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  1. kallen49

    Cover Tunes and original tempo (too slow?)

    also played covers for many years and yes it‘s usual for “live“ to be 2 bpm faster if the guitar player insists on playing “Baracuda” at warp speed it can be a problem... digital metronome is a must in a cover band always I always measured and sent the actual bpm when exchanging notes re new...
  2. kallen49

    More recording ?'s What mikes are people using ?

    I laugh at this myself, but, Im amazed at how well this works, one SM57: 4” above the 20” kick and 12” in front, 8” to the right side if behind the kick. Plugged into a 10 year old Roland interface into a 10 year old Mac using garageband (or Reaper) My brother mixes my exported mp3 into the...
  3. kallen49

    To you Yamaha Stage Customs users, what heads are you likin'?

    coated emps over clear ambassadors were my choice, often got complements on drum sound, Aquarian Superkick on the bass batter Emperor res and used minimal muffling. Of interest re tuning: To stop toms detuning (which happened playing my Stage custom birch much more than on my Oak customs), I...
  4. kallen49

    Vintage Sonor kit

    I’m ”next door” in Burlington. I’d say that kit is rare, in Ontario at least, and retains better value as is. Agree shells are desirable. I’d keep em. If you do want to sell show them to Century Drum store in Toronto. They sell a lot of vintage gear and generally for higher prices than one gets...
  5. kallen49

    WFL/Ludwig 13, 16, 22 Mahogany

    like these? (Kijiji listing in Toronto) vintage Ludwig kits seem to be the most sought after? so lucky to find “affordable”
  6. kallen49

    JoJo Mayer - Shredding it on a "State of the Art" set up

    Thanks for posting this I really enjoyed it! That's how I started playing, just jamming, with 1 or 2 guitar my parent's rec room...on a Stewart kit we paid $75 for...magic Really miss being able to get together to jam...some day...
  7. kallen49

    First drum clinic you went to and how it affected you

    Alan Dawson in Toronto 1974 (or '75?) I was about 17 years old. At one point he sang as he played to illustrate song structure. Don't recall him mentioning the now famous "rudimental ritual". I do remember at the end of his solo he said something like, "and here's another drum set I'm done...
  8. kallen49

    Painted Inlay?

    Attached drum shows 1969 bass drum with painted resonant hoop, (no inlay), and batter hoop that was missing the inlay so I painted the inlay area to match the drums. Realize that this is not for everyone. Makes me happy. Go for it! Paint can be removed, repainted or covered. I don’t like the...
  9. kallen49

    Ringo’s Birthday Bash

    I was surprised that Zak didn’t appear. I did fast forward a few bits maybe I missed him? Don’t understand the criticism. We are entitled to our opinions. He’s a Beatle! He still gigs, (or would if possible). His message is peace and love. And he’s eighty years old! Hope I’m loved and as able...
  10. kallen49

    Quick question.. flat based boom

    This is a reliable stand no locks but convertible from flat to tripod. I use the crosstown hardware but I will keep this stand as it’s also light weight but sturdy
  11. kallen49

    Studio drummers a dime a dozen now. I had no idea...

    great thread! Agree with all posters and I learned something about ”funk” drumming. Not surprised how many will work for small $. There are a lot of great drummers out there. Agree Stephen Taylor is a annoying but the the follow up is valuable; great lesson in creativity for student drummers...
  12. kallen49

    Ludwig Mid 70's Psychedelic Red Bass Drum - 24 by 14

    Yup the sound of that will define “bass drum” when you get it tuned up...coated ambassadors? No serial number...adds to the mojo...
  13. kallen49

    Studio drummers a dime a dozen now. I had no idea...

    Yes. The producer doesn’t like parts where some of the “drummers for hire“ have not paid enough attention to the music. The drummer whose part he likes best has grasped where to “play shots”, where to lay back, or intensify. Listening is an important skill. Glad there are still things a human...
  14. kallen49

    Yamaha Definitive

    Being Canadian I liked the maple leaf in the badge. I thought they were Canadian maple? There is another DrumForum thread about these drums from last year I was working in a drum shop then and I distinctly remember one wrap...
  15. kallen49

    Price check - Ludwig Standards

    ok I guess I should have said standard lugs are “less desirable to me”, because I much prefer the appearance of Classic Ludwig lugs and I’ve seen multiple references on forums to those lugs being less sturdy, (tendency to cracking?) but I could wrong about that. Yes really desirable wrap. It...
  16. kallen49

    What constitutes a “complete” kit?

    Ha! Have to reply to your title question. I’ve been asking myself this question since 1974. Answer; a “complete” kit is whatever you are playing right now. As soon as you add something the learning starts again.
  17. kallen49

    Most UNDERRATED Bands in the Classic Rock Era

    +1 re: Big Star. Stewart Copeland‘s band, with Stanley Clarke, “Animal Logic“ is one of my Faves (but maybe not “classic”?)
  18. kallen49

    Price check - Ludwig Standards

    My understanding is are some Ludwig Standards with classic lugs and others, (the majority?) with “standard“ lugs which are less desirable. In 2012 I bought a set of standard shells, (stripped for the valuable classic lugs), for $50. Spent $100’s to restore. Lesson learned. So my feeling is...
  19. kallen49

    Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl - worth the 6.5 hour round trip drive!

    In Burlington Ont. at “The Sound Shop” as a teenager then at “Burlington Music” which became “Lakeshore Music” which eventually was one of the many local stores bought by Long & McQuade who now have 80 stores in Canada. I also worked partime at Burlington L&M from 2003 to 2010. In 1973 my older...