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    Ludwig Club Dates?

    Was hoping I could get some insight on the modern Ludwig Club Dates. Got my eyes on a 2019 Club Date 24/13/16. Anybody have any experience playing them, and maybe compare them to the CM's or other lines? Appreciate any insights or thoughts. Thank you!
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    Antonio Sanchez

    Saw Antonio Sanchez with the Pat Metheny Quartet at the Chicago Theater Friday night. Wow! It was a lesson in touch, tone, dynamics, and choice. His decision making and instincts were off the chart. Duet between him and Pat on Question and Answer was unlike anything I've seen. Anybody...
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    Remo PS3 Felt Tone

    Anybody try the new Remo PS3 Felt Tone bass drum heads yet? Thinking about the 18" Fiberskyn version. Thanks!
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    Stewart Copeland returns! Gizmodrome!

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    Gretsch snare drum issue

    Got a new USA custom Gretsch snare with the micro sensitive throw and butt plate adjuster. Still getting that tubby, boxy sound from the drum after numerous adjustments. Any help would be appreciated before I lose my mind! Thanks!
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    New Ludwig Club Dates

    Anybody play or own the new Ludwig Club Dates? Looking for some insight as I'm eyeing up a set (24/13/16). Set would mostly be under microphones, but looking for versatility in unmic'd situations too. Thanks!
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    Jimmy Chamberlain joins Sakae

    Maybe not a big deal, but another defection from DW. Always liked Jimmy's playing, always made the Pumpkins matter in my eyes. Nice to see Sakae get some more cred as their drums are really nice. Anybody know if there's a reason for the DW exodus, or is this just business as usual in a market...
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    Difference between C&C Player Date 1 and 2?

    Been dwelling on "the next kit" (such drama!) and am drawn more and more to this company for the sounds I've heard and the comments made by the members. Player Date I seems more where my head is at, but can anybody draw differences between PD I and PD II? I know the shells are different, but is...