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    Show me your 18” floor to kick conversions.

    I’ve got a 16x18 6ply Ludwig I’m going to convert, it’s got extra holes from something earlier done to it so it’s not a loss of a original shell. Just wanted to see how any others have turned out.
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    Acro shell

    Looking To buy just a shell, an era. Thanks.
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    Muscle Shoals Sound

    I can’t remember if I posted these or not. Live on the floor with one mic.
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    What mic clamp is this?

    Who makes the mic clip on the ride stand?
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    Gibraltar hardware backpack?

    Had anybody tried one of these yet? For a lightweight set up obviously.
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    19 K Sweet for ?

    Like new, used on a few gigs last year. Looking for big dark rides/crashes. Would really like a 20-22 K con, would throw some $ in.
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    One Mic series at Muscle Shoals Sound

    We got asked by John Cuniberti to be part of his OneMic series. Its exactly what it sounds like, the whole band around one mic. No overdubs or so-overs. Heres the result.
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    Reinstalling badges

    Do you glue the badges down when you reinstall the grommets? Or just let the grimmet hold it in place?
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    New record

    Just released today.
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    Tension rod length

    Can someone please tell me the correct tension rod length for a 16 Ludwig floor tom? Mine are so short I have to apply pressure to the rim to get them started. Thanks
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    DW Ultralight vs new Tama flat base

    Anybody have the new Tama stands? Or had a side by side look at them next to the ultralight?
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    Band logo question

    Guitar player designed and new logo, our bass player doesn't approve. Take a look and tell me if it gives you an preconceived ideas of the band.
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    Building compact portable kit

    I spend a lot of time in hotels for work and I just can't get in to practice pad kits. So I'm thinking of putting together travel size e kit. One that will fit in a duffel or carry on size bag. Just kick-snare-hat and maybe 1 cymbal, hopefully all on 1 stand. Has anyone done this? What...
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    I got interviewed in the local rag!

    I know….shameless self promotion. I posted some pics and a video from the session a couple of months ago. Our EP finally comes out next week and we're getting a little press. I've always said that the best way for a drummer to get an interview is to be married to the lead singer! Anyways...
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    OT kinda, Digital Distribution. Who to use?

    Releasing our EP soon, and the next debate (one of many in this process) is who to use to get it to iTunes, Amazon mp3, etc. We've narrowed it down to Tunecore or Ditto Music. Anyone have an opinion? experience with either?
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    Using shakers live with the kit

    We recently did a track and overdubbed some shaker, I really like the feel with it, so what's the best way to pull it off live? The song is swampy and I'm riding 8's on the floor tom the entire time, so maybe hold a maraca and tape it to the stick some? Or, I've seen some shakers that you can...
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    Recent recording session pics

    We had a photographer come in on one day during an EP session from last month. This is at The Nutthouse in Muscle Shoals.
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    Studio head selection

    Headed into the studio next month. New heads or broken in? What say ye?
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    Jammin Sam and Precision, same wrap supplier?

    I recovered a kit about 6 years ago with a wrap from JS. I'm adding a few new drums in the same color and would like to use Precision (not sold on the tape option). Do they both use the same supplier for their sparkle wraps? I'd hate to have a slight difference in color bothering me for years...
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    Recent gig pictures ('cause we all prefer pics)

    Here's some shots from a local Brewfest a few weeks ago. It's a facebook link, but you shouldn't need an account to access them. and of course here is the obligatory awful "funk face" picture.