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  1. GeneZ

    Neat HiHat.. stuck-stick, trick...

    Notice the stick stuck in his hi hat. Neat trick!
  2. GeneZ

    Who's Mom is this?! Good stuff!

  3. GeneZ

    If Carter McLean had brain damage? ;)

    Carter McDirty :spam1:
  4. GeneZ

    Carter Does It Again!!!!

    He's the model studio musician... I used to know a very talented cook who one day surprised us with his art portfolio. He looked and has that same laid back demeanor like Carter. Amazing how the artist lurks within the quiet ones.
  5. GeneZ

    Sing, Sing, Sing - Drum Cam (GoPro)

    This is how Sing, Sing, Sing would have sounded if Buddy had gotten there first..
  6. GeneZ

    Ajax drums?

    Only heard about them. Never saw them in action before. Do these look like Ajax written on the drums? This British Western Swing sounds pretty darn good!
  7. GeneZ

    How would you like this gig?

    This Gig is all about a state of mind.
  8. GeneZ

    Interesting and emotionally involving style.

    DRUM SOLO by CHIARA COTUGNO - SHURE DRUM MASTERY 2019 Contest. I found this curiously interesting and relaxing to listen to. She takes a minimalist approach in good taste. She seems a little stiff, but she also seems relaxed at the same time. A paradox. What you think?
  9. GeneZ

    Sammy Davis Jr. [ Tap dancing ] Steve Gadd ' 85

    The older I get... the more I marvel at these old timers Hoofing that way! Steve Gadd was just a baby back then. ;)
  10. GeneZ

    Beautiful.... Buddy Holly plays the Apollo theater - 1957

    Never knew this happened. I think its beautiful.
  11. GeneZ

    These Vintage Premier's - They Look Good Enough To Eat!

    These look refreshing and delicious! Never said that about any drum set before. You like, too?
  12. GeneZ

    Kenny Jones put Meat on Them Bones!

    This was the kind of band I would have begged to play in.. (when I was about 40 years younger)
  13. GeneZ

    The Elderly Rolling Stones, revised Hit!

    Band member Date of birth Age today Mick Jagger 26 July 1943 76 years Keith Richards 18 December 1943 76 years Charlie Watts 2 June 1941 78 years Ronnie Wood 1 June 1947 72 years New version has not been released yet. The new lyrics will read? 'HEY KID! GET OFF OF MY LAWN!
  14. GeneZ

    OT: Miles Davis according to Herbie Hancock

    ...Words of Wisdom...
  15. GeneZ

    Bob James Trio "Mister Magic" live at Java Jazz Festival 2019

    There is a lot of relaxed concentration going on here.... Bob James: Piano & Keyboards Michael Palazzolo: Bass Ronald Otis: Drums
  16. GeneZ

    Swiss made drums - S.C.S Drums.. Darrell Nulisch - There Goes That Train

    On earbuds these drums sound real nice. Love the snare sound. Want to hear again when I get home on my desk top audio system.
  17. GeneZ

    Mark Guiliana - The Brooklyn Micro Kit by Gretsch.

    Small Drums, Big Sound.
  18. GeneZ

    Nate Smith giving a counting lesson in Chicago -Fun!

    They were having a party! Love it!
  19. GeneZ

    Found a Solution To Apartment Drumming...