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    Dunnett 6.5x14 Birch Snare - One of a Kind!

    For your consideration - this custom built snare drum by Ronn Dunnet: 6.5 x 14 Birch Shell Cream Lacquer Finish Named "Krispy" Built on 12-9-04 Inscribed: "For my great pal JVN" Custom "Krispy Kreme DUNNETT" tag on interior. JVN is John Van Ness, an east coast brand rep, from whom I bought...
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    Fibes Austin Purple Sparkle 20-13-16

    Looking for $1250 + actual shipping. MAKE ME AN OFFER, IT CAN'T HURT :) - 14x20 - 10x13 - 16x16. - Jasper shells. - Fibes spring-loaded spurs with holders on the bottom of the kick (for when they are removed). - Ludwig/Gibraltar-style tom holder (1" tube) on the kick with single tom arm. - I...
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    More love for Rich Sticks

    Hey all - just thought I'd (over)share my findings with my first order of Rick Sticks... I've searched for a while for a model I don't have to think about, and got close with Vic Firth models from Stanton Moore (hate the tip) and Jack Dejohnette (Ugh slippery white paint), so I ordered a few...
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    SOLD Tama Double Tom Holder (9.5mm OR 10.5mm)

    Tama Double Tom Holder (MTH900) Love this tom holder because it "converts" to a single, and you can add a boom arm in place of the piece that holds the second tom. Both included arms are 10.5mm, though they aren't identical aesthetically. If you need 9.5mm arms instead, I can swap them out...
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    SOLD Tama Stagestar Bop / Nesting Kit

    Hoping to sell this locally, but thought I might post it here in case it's just the thing someone's been looking for! Tama Stagestar drum kit, that's been given some upgrades/personality. 14x18 kick drum, 8x10 rack tom, 8x12 rack tom*, 12x14 floor tom. Single tom holder and a set of floor tom...
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    SOLD DW 5000 Single Pedal

    DW double-chain 5000 kick drum pedal, oiled up and plays great! Danmar felt beater and a newer spring assembly on this one. Some signs of wear/use but tried to photo everything. $95 Shipped to the ConUs
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    SOLD - Tama Iron Cobra - Rolling Glide Single Pedal

    Immaculate condition Tama Iron Cobra kick pedal with hard case, instructions etc. Newer model, harder-to-find (used) Rolling Glide - woot! No trades for this guy please. $110 shipped.
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    SOLD - Beato Pro1 8x12 Tom Bag

    The. Best. Bags. Somehow ended up with an extra 12. Great shape, barely used, no damage. $50 shipped to ConUS. Would LOVE to trade for a 10x14 Pro1.
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    SOLD DW 5000 Single Pedal

    Great shape, clean, solid double chain DW 5000. Includes original DW beater (with some wear) - though I probably have an extra regular felt beater hanging around if you'd prefer that. $110 shipped in the ConUS. Would consider trades for a Speed Cobra of Iron Cobra Rolling/Flexi in similar...
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    Upcycled Percussion

    Hey all - I hope this doesn't come across as spammy, but I wanted to share a little project I've been working on for the last few months called Upcycled Percussion, basically sourcing already used materials, and recycling or re-purposing them for a life of percussive happiness! I've been...
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    Vintage Odds & Ends

    Hey gang - a few odd pieces here: Premier Lok-Fast Hi Hat Stand: Flat-base, super light, works great, original & modern clutch. Nice n Shiny. $50 shipped. SOLD Slingerland COB 14" 8-Lug Stick Saver Hoops: 2x batter, 1x snare side, nice chrome,a few nicks but very nice. $80 shipped ALL 3... $65...
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    SOLD Yamaha Recording Custom 16x16 Floor Tom - Cherry

    Yamaha Recording Custom 16x16 Floor Tom in Cherry Red Lacquer... Serial number begins with MX... So October of '86. Made in Japan of course, older-style leg mounts, edges are smooth, sounds awesome. Some nicks/rubs in chrome, but no pitting. Two nicks and a small scratch in the shell that show...
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    SOLD Zilco Constantinople 14" Sizzle

    The most fun you can have with one cymbal? Ok, that's a reach, but it is super fun, super old, great-sounding and in excellent shape (no cracks, dings, dents - tiniest flea bites). - 650g $120 shipped in the US!
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    SOLD Beato Pro-1 16x22 Bass Drum Bag

    This is a first-era Beato Pro 1 Bag - 16x22 - specially made/branded for Yamaha with cool purple handle/logo. I love these bags - but I don't have a 22 kick at the moment - hopefully you do! $60 shipped in the US.
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    SOLD! - Vintage Zildjian 15" Hi Hats

    I have never owned another cymbal that other drummers have played and then offered to buy more often than these. They are a unique beast I suppose, so... For your consideration - a vintage set of 15" Zildjian hi hats... They are mismatched, featuring a thin, brilliant finish 50's top (872g) and...
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    SOLD Zildjian First Stamp 11" Splash - Gorgeous!

    I don't love splashes or play them often, but every now and then I find one that sounds so good I have to have it, and imagine some future trad jazz or dixieland project where it will shine... Anyway, this is one of those few cymbals. To boot, it's super old and somehow still in phenomenal...
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    Zildjian 50's Small Stamp 21" Ride - 2450g

    Gorgeous old "small stamp" A Zildjian from the 50's. Reminds me a little of the Sweet Ride model, but it has a slightly higher profile, and plays stiffer with a strong stick sound. Very crashable. 2450g. Drilled for 8 rivet holes, none installed presently. Some flea bites on the edge, slight...
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    SOLD - Zilco Constantinople 20" Ride

    Zilco Constantinople 20" ride cymbal weighing in at 2240g with a decently high profile and a strong bell. These cymbals don't come up frequently in larger sizes... Essentially a trans-stamp era American-made Zilco. It's a crashable medium-weight ride that's fairly bright with some complexity...
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    SOLD Zildjian K 18' Crash Ride with Rivets - 1540g "IAK"

    Hey all - I'm not sure how, but I managed to replace this cymbal... For a long while this was my "all purpose" 18 - the one that went up by itself and handled all of the crashing, riding and everything else. Now it will handle that business for YOU. 1540g, logos are "gone" but visible enough to...
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    SOLD Pearl Eliminator & Pearl Demon Drive Single Pedals

    Hey all - two pedals on the block - both in very good used condition, no rattles or loose business to speak of - both are nice and smooth. Pearl Demon Drive Single - $175 shipped Pearl Eliminator Single (with 4 basic cams) - $90 shipped Shipping included for Lower 48, but happy to send...