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  1. drumbum38

    7pc Drum mic set on CL if interested

    Not my sale. I don't know a thing about mics but if your on a tight budget maybe they'd do for a while. I looked them up and they are only 200.00 new. Might be crap or might be well worth 100 bucks, I don't know. CAD PRO-7 Drum Mics Eric
  2. drumbum38

    "Comfortably Numb" on keys.

    I've only heard Pink Floyd/David Gilmore versions. I thought this piano rendition was pretty nice. [edit]- She plays some other Floyd songs as well. Good stuff when your in the mood. [edit2]-add "Us and Them" &feature=related
  3. drumbum38

    2010 Darwin Awards-(via fwd email)

    2010 Darwin Awards And once again, it's time for the Darwin Award Nominees. "The Darwins" are awarded every year to the persons who died in the stupidest manner, thereby removing themselves from the gene pool. Here is the official 2010 list. Notice the interesting spin for this year's first...
  4. drumbum38

    If you've been looking for a wine barrel kick drum

    It might sound killer I don't know. A full kit might be interesting. The BD alone wouldn't go well with a normal kit IMO.
  5. drumbum38

    OT-- I rewrapped my first.............amp cabinet.

    My brother asked me if I could recover his guitar amp cabinet. It used to be a combo but the previous owner cut (hacked) the bottom off, and I think added the wood face. Removing the vinyl wasn't too easy. Pulled a little wood off with it in some spots. I filled everything (twice) and sanded it...
  6. drumbum38

    Fire damaged cymbals

    A crazy guy on my local CL is selling some fire damaged ZBT's. He started out asking $450 :shock: but has since dropped to $300. Still :shock: http://bakersfield.c...1632317003.html Question is........if they were pro grade cymbals AND they were going cheap, would YOU buy them? What do you...
  7. drumbum38

    OT-Here Come the Mummies (band)

    Heard these guys on Bob and Tom and really dug their sound. They're a humorous, adult oriented gimmick group but they can SERIOUSLY play. The horn players are great. Looks like a fun band to be in if you can hadle the costume. All the songs are pretty good IMO. Anyway, here's one of their...
  8. drumbum38

    Can I get a WHAT WHAT?

    I think this must be a fabricated ad with a highly inflated price, to avoid any responses except from the intended undercover agent who he/she is communicating with through cryptic messages on CL. (You know....first letter of every other word kinda thing, like in a Bourne movie or something)...
  9. drumbum38

    Clap your hands and move your feet....

    I put this in Vintage's old. Hope that's alright. EDIT: I added the B/W which goes way back. Very cool cats!!! Glad you guys enjoyed it. :wink:
  10. drumbum38

    My "rattly internal muffler" fix. (Ludwig)

    Pertaining to Ludwig here, but it might work for other styles too, I don't know. If you have a rattly muffler or don't install mufflers only because they rattle when disengaged, then you might try this. I just got this muffler for my 18"FT and I used the same method I did on my Acro because it...
  11. drumbum38

    Young Neal & The Vipers-Live

    DFO brother 'Vipercussionist' (Mike) sent me a CD of their band recently. 16 tracks recorded live one night. I've been seriously diggin' it so I thought I'd share a track with y'all. (Hope that's ok Mike. No lawsuits please!)LOL This track is without lyrics, but you can appreciate the...
  12. drumbum38

    Post your ALTERED snare pics?

    Purdy's "Supra Strip" thread in The Builders Workshop gave me an idea for a cool thread in General. Anyone care to post pics of their modified snare shells? INCL: Replated Rewrapped Stripped & polished Stripped and Stained Painted or Repainted Customized, Etc... I have 1, and I'll take pics...
  13. drumbum38

    QUESTION: My WMP files to DFO

    I converted WMA to MP3. I downloaded audacity (if that is needed I don't know), but I don't know how to upload/export from there to DFO. I've used the "insert media" for videos, but don't know how to get audio only posted. If anyone has an easy method and would care to explain it I would...
  14. drumbum38

    Do you kick dead center?

    Wondering if anyone hits above/below the middle of the batter. Just a curiosity really. If so.......... by how much? Is that on all drums or on a certain drum? (or drum size.) Do you bounce or bury? With a ported or non-ported head? Thinking like an amateur (because I am), I thought this topic...
  15. drumbum38

    Silversun Pickups anyone?

    I'm really diggin this band lately. "Panic Switch" is still my favorite song but THIS is my favorite video. Thought I'd share "Substitution".............for the blue Vistalites. Watch here or HD link @ &feature=related
  16. drumbum38

    OT--Slap Chop auto tune remix on YT

    If you like OLD school hip-hop you might appreciate it. I hate auto tune and I found this watching some spoofs of it on YT. PS: THANK YOU "Coelacanth" for the instructions (a couple of weeks ago) on how to post the vids directly to the page. This was my first attempt. Hope you don't regret it...
  17. drumbum38

    Anyone been to a GC "Grand Finals Drum Off" event?

    Just wondered if anyone has been and who you saw. Was it totally cool....... or somewhat disappointing? Can't be too disappointed for 10 bucks huh? What I'M looking forward to the most is Jason Bonhams "special tribute" to his dad. I'll take lots of pics (if it's allowed) and post any good...
  18. drumbum38

    drum alarm clock - very cool

    Got this catalog in the mail and took a pic but then found it on their website. A pretty cool and unique item IMO (even with the inaccuracy "issue" of 3 identical toms. And ride? LOL) Here's the link if your interested...
  19. drumbum38

    Paiste Ludwig cymbals--what's the scoop?

    I was hoping to get some input about these vintage Ludwig cymbals. I see them sell pretty cheap sometimes (compared to most). Some say "Standard". I was specifically interested in the thin stuff (all types). Are they undesirable or just not AS desirable as the vintage Zildjians and such? Any...
  20. drumbum38

    CL's worst speller ever maybe?

    This is a drum ad for a "TAMA ROCKSTAR 6 PEACE" This drives me nuts. I'm sure I misspell a word here and there but COME ON! And where is the punctuation? It jacks with my brain just trying to get through it. And $2600.00? Are you freaking serious...