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  1. bzzfkt

    Pricing single drums

    I'm in the same boat. I've got 13, 16, pioneer keystone luddies that I bought because I assumed the FT is worth something. A lot of the "sold" ebay listings are for drums that have been fully restored, but what about the "player's" drums?
  2. bzzfkt

    Former Foos Drummer Not Happy With Dave Grohl

    Goldsmith's drumming in SDRE was better anyway. He did alot of wacky sheeet with his snare hand. I was pretty into that band in the 90's. Now it's a bit too "emo" for me... On the first Foo tour he used a clone of Dave's Nirvana set. I think he knew what he was getting himself into. As far...
  3. bzzfkt

    1950's Carlton "Club Date" Mardi Gras

    Love the lugs! Nice kit!
  4. bzzfkt

    Blaemire Red stripe Resto

  5. bzzfkt

    One-year-old Baby Plays the Drums

    this makes me so happy. :-)
  6. bzzfkt

    Opinion on Ludwig Drums from a Former Employee

    Maybe down the line a bit those Signets will be desirable collector's drums to some folks, much like the Standards. They ARE USA Ludwig, and I'm one of the weirdos that likes the finishes. :-)
  7. bzzfkt

    Drum Set is Light, Portable, Compact, Quiet and Made of Cardboard

    I vividly remember setting up cardboard boxes to drum on when I was just a tyke. Much to my mother's chagrin my cymbals were porcelain plates. Hopefully this isn't priced out of the stratosphere. Not that much different than a suit case kit as far as i can tell. I also dig that they have...
  8. bzzfkt

    it was 14years ago today.

    Donny, you've always been one of my favorite contributors here. I attended a Forum Fest about a week after meeting CPJ and joining here (we did a trade. you got a supra from me, i think i got cymbals from you). At that same fest i gave you a couple of Percussion Plus kits (or something along...
  9. bzzfkt

    New Club Date snare

    that's a beauty! i still can't believe they reintroduced flat imperials!
  10. bzzfkt

    DW collectors kit 10,12,14,16,22

    nice tubs! Price?
  11. bzzfkt

    Kind of OT - How to handle a member who isn't "getting it".

    1 song out of 30-40 in a night isn't gonna spoil anything... I appreciate having a leader, but everyone in the band should have "their 1 song" that makes 'em happy. Plus, having some variety in a set doesn't hurt anything. Maybe there needs to be a compromise on what "his 1 song" is, but...
  12. bzzfkt

    Dennis Wilson's monster Blaemire kit found!

    Wow! the racks are the real deal! How deep is the kick? 18? you've gotta love that it has the supra with it. SOOoooo cool!
  13. bzzfkt

    my slingerland dream has came true

    so awesome Donny! I really dug the Slingy monster you had at forumfest several years ago. (did you ever sell that one? i remember seeing it on CL)... I'm sure this will be just like going home. Super happy for ya brother!
  14. bzzfkt

    Japanese Camco BD pedal...thoughts?

    you may never go back to your old pedal! these are great. i know it's not for everyone, but i love the feel of the single chain drive. my favorite pedals by far. good luck to you!
  15. bzzfkt

    he's a member here. i didn't realize he sold things off the site. i thought it was more of a showcase for his collection. hopefully he'll chime in.
  16. bzzfkt

    Ringo's Premier kit ???

    I can't imagine someone paying that kind of $$$ for this kit that WASN'T aware of the auction in December. I think the seller should hold on to this on for a while.
  17. bzzfkt

    Wish me luck, Premier Oyster Project (updated photos)

    Great work as usual Jeremy. Beautiful drums!
  18. bzzfkt

    C & C Super FLyer

    that's pretty cool :-) i love their lugs.
  19. bzzfkt

    Emailing guitar center about "used gear"?

    Definitely call the store. I worked in an MF/GC/WWBW contact center for a couple of years. That's where all of the emails go. I used to answer them occasionally. When used inquires come in there's an auto response telling the customer to call the store. They don't have much interest...
  20. bzzfkt

    Leaving an old friend, but ready for a change!

    Welcome brother. You know what they say... variety is the spice of life :-) Enjoy your new (and old) drums!