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  1. drumsforme

    Sabian Pre-AA- 20" Medium Ride Cymbal 2390 gr.

    This is a Pre AA 20" Medium Ride. No cracks, No Keyholing, No Nicks. 2390 grams. Used but not abused by this 65 year old drummer....$99. I also have a 18" Medium- Thin Crash in another ad on here for $99- Take both for $180 and I will combine shipping. PM me with any questions. Thanks.
  2. drumsforme

    Sabian 80's Pre AA-Med.-Thin 18" Ride- 1535 gr.

    This is a Pre AA Medium -Thin Crash.18" No cracks, No Keyholing, No Nicks. 1535 grams. Used but not abused by this 65 year old drummer....$99 plus shipping. I also have a 20" Medium Ride for sale on here- Same time period for same price. Combine the two for $180 plus combined shipping. PM with...
  3. drumsforme

    Help With A Hearing Aid.

    Looking for help with your experiences with purchasing a hearing aid...66 years old -plus hundreds+++ of gigs. Went for a hearing test, have lost a good amount of high frequency range. Cannot afford at this time $2000-$3000 for hearing aids that were recommended. See many others at many other...
  4. drumsforme

    SOLD!-Set of Ten Ludwig Bass Drum Classic Tension rods and claws and

    Set of 10 Ludwig bass drum classic tension rods and claws and washers used condition. Take a look at the pictures and ask any questions you like. Shipped USPS priority mail envelope.....$80 plus Eight dollars for shipping...Lower 48 states. Thanks s
  5. drumsforme

    Canopus Zelkova Snare HS 1465-30th

    A friend of mine is thinning out his snare drum collection and wants to sell me his Canopus HS-1465-30th. There is one Reverb for $2600 and the last price DCP had it for was $3000 and sold their last one at $2499......That's a lot of money. If anyone has any more knowledge about this snare, that...
  6. drumsforme

    Tama Memory Lock for 28.6 mm (1 1/8") Tom Tube -80's

    Have an 1984 Tama Imperialstar with a fat 1 1/8" or 28.6mm -same thing. Need the Memory lock for that tom holder tube. Thanks
  7. drumsforme

    It's on it's way! Thanks N.T.- Pearl BLX 10" Tom- Sequoia Red

    Looking for a Pearl BLX Tom 8x10, or 9x10 or 10x10. Sequoia Red. Please PM me if you have. Thanks.
  8. drumsforme

    Using a Maple Shell with Edges and Beds on a Pearl Free Floater

    Have a 1st generation Pearl Free Floater snare drum with a steel shell. It's a 6.5x14 , so I am dropping in a 5x14 shell of course. .........So I want to drop in a maple shell from DFD, but it already has edges cut top and bottom and snare beds pre cut, so when it sits on the free floating frame...
  9. drumsforme

    Maple Shell undrilled 5x14" w/one bearing edge

    Looking for a 5x14" Maple shell that I can drop into a Pearl 6.5x14 Free Floater Drum. Just need one bearing edge cut. Reasonable price for a working drummer. Please PM me.
  10. drumsforme

    SOLD !_Sabian AA Fusion Hi Hats- Pair- Free Shipping- $149

    Sabian AA Fusion Hats have great chick sound. Weights done as the best to my ability are top cymbal- 1038 grams and bottom 1656 grams No cracks, No Dents, Do keyholing- No issues. Free shipping to the lower 48 states. PM me with any questions. Thanks.
  11. drumsforme

    Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Hi Hats- Pair- Free Shipping-$249

    Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Hats. These served duty as Hi Hats played by my buddy a 73 year old Big Band Drummer. Thanks Top Cymbal is 908 Grams and Bottom 1356 grams- weighed to the beast of my ability. $249.... Free Shipping to lower 49 states. PM me with any questions. T Free shipping to the...
  12. drumsforme

    How Do You Market Yourself when You're Older (Mid 60's and Up) ?

    Need help here. Used to gig 100+ jobs a year mid 1970's thru last year. The Bands down here are (South Florida) looking for younger drummers....... I network very actively but I see even older folks bands want a young drummer (25-45). Capabilities are still there. Still woodshed and still go out...
  13. drumsforme

    1953 Gretsch Value

    I'm usually real good at knowing the value of Vintage Drums 60's thru modern. A friend of a relative wants me to come out and look at his 1953 Gretsch Kit and his 18" K Zildjian Instanbul ride. There are 60's 14" A hats here and an A Crash too. Sizes are 14x22", 16x16" and 8x12" and a 70's...
  14. drumsforme

    Looking for Sabian AA 18" Thin Crash

    Looking for used Sabian AA 18" Thin Crash. Please PM me. Shipping would be to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Thanks.
  15. drumsforme

    Playing 6-10 Gigs a Month For 25+ Years To Zero

    Hoping my DFO Brothers and Sisters can help......I have been gigging in multiple bands in the South Florida Market since 1991. Playing an average of 6-10 gigs a month. Sometimes you have a quiet month here and there and play 2-gigs or so, but eventually the phone rings. You keep your contacts...
  16. drumsforme

    Ludwig- Paiste Cymbal....NOT Standard

    A buddy of mine had this Ludwig-Paiste Cymbal- 20" Thin Ride with Sizzles. Has a nice wash aside from the sounds of the rivets. It is made in Germany. Several Posts on Vintage Drum Forum about these cymbals, but all the German made ones have "Standard" stamped on them. This cymbal does not...
  17. drumsforme

    Donoho Drum Kit Purchase

    Need some info....Just purchased a 3pc. Donoho Drum Kit off of Ebay. Sizes 8x12, 12x14, 16x20- I know that they are 6 ply Keller Shells, and that he built the drums by himself in Tenn. before his tragic passing. I was wondering if some folks here could share what they know about these drums...
  18. drumsforme

    Wanted: Mapex 16x20" Photon Blue Kick Drum

    Looking to buy a 20" Mapex Armory, Saturn, Mars, .....almost any series in Photon Blue. Please Pm me. Thanks, Marc
  19. drumsforme

    Yamaha Stage Custom vs. Tama Silverstar vs. Mapex Mars

    I play a lot of gigs in some of the most dank clubs, filthy, heavy smoke, outdoor gigs with the weather elements...etc., and I also play an open mic on Wed. nights with some heavy hitters as well. I am not bringing out my Gretsch USA Custom, or Gretsch Brooklyn or my 1984 Yamaha RC. We all still...
  20. drumsforme

    Mounting Toms on Virgin Bass Drums Debate

    Featured today is the 4th kit that I have converted from Virgin Kick to Bass Drum Mounted Toms. I do 100+ gigs a year and it makes a huge difference when setting up on stage and then there is the Happy Hour Act that plays till 7:45 and your band has to start playing at 8:30, leaving you 45...