 2400 grams $400 shipped OBO

    Up for sale is a 22" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin Ride Low with 3 rivets. $400 shipped OBO. Weighs approximately 2400 grams. It has stick marks but no cracks, chips, dents, or keyholing. A sound file is attached. Paypal or Venmo accepted.
  18. messineo21

    Steve Maxwell Tuning Seminar

    Part 3 up now.
  19. messineo21

    If I Say Steely Dan,Which Song Would You Like To Choose and Why?

    Tough choice for me since I love so many but I'm gonna go with Gaucho. Jeff Porcaro grooving.