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  1. Sairil

    Official Sakae Drum Thread

    Hi guys, Their website seems to be down, I hope they are fine ! I would love to own a Trilogy kit a some point. Anyone aware of anything going on? Cheers Sairil
  2. Sairil

    SOLD Oriollo 6.5x14 Cast Bronze Snare Drum $750

    That's an impressive piece of a snare drum ! Good luck with the sale.
  3. Sairil

    SOLD $320 shipped Oriollo Phantom 55 snare drum

    Got you ;) How is the emperor working on it?
  4. Sairil

    SOLD $320 shipped Oriollo Phantom 55 snare drum

    Hi Walt, Where are you based exactly?
  5. Sairil

    OT: I'm Not Afraid to Admit....I'm a Big Fan of Rap Music

    I fully agree that a lot of the recent production is not that exciting to say the least. But funny and sad at the same time that some don't consider rap to be music. So any other repetitive rythms should be called noise as well? Maybe it's a generational thing. You don't like it, you don't get...
  6. Sairil

    extremely delicate question

    Now it is getting even more delicate. Let us know how the debugging (of the house) goes. A friend's father got rid of his after a hardly fought 6 months battle, after loosing a bit of his mind, waking up at night and exploring beds with a head light looking for those blood sucking guys. The...
  7. Sairil

    extremely delicate question

    Lorenzo, you say "if I have them". Did you see any evidence at home or you just worried?
  8. Sairil

    Can Premier drums be custom ordered in the USA?

    I believe they put an end to the top of the line made in England "New Classic" drums, not asian made lines.
  9. Sairil

    Experience shipping to europe?

    As far as I understand it goes together, Just agree on the declared amount with the buyer, because he would be the one loosing money in the unlikely event of a loss/damage, assuming he could get some money back from the insurance, which I'm quite doubtful about. It is against the law, but it...
  10. Sairil

    Experience shipping to europe?

    Anything up to 22" will ship well with USPS Priority Mail International. I'm in France myself and had no problem receiving a number of stuff, including my dear Slingerland kit bought from Rich K :)
  11. Sairil

    Ludwig Thunderbass! These are kinda awesome

    4000.... plus shipping. Ha! Gotta be a super hero to pack-up and drop those tubes at the post office.
  12. Sairil

    Cool ASBA 18/14/12 in Black Oyster Pearl

    Yes quite too much, even being in France, and given it seems to be a rewrap. But sharp looking for sure, and standard heads will fit.
  13. Sairil

    Jazz kit for a friend in Tahiti

    Thanks Rich for the suggestion, But actually my friend seems to be pretty settled on buying vintage, with a budget of 1200-1500 USD. I'll advise him to keep on eye on the for sale section.
  14. Sairil

    Jazz kit for a friend in Tahiti

    Hi DFOers, I want to help a drum brother living in Tahiti, French Polynesia, pretty much in the middle of waterworld, not that far from Hawaii (everything's relative, right?). He struggles to find a nice kit in small sizes, vintage or not, either 18" or 20" bass drum that the seller would...
  15. Sairil

    Just pledged to Kickstarter to support WFLIII

    +1 How about the HUGE badge... Are you sure it's the real Bill?
  16. Sairil

    Crack in Ludwig Classic Maple Tom--shipping damage

    Not nice. I feel you pain, it happened to me once on a cheaper kit and I was able ship it back and get a refund (bought new). Did you buy new? How was is packed/shipped? Good luck!
  17. Sairil

    Help, Slingerland People!

    I'm bit confused, I say it would be worth getting macro pics without head and good light. I also see plys in some, and central thick poplar ply with small chips missing.
  18. Sairil

    Are these REAL Slingerlands? Help me Slingy experts!

    Yes and yes sir, Few pics here:
  19. Sairil

    Are these REAL Slingerlands? Help me Slingy experts!

    +1 with Rich, Rewrap or not, having a look at quality (close-up with good light) pics of the inside of the shells will give a good idea wether the shells are Slingerland or not, just from the aspect, plys, re-rings and bearing edges. Then if the guy refuses or say he does not have a drum key...
  20. Sairil

    Anyone ship a big kit to Europe?

    I think shipping to Europe with USPS will work fine up to 22" drums, Beyond that it will be much more costly. Have your estimate right.