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  1. DrumSmith

    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    Oddly missing from these lists: Akira Jimbo Barrimore Barlow Les Binks ... perhaps there's just not enough MUSIC, or "product", to consume by these three masters.
  2. DrumSmith

    New Rogers Drum Sets now available in the US...update from Pro Drum

    As I read this, I'm reminded of the MusicYo / Gibson Slingerlands.
  3. DrumSmith

    K Zidljian v. Sabian HH 20" Rides

    Yep, I had an HH ride and I now have a K 20". They are similar in character. My K has more wash than the HH did. The HH I had was the Raw Bell Dry Ride and it was fantastic. The K might be more versatile for different styles, but it's a fine line. I have read your post twice and I can't tell...
  4. DrumSmith

    Ludwig Keystone X Discontinued

    I had a set of the original Keystone series, purchased in 2012. These were actually more maple than oak, with just the inner and outer plies being oak. So the -X update was a major redo. They were great drums, and I regret selling them. I'm sad to see the series go, as they DID provide a...
  5. DrumSmith

    What Was The Last Rock Show You Saw?

    Rush. It's been a while
  6. DrumSmith

    Help me decide - Pearl Masters Maple Complete vs Ludwig Classic Maple Fab 22

    What drives this decision for me are the sizes and configuration. That 13” rack tom can end up being a love-hate thing, whereas most drummers will easily cope with a 10 and 12 in the standard 2-up one-down configuration. Quality-wise it’s apples and apples.
  7. DrumSmith

    Drumsets you'd hate to own that pros use(d)

    Wow, I didn’t know such an animal existed in the retail world. Those toms would work great for certain fills, but it’s limited. I missed the mark in the spirit of my question in this post, like.. If the kit were to be your one and only kit. Sure, id love to own the Phil Collins kit. If it were...
  8. DrumSmith

    Worst Drum Video on YouTube

    hmmm, try this if it doesn't work.
  9. DrumSmith

    Worst Drum Video on YouTube

    On YouTube for 3 years and today it has 29 views. It is, by sheer popularity, the worst video on YouTube.
  10. DrumSmith

    Drumsets you'd hate to own that pros use(d)

    Wait.. why does Phil Rudd's kit have a ride cymbal?
  11. DrumSmith

    Drumsets you'd hate to own that pros use(d)

  12. DrumSmith

    DW dealer recommendation

    Curious, are you doing this to make a new configuration, or are you going to the dark side?
  13. DrumSmith

    DW dealer recommendation

    Yeah that's the place. Fast, and they helped me with a component drum once.
  14. DrumSmith

    Peart’s Zildjian 13” Hi-Hat

    BTW, listen to Hemispheres. Has there been a more lush sounding, perfectly smooth hi-hat ever recorded???
  15. DrumSmith

    Peart’s Zildjian 13” Hi-Hat

    That just seems like the New Beat minus the holes.
  16. DrumSmith

    Update!! I bought a new kit! (Classic Maple's) Set up pics!

    My advice on the 13" is to drill it and use Elite mounts. So, don't follow my advice. And CONGRATS on the CMs. I've had 3 sets and loved them all, but I swear the two with wraps had more mojo.
  17. DrumSmith

    DW dealer recommendation

    I can also recommend Dale's drum shop. Also that shop in Maine (forgot the name).
  18. DrumSmith

    Stewart Copeland Interview

    YES, thanks for posting. This interview has helped me with this pocket of sadness I've been carrying around since January over the passing of Neil. Stewart put it so well. How could I have imagined in 1982, that two of my favorite drummers would still influence me in 2020? And sadly, that one...
  19. DrumSmith

    Opinions on these new kits please?

    I had a Masters Birch about 18 years ago (wow) and loved it, but the badges were HUGE. The 2018 and prior Sessions and Masters badges were just too big for my liking, but barely "in the noise" and not a deal breaker. The new Pearl badges are just boring. Speaking of that old Masters kit, it...
  20. DrumSmith

    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    Matching snares and kit snares. SJC Orange County Spaun (this is one of those "get the popcorn out" threads)