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    mysterious bass drum...

    Hi, does anyone know anything about this drum? 50969848_243462846582521_6708820142773501952_n by ludwigdrummerbr posted Jan 25, 2019 at 12:06 AM50967318_385165275394428_8474484801636663296_n by ludwigdrummerbr posted Jan 25, 2019 at 12:06 AM
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    WOW!!! Its a deal ?

    I dont konw about the sound with that hood hoops... but its so beautiful!! And good price too!!! Birsdeye Maple Wood Hoop 18 X14, 14 X 14 12 X 8 14 X 5
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    WOW!! Anyone seen this?

    I think the prices are great , My link My link
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    New?? Ludwig Classic Maple / Galaxy Sparkle

    ludwig is offering this finish again? Anyone know anything? I've never seen a black galaxy personally (I live n Brazil) can someone tell me if it looks like the original? My link
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    RMV kit sound and video ( amazing )

    I do not know where I saw someone that was wondering how the sound of a RMV drum kit was, so, I found this video of a great Brazilian drummer and the drum is a RMV , this kit is there for sale in a classifieds site in Brazil, and consists of 9x10 - 10x12( its not in the pics) - 14x14 (with...
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    Ludwig Legacy Classic Bun E Carlos Tour Kit Set for US $1,995.00!!!

    unfortunately they did not send internationally... My link
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    WOW!! Shane wants to kill me!!!!

    I have No words.... My link
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    help me with Ebay seller ...

    Hi Yesterday I won an auction for a badge My link , and the person sent me an invoice of $ 42.00 !!!! to send me a badge by usps. plus the value of the purchase, $ 42.00 is the value to send a 8x12 tom by usps. he can charge it? is there anything I can do? the calculation of the auction I won...
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    New Ludwig Sliding Rail Single Tom Holder help

    I'm with a doubt, if I buy this rail My link , I need to buy a 9.5 mm or 10.5mm , to fit in my old ludwigs tons ( 60´s and 70´s ) ?
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    New Ludwig rail consolette

    Hi, someone can say if the new Ludwig rail will fit in the same holes of my 60´s luds? this is the new My link
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    Gretsch Walnut help!!

    hi !! need some help is possible change the Walnut to natural finish? how I do? sand until take all the color walnut? this is the current color I want change for this...( I know that its other badge, its only a sample...) thanks!!!
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    Not Mine, but so cool... maple/poplar...without the wrap and lacquer finish.... LUDWIG ROCKERS MAPLE/POPLAR 80's KIT
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    Vintage Premier Jazz Kit 12-14-18

    Note mine dont know the bassdrum deep, but its cool, too bad for the rogers mount.... My link
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    I wonder for how much will finalize.... snare bass drum floor tom tom
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    Difference between Rogers 9/72 and FULLERTON

    well, since i´m a ludwig guy , i dont know much about Rogers... I´d like to know if there are differences in the shel l ( 3ply, 5 ply... i dont know ) between Rogers 9/72 and FULLERTON . I have already a 9/72 kt, 14x 24 - 12x 15 -16x 16 - 16x18 and i just found a 9x13 FULLERTON for a VERY...
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    WWoooowwww!! So, So, So beautiful!!!

    Ad a jazz fest ad you are ready to go!!! My link
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    Cool vintage Pearl on CL

    Not mine. My link
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    will Keytstone series make CM drop in price ?

    Who here think that the Keytstone series will make drop the price for the used Classic maple kits ? If positive why? if negative why too...
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    Rogers Blue Onyx Pearl help

    Hi I need some help, someone could tell me if the wrap from the jamminsam My link or My link will be match to the original rogers? I would say that my kit has absolutely no fade. thanks!!