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  1. amazish

    New to me

    My first Mahogany drum ; ] 30's Leedy solid Mahogany w/solid Maple re-rings. 14x7. New hardware. New wires put on today.... Love the sound !!!!!!!!!
  2. amazish

    Alternative to the Gretsch butt plate

    Hi experts ; ] Please To your knowledge is there a better replacement butt plate with adjustment to the Gretsch butt plate with the same hole spacing? l just bought a cool 90's Gretsch snare and the thread just stripped... l worked around it with a tension rod. l'm considering buying a new...
  3. amazish

    Educate me on Longo drums ; ]

    Hi experts l recently bought a 2008 Longo 8x14 solid Walnut snare with Walnut re-rings. l have several high end/solid drums and this one is up there in quality and sound for sure ! Love it and can't wait to play live with it. Never had a Longo drum and it seems they have a following and for...
  4. amazish

    Slingerland 1930's Professional 15"x6.5" advice

    Hi ; ] l recently bought a 1930's Slingerland Professional Model 15 [yes 15] by 6.5 brass snare drum. Always wanted a really old brass snare drum AND a 15" diameter snare so this is both ; ] It is obviously a Slingerland and it is obviously old. And it is 15" diameter. But it doesn't say...
  5. amazish

    Ludwig Pioneer 6.5x14

    Hi experts ; ] It's been a while..... Your advice please - What will be a good price in USD for a 1930's Ludwig Pioneer 6.5"x14" in very good condition? What will be an excessive asking price? What will be a very low price? Thank you !
  6. amazish

    Advice needed

    Hi experts l have a cool rare snare drum coming in soon - A Gretsch 90's Broadkaster brass drum - and it will include an extra badge that might fit with the drum better aesthetically. More monochromatic you could say. Is it easy to switch a badge like that or will l need a new grommet? Never...
  7. amazish

    Will the LP mic clamp or similar fit onto wood tom/floor tom hoops?

    Original thread title: Will the LP mic clamp or similar fit onto wood tom/floor tom hoops? Hi experts...! l'm considering installing wood hoops on the 10, 12 and 16 floor tom of my live drum set. Yamaha type hoops - multi ply hoops. Not sure l should because on a lot of shows the stage crew...
  8. amazish

    Hats off and thank you to Master Cymbal Artisan Matt Bettis

    A quick public thank you and appreciation for Matt Bettis! My 4th Bettis cymbal is on it's way to me.... Listen, this guy is the real deal, his cymbals sound just sublime and they are varied, there's one for almost everyone. Mine are a high umbrella profile 22" - great stick and trashy wash...
  9. amazish


    l know its a long shot but is anyone selling a Reflexx pad? Thanks
  10. amazish

    Gretsch drum key

    Searching for a Gretsch drum key in good shape Like this one Thanks
  11. amazish

    Enjoy some beautiful tunes Give a listen and hope you'll enjoy the music. Its from a live show broadcast live on facebook from a high end drum store in Jerusalem..... Me on drums
  12. amazish

    Advice needed from DW pedal experts ; ]

    Hi drum freaks ! I think after 12 years with a trusty Pearl Eliminator [mechanically OK but some parts are starting to fall apart] it's time for a new pedal. I would go for a DW 9000/5000 [mainly because of the amazing feel and DW's customer service] but can't afford it right now. Any of you...
  13. amazish

    Advice needed from you - in ear monitoring experts

    Hi I'm new to in ear monitoring on live shows. I pretty much know about everything l need to get to make it happen. I know exactly what gear to buy and have decided on that. I have a technical question which might allow me to pass on buying a small mixer at this point. Will l be able to use a...
  14. amazish

    2 X 14" 10 lug die cast snare hoops

    Hi Looking to buy a top and snare side/bottom 14" die cast hoops for a snare. 10 lugs per hoop. In decent shape. And willing to ship outside the US. Thanks!
  15. amazish

    Searching for a Meinl 20" Byzance Extra Hammered Thin Crash

    Hi ; ] As the title says - searching for one of those at a good price and good condition. Please send me a message if you're selling one of these ; ] Thanks !
  16. amazish

    Trade deal advice needed ; ]

    Hi experts ; ] Myself and a fellow forum member want to trade ride cymbals. I'm in Israel and he's from the USA. We both want to go ahead with the trade but it is very likely that local customs will charge VAT for each cymbal shipped. I really don't know how likely it is but anything with a...
  17. amazish

    Please delete Thanks

    Please delete Thanks
  18. amazish

    22" Zildjian K Constantinople Rennaisance - price lowered

    Hi ; ] Excellent condition. Bought new a year ago and l haven't played it much. One Brass split rivet installed which can be taken out and back in a minute. Adds a lot of character and versatility. Attaching a photo and a recording. Can add more photos if needed. $440 $410 $400 shipped...
  19. amazish

    Help identify this snare drum ; ]

    Any of you experts can shed some light on this drum? Is it a well made drum? Never seen one like this Thanks
  20. amazish

    Pro advice needed with Inde suspension mounting bracket

    Hi you drum-experts-fanatics ; ] Recently got an 1981 Gretsch set. 12 13 hanging toms off a tom holder mounted on the bass drum. As with a lot of toms with no modern isolation mounts for the toms, these sound great when off the holder and much more choked when on it. The 13 very much so. The...