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    SOLD: Q Drum Co 14 x 4.5 Copper Snare with 10 ply Maple re-rings

    Hello all, This is the snare listed here on Q Drums website. This snare is #13/25. 14 x 4.5 Copper shell with a brazed seam Dark brown patina 10 ply maple reinforcement rings Trick throw off Tube lugs 20 strand wires Mint condition. $700 plus shipping. Check out some sounds from Q Drum...
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    FS: Sonor Oak Phonic 16 x 16 floor tom

    For sale is a 16 x 16 Sonor Phonic in Genuine Oak Veneer. Excellent condition. $450 plus shipping. I'll get picks up tonight.
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    FS: Sabian prototype crashes 16, 18, 19

    19" Sabian Prototype hhx-treme crash ~1400 grams. Asking 200 plus shipping. 18" Sabian Three Point Prototype Crash – 1388 grams. Excellent condition. Asking 150 plus shipping. ' 16 Sabian Prototype crash. Asking $125 plus shipping. If you buy more than one, the cost will be less. I'll...
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    First Stamp or Second Stamp Zildjian?

    Its a 19, which is a huge size for this age. Its not my cymbal and has a long back story. So to the dating experts, what say you?
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    I always enjoy Tom's cymbal video posts so I thought I'd share one. I really enjoy large ride cymbals and at this point, a 24 just feels right. I'm lucky to own these three. 24" Skiba Turk Top ~3000g 23.5 Jesse Simpson ~2800g 24 60s A ~3200g The 60s A has a lot of history behind it - owned by...
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    SOLD: McKenzie Magnesium 14 x 6.5 Snare

    Here's a rare, rare one. This is a 14 x 6.5 Magnesium Snare with black nickel hardware and die cast hoops made by Tim McKenzie some time ago. Incredibly lightweight with a big tuning range, sensitive, and crisp. This is a different 14 x 6.5 magnesium snare in this video, but mine sounds very...
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    SOLD - 22 Yamamoto Brass Ride Cymbal

    Here is a 22" creation of Manabu Yamamoto. It started life as a vintage cymbal of Japanese make that he hammered flat and re-shaped. The craftsmanship and hammering on this one is just remarkable. It weighs 2591 grams and plays at that weight and is pretty tightly tensioned. I'm the first owner...
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    SOLD - Zildjian 22" K Con Multipurpose Prototype

    For sale is a 22 Zildjian K Constantinople Multipurpose Sound Lab Prototype that is basically brand new. I got this second hand but was told it was made for Maxwell "K day" a couple years ago. The weight written on it is 2524 and its 2530 on my kitchen scale. It really lives up to the...
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    SOLD: 22 2600g Zidjian Type 3 Trans Stamp

    For sale is a 22 (actually closer to 22 and 1/4) Zildjian Trans Stamp. Its a type 3, so early 1950s. On my kitchen scale its right 2600 grams that is thinner on the edges. There is a slight keyhole and a little bit of edge warp. It has a defined stick with really nice bright / dark balance and a...
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    FS: 21.5 Skiba Sultan

    Hi all, For sale is a 21.5 medium heavy Skiba Sultan that is ~2900 grms. This is one of Mike's original creations. You'll see this described as 22 in the video but its really 21.5. Its got a big wide bell and a gentle profile. I'm the second owner after Matt Bettis and its basically in new...
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    A 23 (yes a 23!) Flanged Trans Stamp

    So here's a pretty interesting old Zildjian I picked up at the Delaware Drum Show today. Have you ever wondered what a heavily hammered medium weight 23" trans stamp between 3000-3100 grams with medium profile with a pronounced downward flange at the end would sound like? I personally had not...
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    And I sent it to Mike Curotto, redux

    So I was inspired by this thread to send my old Ludwig to Mike for restoration. Backstory here is that I bought this 14 x 5 Ludwig snare about a decade ago. The prior owner thought it was a Silver Anniversary snare that either had the original black nickel finish removed or was never finished...
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    SOLD - Manabu Yamamoto 20.7 thin ride

    Here's an incredible and unique work by Manabu Yamamoto, a cymbalsmith out of Japan who's work is inspired by old Zildjian cymbals. He uses a traditional Japanese hammering method called Tankin which he describes as being both able to thin and thicken the metal. He also completely hand forms the...
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    SOLD - Thin 20 Paiste Proto China

    Hi all, This is a 20" Paiste prototype china in mint condition. Seems like a Twenty series proto. It is thin weighing right at 1800 grams on my kitchen scale. It works well if ridden like a swish and has plenty of volume when you lay into it. Here's a iphone video for an idea of what it sounds...
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    SOLD: Sonor Hilite 14 x 7 Snare

    Also up for sale: I'm interested in copper snares, ie Oriollo, Yamaha Roy Haynes, etc, a deep solid shell walnut snare, ie Noble and Cooley, or something else cool I'd also consider cymbals as a full or partial...
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    SOLD - Sonor Hilite 14 x 7 Deep Violet Snare

    This is a fantastic looking and sounding 14 x 7 Sonor Hilite snare in rare Deep Violet lacquer with hella die cast hoops. Its articulate, crispy, and can sound huge in part due to the hellas. The snare wires and heads were not in good shape when I bought this and so the heads are new and I...
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    FS: Paiste Dark Energy Mark 1 Light Dark Ride

    For sale is a rare and really cool 20 Paiste Dark Energy Mark 1 Light Dark Ride. Long out of production, these do not commonly come up for sale. Its in great shape and I think is visually and sonically one of the more interesting cymbals Paiste has made. Its kinda like a hybrid between an Agop...
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    SOLD. FS: Radio King

    Hey all, I bought this snare of fellow forum member Dan Radin a couple of years ago. It's an awesome old single ply 14x7 Radio King that likely dates to 1928-1948 cloud badge era. At some point in its life prior to when I owned it, it was restored by Nodar Rode and refinished in automotive...
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    FS: Sonor Horst Link Signature HLD 581 Heavy Bubinga Snare

    Hey all, For sale is a Sonor Horst Link Signature HLD 581 Heavy Snare in Bubinga veneer. These Horst Link Sigs are really rare drums and the 581, to my understanding, is less common than its big brother the 580. You can search youtube for what this drum can sound like. It is incredibly...
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    FS: 20 Paiste Signature Dark Crash Ride

    Selling a rarer 20" Paiste Signature Dark Crash Ride in excellent condition. Weighs a little under 2400 grams on my kitchen scale. I took a flier on this from ebay a while back when I was looking for a medium heavy 20" ride and this fits that bill extremely well. It has a lot of the typical...