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  1. MillerMav

    R&B & Hip Hop Drummers

    I remember buying the Arrested Development Unplugged CD when I was like 13 maybe and their drummer/s were Ju Ju House according to wiki, that was awesome. I also saw Gerald Heyward play with Blackstreet on MTV back in like 1997 or something. That was my introduction to, I guess, modern...
  2. MillerMav

    Rock Drummers who actually used Rolls

    In the mid 90's to early 2000's Chad Sexton was all over double stroke rolls. Channeled his drum corp past often with big doubles.
  3. MillerMav

    Have you sold cymbals as a lot or just singles? Updated: "ALL SOLD"

    Individual will always sell faster and for more money.
  4. MillerMav

    So you're shopping for a new 14x6.5" brass snare [UPDATE: purchase made]

    I would highly recommend INDe drums brass snares. I don't own one but I have played them and heard others played them and they sound fantastic. The price point can't be beat either.
  5. MillerMav

    INDE BR3 tom mount vs. Ludwig Atlas

    Having owned both the Atlas and BR3/BR2 I would take the BR mounts anyday. I really enjoy everything Josh is doing at INDe but nothing is perfect and I will say that using a BR2 for mounting my ride off of my bass drum has its draw backs. It's very bouncy even with the mount slid all the way...
  6. MillerMav

    Wanted: Custom Lug Builder

    The guy over at Sweet Spot will custom make just about anything for you. There is a lead time and it isn't cheap but he will do. He made me a couple prototypes a year or two ago and they were awesome.
  7. MillerMav

    Acetone warning!

    I used Goo-Gone "HD" on my Renaissance P3 and it took the logo off no problem.
  8. MillerMav

    List of people who were good drummers but most wouldn't know it

    Bill Burr (stand up comic) and Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family. Both good drummers.
  9. MillerMav

    Bearing edge roundover

    I'm no pro what so ever but when I cut edges I also do the inner 45 first and usually do two cuts on the inside and two on the outside. I do this for two reasons: 1) two small cuts will give a smoother surface than one deep cut and 2) I do a shallow cut first so I can get an idea of where I am...
  10. MillerMav

    Alternative Live Onstage Drumset Position?

    For me it depends on two the things; the room/stage size and the gig/band. If its a big stage I will often set up a big more upstage left or purely stage left because I dig how it feels. If its a smaller stage I will set upstage center. Back when I was playing in my piano trio I always went...
  11. MillerMav

    Your Signature Sound

    I've been told I have a "swing" to my playing by multiple drummers and other musicians and I can tell you I've never practiced it or tried to be that way. I took a lesson with Ben Satterlee while visiting Nashville last year and while working on a specific groove he said "Why do you have like a...
  12. MillerMav

    Looking for 8 Lug 6.5x14 Aluminum Snare Drum

    INDe for sure. I believe all of their new stuff has the rivets because it uses their "Infinite snare bed" technology and Josh makes them in house. But if you can find their previous version they are spun aluminum and are also very nice.
  13. MillerMav

    Internal kick drum mic mount?

    I use the kelly shu and it works fine. I went back and forth between that and the gibraltar when I was making my purchase and I chose the Shu because it's a bit more flexible as far as positioning within the drum. I have no complaints, holds up great loading in/out of the gig and with an XLR...
  14. MillerMav

    DW Retro Flush Snare stand vs DW Ultralight

    Take a look at the Pearl 150 series lightweight stands. They aren't super light but the snare stand is the best single braced and adjustable (but sturdy) stand out there I think. Also they are cheap which is an added bonus.
  15. MillerMav

    Recommendations for recording interface?

    I got a second generation Scarlett 18i8 from Sweetwater as a "demo" for around $250 or so. It works great, has 4 XLR inputs, 4 more 1/4" inputs in the back plus it comes with Ableton lite which has done everything I have needed. As a total recording newby it's been awesome.
  16. MillerMav

    Cymbal Storage

    Most people use cheap folding guitar stands. They seem to work well, I just have mine resting on a piece of foam leaned up against the wall.
  17. MillerMav

    The “Perfect” Drum Set...

    Aside from 3 additional drums, I actually own my perfect drum set right now. It's a jelly bean sparkle INDe drum set in 18x16, 15x12 and 12x6. I want to add in a 24x14 bass, 10x6 rack and 13x9 rack. Along with the Black Swamp/INDe colab solid maple snare it's my perfect set up.
  18. MillerMav

    Louis Cole Drum Beat Tutorials

    I'm also a big Louis Cole fan. This is a great vid and I love his sense of humor.
  19. MillerMav

    Cutting an inlay at home.

    Was the top "flattened" or "true'd" at all? Did bolting it to the steel frame make it flat? I only ask because my current DIY router table is sandwiched plywood and it has an ever so slight curve so if I don't pay close attention to where the shell is while routing I have to go back and redo...
  20. MillerMav

    Shootout Tama HT230 (1st Chair) vs Gibralter 9608 Drum Throne

    If anyone is interested, it looks like they don't make this anymore. Looks like Amazon has a few "base only" options I'm going to snatch one up ASAP!!