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  1. mlucas123

    Tama Starclassic Performer Birch 2000

    Evaporust soak.
  2. mlucas123

    Free drums. Is there anyone in Boise who can assist with a CL purchase?

    Is there anyone in Boise who can assist me with purchasing a small bop sized kit and shipping to me in Ohio? The seller only wants to sell it as 2 5-piece kits together. I only want one of them. Just the 5 drums. Whoever helps me can keep the other kit plus all of the hardware. And, I want the...
  3. mlucas123

    80's Remo Drums

    That's what tightly tuned Ebony Pinstripes over Ebony Ambassadors sound like. On any drum. Garbage. Same for the Falam snare head.
  4. mlucas123

    Black Beauty help please- Its here and I think newer?

    Buy the first one.
  5. mlucas123

    My GC snare shopping experience

    Just take a photo of the inside. That will end the debate.
  6. mlucas123

    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    Vic Firth Jack DeJohnette without paint.
  7. mlucas123

    Steel Wool on Super Sensitive

    0000 Steel wool dipped in evapo-rust. I have used it for years on all chrome plated drum hardware. And the chrome wheels on my car. No scratches.
  8. mlucas123

    Sabian Rock Crash 18"

  9. mlucas123

    What Kind Of Ludwig Snare Is This?

    Looks a 90's satinwood to me.
  10. mlucas123

    Ludwig Classic interior finish

    Clear. The 6 ply Classic.
  11. mlucas123

    Ludwig Classic interior finish

    Does anyone know exactly what Ludwig used to finish the insides of Classic shells?
  12. mlucas123

    Drum companies that don't make their own shells

    Thank you. That's what I thought they were.
  13. mlucas123

    Drum companies that don't make their own shells

    What lugs are these? Do you know?
  14. mlucas123

    Ludwig BD Hoops

    Have Ludwig BD Hoops changed specs over the years? Depth and the shape of the edge. When did the shape of the outer edge change? Are they 1.5" or 1.75"?
  15. mlucas123

    TAMA Rockstar RM

    I think 20/10/12/13
  16. mlucas123

    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    Nacci, in those last two Beatles group photos......late 66 and early 67..... That is clearly the same person. A mustache and a few months of hair growth.
  17. mlucas123

    Tama Marigold sparkle or Magnetic orange?

    Is the seller the original owner? Certainly he knew what he had.
  18. mlucas123

    Barton drum co drum bags!

    Does he "own" this bag factory, too?