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  1. bodinski

    Wanted - unloved, orphaned or lightly abused Paiste cymbals

    I’m specifically looking for 15” hats (top or bottom) but will consider other sizes, rides, or crashes. Alpha or higher series preferred and moderate damage is okay. Honesty appreciated. PM, please. Thanks! Bo
  2. bodinski

    SOLD 15" Paiste 3000 Heavy Hihats

    Nice pair here with typical light scratches, minimal edge & finish wear, bottom logos fading, top gone. No dents, not keyed, no cracks, no rash. Asking 140 & actual shipping from 38401. Straight trades for deep snares or other Paistes considered. Sorry about the image quality - my phone's...
  3. bodinski

    Dr. Gangrene's Horror Hootenanny #16 - 10/12/19 -30 Oldham St Nashville, Tennessee

    Hey Nashville! Come on out to Little Harpeth Brewing in costume & win prizes! I'll be on with both the Cruds & Sithfits & would love to meet up with ya.. Bo
  4. bodinski

    Friday the 13th - the Pond in Franklin, TN

  5. bodinski

    wanted - unused Remo Smooth White CS dot heads - 10, 12, 13, 16"

    Please reply here and send PM. Thanks! Bo
  6. bodinski

    Early Imperialstar 13x9 & 14x10 toms

    Hi! Early classic depth re-ring-shelled Tama toms here. Some pitting & scuffed wrap but very presentable from a distance. Ludwig Silver Dot heads & nothing stripped or missing, save the one-touch muffler from the 14. I was gonna make a snare out of the 14 but haven't found the time. Asking $60...
  7. bodinski

    Tama Imperialstar receiver / lock question

    I just picked up a 14x24 Imp bass drum, older with the diamond-shaped mount. If I crank the nut down it seems to hold a Granstar-style double tom mount OK, but that hole is pretty darn big. Was there a lock made that would center up the post? Thanks for any info - bo
  8. bodinski

    want - heavy-ish 15" Paiste hats FOUND - SOLD - DELETE

    I need some 15s but can't seem to find the sound in my head.. I've tried 2002 SE's, Heavies & Big Beats... Still have the BB's if you're interested.. Whatcha got? Thanks!
  9. bodinski

    What mic clips work with S-Hoops?

    Anyone find clips compatible with S-Hoops? Thanks!
  10. bodinski

    sold - delete

  11. bodinski

    Remo White Suede as snare batter?

    Has anyone used one & how does it compare to a coated Ambassador? Thanks!
  12. bodinski

    SOLD - 15" Paiste 2002 SE Hihats - SOLD

    These are in very good condition, with smooth edges, no keyholing, no dents or issues & some light scratches that do not show in pictures. Asking $250 & shipping from 38401 (what I have in them) or will trade for other Paistes - 15" hats, 21" + ride or 17"+ crash - Dimensions, 3000, Sig, ? Thanks!
  13. bodinski

    SOLD - Ludwig Keystone X Oak / Maple Hybrid 14x8 snare

    Hi. Drum is in great condition. Oak/maple shell finished in & out with a fairly recent coated Ambassador. I did remove a couple strands from the wires to EQ them, as one was broken. I actually prefer them that way. Asking $250 obo plus shipping from 38401. Thanks!
  14. bodinski

    SOLD - New Natal 14x8 Acrylic snare - SOLD

    Seamless shell, 8 turret lugs, clamshell strainer. Mint condition, no marks, perfect. I have two & just can't justify keeping both. These are great sounding snares, even with stock heads! $200 or would consider trade for the right Paiste (Sig, 2002, Dimensions, 3000). Thanks!
  15. bodinski

    SOLD - 14" Paiste Signature Heavy Reflector hats - TRADED

    These are very nice with minimal handling / play wear, smooth edges & no issues. I really like them but in the back of my head I've always wanted some big, shiny 15s. I had 15" 2002 Heavies that were cool but not the sound in my head, & currently 15" 2002 SEs (listed here, CRUNCHY) that just...
  16. bodinski

    practical # of pieces in impractical sizes

    I just put together a little kit in big sizes because, well because! 14x14 Turbo Tour rack, 18x16 Stage Custom floor & 24x14 Saturn kick (cut down & mount added), all different yellows.. Alas, I have no yellow snare. Yet... Anyone else playing odd / weird / atypical kits?
  17. bodinski

    wanted - 12x12 or 13x13 rack tom

    A Yamaha Turbo Tour in Mellow Yellow would be swell, but other nice drum considered. Whatcha got?
  18. bodinski

    Stain suggestions?

    I'd like to stain the interior of a birch Stage Custom floor (factory bare) to match that of a birch / mahogany Turbo Tour rack tom. Suggestions on product / colour much appreciated. Thanks!
  19. bodinski

    Pearl Eliminator cams - backward compatible?

    Hi. Are the newer translucent Redline cams backward-compatible with the pre-Redline Eliminators?
  20. bodinski

    Looking at new(er) double pedals

    I love my Pearl 902s but the hoop clamp kinda sucks. That's really my only gripe. I also have 122s (I think) on the kit in the CrudCave with a better clamp, but they're getting tired. Both models feel very similar. I have decided to treat myself to a newer model for gigs but there are too many...