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  1. davidh

    Premier HiFi

    Now a short ratttattattattat in 6/8 time mostly - scottish pipe band stuff new to me but from 1961 or so - a ten lug, cast hoop, wood shell Hi Fi - identical to my first drum bought in 1962
  2. davidh

    Premier vintage bop play-along

    Vintage 1968 lockdown play-along to a MIDI track I wrote from scratch with Lilypond - an old fashioned but very useful programming language...
  3. davidh

    Fifty years

    Last Saturday they got gigged again 50 years since I last played them Premier bop oyster 18x12 14x14 12x8 which I had bought new in 1968, sold in 1970 and found again a year ago a remarkable feeling playing them again
  4. davidh

    Charlie Watts Jazz 625

    The BBC have made a kind or remix of the 1960s jazz TV show "Jazz 625" which includes a clip of Charlie Watts playing with a quartet. Can't quite make out the drums - you would think Gretsch but there is a short shot that looks almost like Trixon. Not sure if the link works outside UK...
  5. davidh

    Camco 1966 catalogue

    And for all Camco fans, yesterday I added a new 1966 (we think) catalog to - it was found in the Oak Lawn Public Library!! happy reading
  6. davidh

    would you..? this was once mine, factory-ordered 50 years ago when I was 18... tempted so would you....?
  7. davidh

    From bop to micro-bop

    I have tried a few new bop-sized sets - Gretsch Catalina, Yamaha Stage Custom. Premier Modern Classic and none are still here.. Yamaha's were the best. I bought my first bop-kit a Premier 1968, got a new Gretsch in 1978 and played it till maybe 2008 and have played the above since. I have more...
  8. davidh

    Pop art decoration

    I experimented with a Keith Haring (late NY pop artist) derived decoration printed onto transparent adhesive film - all eight images on one A4 sheet then chopped up. Not too shabby. Very much a bitsa drum - shell and parts from all over
  9. davidh

    Vintage Beverley

    I played a wedding with this 1979 Beverley red-badge era set last weekend. These were Premier-made (for Boosey & Hawkes who had bought the Beverley brand having stopped Ajax production and English-made Rogers) designed to look like Ludwigs with thin birch shells with reinforcement rings. The...
  10. davidh

    .. and a new door opens

    I was recently "head hunted" to be the drumming instructor for this lot - a huge and busy school pipe band in a very historical English school with royal connections... nice kids too.. back to where I started with drumming 55 years ago!
  11. davidh

    Piping at the House of Commons

    Was asked to play the bagpipes at the House of Commons in Westminster, London last week. Getting through all the sub machine guns at security was a lot easier than I thought as they all seemed familiar with pipes. The House of Common is our main government building... like your US Congress
  12. davidh

    Dunnett strainer woes... again

    Forum members may recall that I had to replace my Dunnett R7 a while back as it was built all skewed - all sort of fuss including a dialogue with the ebullient Ronn but it was eventually kindly sorted by my local drum store so I put on an R4. All very good but now the Butt end has stripped a...
  13. davidh

    DrumHead magazine problem

    Anyone else having any problems with this DrumHead magazine thing? I bought a years on-line subscription with PayPal but got no confirmation email so cannot login... Have tried contacting them via the web site and FaceBook but with no luck so have opened a PayPal dispute.. Am I alone here or...
  14. davidh

    a Drumarchive request

    Does anyone out there have a copy of the 1967 Ludwig Parts Catalog? The one we have is a poor resolution PDF scan and we get pleas for something better...? Maybe one of you vintage fans has an original paper one nd might do better than this ...
  15. davidh

    Ultra minimal

    This was tonights gig with my less-is-more set up - for a Ceilidh (English and Scottish country dance music) Pearl 13"x3"steel snare with 10" hi-hats the rest of the band play concertina, melodeon and soprano sax . It feels great having so little to load in and out and for this music it really...
  16. davidh

    UK vintage drum fair

    Some photos from yesterday at the fair of "Sir" Alan Buckley's enormous collection just as things were being set up
  17. davidh

    Gretsch - help, advice and opinion please

    These are described in a sale over here as Gretsch Round Badge 1964 to 1966 but two things puzzle me - the metal bass drum hoops, and the positioning of the floor tom lugs that seem to be a little closer to the rims than than I would expect for this period. They seem complete otherwise with...
  18. davidh

    Blue Badge Beverley Drums

    These drums were marketed in the US as Premier but actually designed by a company called Beverley as a copy of the Ludwig Super Classics. These blue badge ones are late 1960s and sound really great with very thin shells. Hardware was pretty poor though so a few bits have been swapped out. I...
  19. davidh

    An Idyllic Setting

    My fabulous new Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz kit in an English garden party gig last weekend - looked so good I took a photo
  20. davidh

    Ludwig Pioneer heads & snares?

    I recently got this Ludwig 1964 Pioneer snare to match my October 1965 BDP Downbeat kit. Now what heads and snare would you use? Recommendations please. For now I put on a PS3 coated batter and Canopus snare as I had them to hand... Different sound to an 8 or 10 lug drum which I quite like...