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  1. czarthedrummer

    Do you know what a cheese is?

    A flam diddle. At least that's how we called them when I learned them. Here's an exercise that without the cheeses it's rather trivial. It took me a while to get this clean at 140 bpm. Here's the video of me playing if you want to play along. Attached is the exercise.
  2. czarthedrummer

    How do you jump back in?

    A full-time job, engineering school, and becoming a parent has cut away from my playing this last year. I'm about to go on a summer break from school and I want to spend more time with my little one and also jump back in to playing regularly. I am interested to know what your approach would be...
  3. czarthedrummer

    Can we talk about endorsements?

    Hello DF, To anyone with endorsement experience, how do you go about getting endorsed? And should you shoot for smaller companies when you're first trying to get endorsed? I play for the University of Houston's Basketball Band and I think it would be a good opportunity for a company to endorse...
  4. czarthedrummer

    Help me perform today 5/29

    If I get 200 RTs I will have a chance to perform a drum solo tonight at a show! I'm really close and I would love to perform tonight! It won't take more than 2 minutes of your time Steps: my twitter handle: @czarthedrummer Retweet my pinned tweet That's it! Thank you!
  5. czarthedrummer

    Having a baby soon and I need to do something about my drums

    I am going to have a baby this summer!! Hoorayy!! But I'm not sure what to do with my drums. I have an acoustic set (Pdp mainstage, 16",18" A Custom crashes,20" K Dark Ride, 14" HHX Dark Hats). And I need a way to practice and not destroy my baby's ears. So I know that some of my options...
  6. czarthedrummer

    Had the opportunity to perform at the Mohegan Sun Arena

    I had the opportunity to play with the University of Houston's Cougar Brass at the American Conference Basketball Championship. This has been one of my biggest accomplishments as a musician as the game was aired on ESPN and I had one of my biggest crowds. Nerves were hard to ignore but I had so...
  7. czarthedrummer

    Should you push to learn how to read music?

    I started teaching a 7 year old and I am not sure how I will approach learning new music. For now I started with basics like: how to hold sticks downward stroke single stroke roll and a rock beat I think being able to read music can open more opportunities as a musician but I don't want to...
  8. czarthedrummer

    Drumming Hacks

    I recently punched a hole through my bass drum and so I wanted to know if anyone had any "hacks" to patching up broken/damaged heads? I know I could just go and buy one but until then I would like to see if anyone had any head remedy. Post any other drum hacks you guys might have. For...
  9. czarthedrummer

    Beautiful guitar chords?

    What are the best guitar chords you have heard? For me it's been a Gm11 It's so soothing to the ears.
  10. czarthedrummer

    Drum Cover or Drum Remix?

    Would you guys consider drum covers or drum remixes to be dominating modern drummer content? Here's one of my tries at a drum remix. It's fun to play around with r&b and pop music
  11. czarthedrummer

    Drum Cover Help?

    What are good cymbals for studio? What are mics you would recommend? I have been disliking the sound of my AA-Metal X crashes since they are heavy cymbals. i also have been recording with 2 condenser mics, one on the bass drum and one on the over head and I'm happy with the sound but I would...
  12. czarthedrummer

    Take one last breath Cover

    Not a very hard song but very fun to play might of overdone it with visuals but most love it
  13. czarthedrummer

    Drum Covers

    When you guys do drum covers do you guys have a clicktrack playing? If so, how do you add the click track?
  14. czarthedrummer

    Hard/clean fills - Midnight City Live

    Here's my band performing Midnight City The main catchy fill of this song took me a while to figure out and even more to get it down clean!! What has been a tough fill that you've encountered before
  15. czarthedrummer

    (Cesar) Live Performance by Red Frontier

    Hello Drummers: This is my live performance with my band at the University of Houston I'll be posting the rest of the concert soon I have more content so feel free to check it out! This has been one of my best most complete live performances. What are your best experiences with live...