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  1. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    I thought this was great.

    My neighbor banged loudly on my front door at 3:00 A.M. this morning. Can you believe it? THREE A.M.!!! Luckily, I was still up playing my drums! It's always good to have a laugh. Everybody have a great rest of your day. Tom
  2. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Refinishing a vintage Camco with lacquer

    Hey guys, I need some advice on finishing an LA-era Camco drum in Moss Green Stain. I took the shell to a friend who has a cabinet shop and he was confident he could replicate the stain but so far, no luck. The problem isn't the shade of green (which he matched perfectly) but getting the stain...
  3. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Camco ride tom questions - please help.

    Hi guys, I'm sure that there are some people out there who can answer a few questions concerning an LA badged 8x12 tom. 1) This drum does not have a tone controller, nor did it ever have one that was removed and holes filled, etc. Did the toms in this size from LA have tone controllers? 2)...
  4. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    For all my Gretsch friends - photos of my Gretsch SSB#1 drum set.

    The Gretsch kit seen here is a collection of orphan shells that I have acquired in the past two years or so. I bought the bass drum and two rack toms on eBay; later, I located the floor toms in close succession and decided to use them both. The drums' sizes are 24/13/14/16/18 and the model...
  5. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Photos of my Fullerton-era SOM Rogers "Londoner 5".

    Hi everybody, I'm posting some photos of my circa 1970 Rogers "Londoner 5" kit. All the drums have the Fullerton tags inside and appear to have been sold as a set because the serial numbers are pretty close together. I purchased them about a year ago on eBay and was told they were the original...
  6. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Photos of my all original 1976 Slingerland "New Rock Outfit".

    Hello everyone, I've posted photos of many of my kits in the past two weeks. Since I enjoy all kinds of vintage drums, you know I have to have a Slingerland kit in my collection. Well, here it is. It's a 1976 Model #50N - also called the "New Rock Outfit". Sizes are 22/12/13/16 w/5x14 COB...
  7. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Photos of my 1973 Pearl fiberglass drum kit.

    My first drum set, purchased used in 1976, was exactly like the one I have photos of here. It was a 1973 Pearl fiberglass 22/12/13/16. I think 1973 may have been the first year for this shell type. Like most everyone on DFO, I foolishly sold my first kit in about 1995. Since then, I've grown...
  8. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Photos of my c. 1980 Rogers XP-8 kit.

    Greetings, friends, I have here some photos of my one-owner (before me, that is) Rogers XP-8 in the popular-for-the-day finish of "Tobacco Sunburst". I purchased this set about two years ago. It was complete with all the correct "Memriloc" hardware, including the throne. You can see by the...
  9. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Photos of my LA badged Camco kit in Green Moss Stain.

    Hello everyone, I've been posting photos of some of my vintage drums here on the forum and have received many positive comments from people who truly appreciate vintage drums and understand the obsession of the same. I really appreciate it. I'm the proud owner of a beautiful, all original...
  10. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Photos of my 1981 Gretsch Broadcaster II drum set.

    Greetings, everyone. As promised, I'm posting some photos of a "Drop 'G' Badge" Gretsch kit. It's a Broadcaster II configuration and is finished in its original Walnut Lacquer. This is truly a stunning color and it allows the viewer to see the beautiful grain underneath. They were purchased...
  11. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Six beautiful Rogers snares for your perusal.

    Hi guys, I do have a lot of drums - of that there's no doubt. When I look at some of my favorite snares, many of them are Rogers. Sure, I like all my drums for different reasons, but these vintage Rogers snares seem to really trip my trigger. In order of the photos, I have: 1) "Holiday"...
  12. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Here are some pics of my Ludwig Vistalites in Smoke Black.

    Hey everybody, Yesterday I posted some photos of my Ajax "NuSound" Staccato kit. I was truly surprised how many people viewed them and commented on them, so I thought you might enjoy seeing my c.1979 era Vistalites. From what I gather, the Smoke Black was a color offered for only a few years...
  13. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Just finished my Ajax "NuSound" Staccato kit.

    Hey everybody, I thought you guys might enjoy seeing my recently-completed Ajax project. I got the entire kit from a Denver-area pawn shop about a year ago. When I found them, I was told that a young man who had inherited them from his grandfather had brought them in and sold them. He explained...
  14. Too Many Drums - NAH!

    Guitar Center Drum-Off Starts On September 10th.

    I was at my local GC yesterday and saw their "Drum-Off" starts in less than two weeks. Each store will host a maximum of six contestants each Tuesday in September (10th, 17th, 24th) and each store's finals will be October 1st; the winner will then proceed to the next level. Call your local store...