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  1. almamadre

    SOLD Paiste Signature Traditionals 20” Medium Ride. Etched logo! $169 shipped

    SOLD For sale is a killer Paiste 20” Signature Traditionals Medium Ride cymbal. Etched logo from the 1990’s. 2145 grams. excellent condition except for an edge dent, which is fairly common for this series. Other than that, no keyhole, cracks, or nicks. The Medium is my favorite weight of this...
  2. almamadre

    SOLD! Paiste Formula 602 20" Medium Flat Ride Cymbal. $199 shipped!

    SOLD! For sale is a 20" Paiste Formula 602 Medium Flat Ride. Reissue model. 2304 grams. Excellent condition. A true classic sound, vibe, and feel! One of my favorite cymbals in Paiste's catalog! I wrote the gram weight with a thin Sharpie on the bottom side near the hole. Previous owner marked...
  3. almamadre

    SOLD Tackle Instrument Supply Cymbal Bag & Snare Bag

    SOLD. For sale is a Tackle Instrument Supply 2-pack Special. Tackle just won Best-in-Show at 2020 NAMM, and for great reason! Their stuff is insanely-well made, with simple, functional elegance. 22" Backpack Cymbal bag (w/ dividers). Black waxed canvas. Outer hi-hat pouch and small zippered...
  4. almamadre

    SOLD Paiste Masters Set: 21/20/19/15

    SOLD. No-reserve .99 auction live on eBay right now!
  5. almamadre

    SOLD. Crescent Classic 21” Ride (Bosphorus Traditional) 2689 grams

    SOLD. For sale is a true gem - a post-Bosphorus pre-Sabian Crescent Classic Series 21" Ride Cymbal - 2689 grams. Excellent, almost new condition. This is basically the same model as a Bosphorus Traditional Series. $225 shipped!
  6. almamadre

    SOLD Beato Pro 1 Cymbal and Stick Bags

    SOLD For sale as a set are some pristine Beato Pro 1 bags. Both in excellent condition with no issues. 1) 22” Pro 1 Cymbal Bag W/ shoulder strap. Not the backpack model. To me, this is the perfect no-nonsense, Waterproof, lightweight cymbal bag. New price from Beato is $89. 2) Pro 1 stick bag...
  7. almamadre

    Pair of 14” Die Cast Snare Drum Hoops (10 hole)

    Excellent condition. Chrome. No issues. $69 shipped. PayPal to
  8. almamadre

    2 Tama “The Classic” HP50 Bass Drum Pedals

    I have two used but excellent condition Tama “The Classic” HP50 single bass drum pedals. One of the beaters is still new and in the wrapper. These pedals are well-named. Classic in their lightweight practicality. Incredibly user-friendly and smooth and responsive. I used them for heel down...
  9. almamadre

    Paiste Masters 20" Dark Crash Ride

    No-reserve auction on eBay: I can do $250 shipped here on DFO.
  10. almamadre

    SOLD Montineri 3-Ply Vintage Mahogany Bop Kit: $1,299!!(Video Added)

    SOLD Pristine Joe Montineri kit! Vintage 3-ply mahogany shells. Maple re-rings. These are the proprietary shells that Joe designed for Keller and they sound amazing. All Copper Flake wrap - a custom wrap Joe developed with Delmar. They look as good as they sound. 14x18 bass drum. Virgin...
  11. almamadre

    SOLD: 21" Lauritsen HSB Ride Cymbal

    For sale is a lovely 21" Lauritsen HSB (Hand-shaped Bell) ride cymbal. Excellent condition. 2208 grams (I'll get exact weight when I can check). He is a video sound file of the actual cymbal. As you can hear, excellent stick, nice balanced spread. A true gwm! $450 shipped.
  12. almamadre

    SOLD Montineri Custom Snare Drum

    SOLD. Joe Montineri custom 8x14 8-ply maple snare drum with 5-ply "magnum" reinforcement rings. Trick throw-off! Chrome over brass tube lugs. Titanium super sparkle wrap. Like new. Includes new Canopus "back beat" 30-strand wires, as well as the original 16-strand wires. The tuning range on this...
  13. almamadre

    DW 9000 Single Bass Drum Pedal

    No reserve, free shipping auction for an almost new DW 9000 Single Bass Drum pedal:
  14. almamadre

    Paiste Masters 20" & 22" Dark Ride Set

    No reserve, free shipping auction for excellent condition Paiste Masters 20" & 22" Dark Rides:
  15. almamadre

    LP Matador Bongos w/ Bag

    SOLD For sale is a pair of LP Matador bongos. Very good condition. Mahogany color. LP carrying case/bag included, as well as the top part of a mounting stand. This piece fits into the bottom of a tripod cymbal stand. I don't have the bottom... Just the top. The heads have some use/wear but have...
  16. almamadre

    $1,599! Pork Pie USA 24/13/16/18 Drum Set 3 Ply Maple/Poplar/Maple

    Up for sale is an incredibly rare drum set made in the USA by Bill Detamore in his custom shop at Pork Pie Percussion. 3-ply maple/poplar/maple shells w/ maple reinforcement rings. Same shell configuration as the 60's and early 70's Ludwigs a la Ringo, Bonham, et al. Vintage tone, warmth...
  17. almamadre

    LP Stanton Moore Pandeiro

    SOLD. For sale is an LP Stanton Moore Pandeiro. Excellent condition and includes a Beato Pro 1 bag that I had custom made to fit it. Bag includes a shoulder strap. The tuning key for the drum is also included. These go for $130 new. I'll take $90 shipped. PayPal to
  18. almamadre

    2 Remo Coated Ambassadors 20"

    SOLD These two heads came on a new drum kit. I immediately removed them. Like new condition. These go for $35 new. I'll sell both for $50 shipped. I don't want to split the set. PayPal to
  19. almamadre

    Beato Pro 1 4x14 Snare Drum Bag

    SOLD For sale is a like new 4x14 Beato Pro 1 snare drum bag. Excellent condition with no issues. "Dodger Blue" handle and shoulder strap. It will hold a 5x14 (snugly). These bags are the best in the business in my opinion - water resistant; super strong zipper, lifetime warranty! A new one...
  20. almamadre

    DW 6700 Flush Base Boom/Straight Stand

    SOLD. For sale is an almost new DW 6700 flush base boom/straight cymbal stand. Boom feature turns into a straight stand if desired. Memory locks are present and it is in like-new condition. These go for $99 new. I'll take $70 shipped. PayPal to