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  1. Deane

    LED Metronome

    Has anyone come across a metronome that flashes the beat? I don't want to use a click track, and all I need is a small flashing light to let me know if I sped up during one of those downhill choruses. Thanks.
  2. Deane

    Rogers Silver GG question_Calling Dan C.

    I recall that you once explained how Rogers went through three lots of silver glass glitter wrap in the 60's. Do you know the approximate serial number ranges for them? I am particularly interested in the middle range that dated from late Cleveland (?) to at least 65xxx. At what point did...
  3. Deane

    Swapped_My WFL Buddy Rich snare for your COB Powertone snare

    Thanks to you all for your interest. This drum has been swapped. This is a 1959 WFL 5.5 X 14 Buddy Rich Super Classic snare drum in WMP in good condition. It had a small amount of restoration work done by Jack Lawton (two small holes were patched and are now hidden behind the correct WFL...
  4. Deane

    Two Ludwig Strainers_P-87 and P-85 12 hole

    For sale are two Ludwig strainers, both in good condition with mounting hardware included. P-87 Classic for Buddy Rich Super Classic snare in VG condition (Mounting hole spacing 1 3/8") : $35 shipped. P-85 12 hole in good condition: $30 shipped.
  5. Deane

    Swapped_1959 14 X 5.5 WFL Buddy Rich Snare $300

    This beautiful snare drum was violated by the original owner's nephew by replacing the throw with a Ludwig P-85. Jack Lawton repaired the holes with mahogany sawdust and WMP patches, and not only did Jack do an excellent job (as always), but the WFL Classic throw entirely covers the holes, so...
  6. Deane

    Gretsch Round Badge Kit_What would you offer?

    I do not know Gretsch at all. This is a local sale, and the seller is asking $1500 OBO. It looks like the throw has been replaced on the snare, and I'm not sure about the key in the muffler hole. The seller also said some seams are lifted. There do not appear to be further mods or issues...
  7. Deane

    Calling Rogers Experts

    When did Rogers start replacing bowties and claws on bass drums with the T rods and more delta-shaped double claws? Is it possible that a bass drum with a Cleveland tag (don't have the serial number) and a flat grey interior left the factory with the new T-rods and claws?
  8. Deane

    Curved Swivo Tom Mount

    Does anyone know the purpose for this curved Swivo tom mount? There was a thread on it a few years back, but I wasn't able to find it. Thanks for any info.
  9. Deane

    Half Clueless on a Slingerland Tom

    I bought this tom in 1967 at Hauer’s Music in Dayton, Ohio as part of a used Roger’s set they put together from orphans. It went into the attic long ago, and now I’m trying to identify it. Pretty sure it’s Slingerland, although there is no badge. Identifying marks inside are a P-040 stamp and...
  10. Deane

    WFL Buddy Rich Snare Wires

    Speaking of the Puresound snare wires, does anyone know if they make one that fits a 1959 WFL Buddy Rich Super Classic snare? Also, were the original snare wires 14 and 5/8 inches? Thanks.
  11. Deane

    WFL Strainer Question

    I recently acquired a 1959 transition badge 5 1/2" three ply Ludwig snare with an unoriginal strainer on it. Was the original strainer a P87 Classic or the P83? The original holes are 1 3/8" apart. Thanks.
  12. Deane

    Craigslist score: How did I do?

    22/16/ 13, and matching snare. Super Classic?. Original owner. This one was kept in the basement and stored in black plastic bags, . Bass and snare are ‘60 and ‘59, the 16 is ’65, and there’s no stamp on the 13. The owner said he got the bass and snare to begin with, and the toms came later...
  13. Deane

    Ludwig 67 super classic on DC Craigslist

    The price is high but a pretty nice set for you Ludwig fans.
  14. Deane

    Another Dyna Frame/Shell Question

    Will the parts from a 5" COB Cleveland-era Dyna (11xxx) fit on a 6.5 COB Big R Dyna shell?
  15. Deane

    Gretsch Snare

    I have a line on a Gretsch maple snare that looks to be from around the 60's. Judging from one small photo (since taken down), the drum is in good shape, but it may be missing parts (possibly a lug or two, possibly a rim). The seller is having difficulty providing accurate info, although I...
  16. Deane

    CL DC Alert_Clear Acrylic Slingy's

    Don't know a thing about Slingerland Acrylics, but this caught my eye.
  17. Deane

    Premier Snare

    Nice looking snare drum on DC CL.
  18. Deane

    40s Leedy Broadways on CL

  19. Deane

    Supra B/O Round or Pointy?

    Is there a significant difference between the Supras with the pointed corner badges (ca 1969-78) and those with the rounded corners in terms of quality and/or market value? thanks.
  20. Deane

    Rogers 12/14/18 on Balto CL

    1963 Rogers Holiday Drum Kit. 12" rack tom, 14" floor tom and 18" kick drum. All drums have Cleveland Ohio stamps and serial numbers. Best offer. Cash only please. No mods, no extra holes, even fade. http://baltimore.cra.../999183178.html