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  1. Topsy Turvy

    1960s Era Ludwig Burgundy 12”, 16”, and 22” Drums

    Looking for 1960s era 12”, 16”, and 22” Ludwig drums in burgundy sparkle.
  2. Topsy Turvy

    Mod Orange Questions

    Just wondering when Ludwig started using the mod orange wrap? How close is the mod orange you can get from Precision or other places?
  3. Topsy Turvy

    Semi OT - Drum Booth at Steve Maxwell’s in NYC

    A couple of years ago I was in Steve Maxwell’s drum shop in NYC. In there, they had a pre-made sound proof drum booth. They have drums and cymbals set up in the booth. When I asked about it, they said there was a company that makes the booth. The problem is I can’t remember the name of the...
  4. Topsy Turvy

    Can We Talk About Using Vintage Instead of Modern Drums in Live Settings?

    Let me start by saying I have used modern drums for most of my drumming life. I currently own a couple year old Gretsch Brooklyn set and a 5 year old Ludwig Classic Maple set, which are both great. However, recently I purchased a vintage 1966 Rogers drum set that is amazing. I also picked up a...
  5. Topsy Turvy

    Looking for 8 Lug 6.5x14 Aluminum Snare Drum

    I love my Ludwig 402 and my Acrolite, but I would like an 8 lug 6.5x14 aluminum snare drum. Can anybody recommend one that won‘t set me back an arm and a leg?
  6. Topsy Turvy

    Which Istanbul Agop Hi Hats Are Closest to 1960s Zildjian?

    I have a set of 15" Zildjian hi hats from the 1960s that I love. They are light 940/980 yet they have a great stick sound while still being smokey. They are fantastic. However, I'd like them to stay in my home studio. I typically use Istanbul Agop when I play live. I currently have a set of...
  7. Topsy Turvy

    $50,000 for a Vintage Ludwig Set??!?!?!

    I mean, I know Black Oyster is a desired finish from the 1960s, but this seems insane to me. Am I crazy?
  8. Topsy Turvy

    Re-Wrapping Modern Ludwigs?

    I have a 2016 Ludwig Classic Maple in blue oyster. I like the drums, but I'm not a huge fan of the wrap. I know Ludwig changed their wrapping method a few years back, which supposedly made the wrap much more difficult to remove (or so I have been told). Has anyone re-wrapped modern Ludwigs? If...
  9. Topsy Turvy

    Weird Situation With New Remo Heads and Drum Dots. Any Suggestions?

    I have been playing Remo drum heads for as long as I can remember. Occasionally, I use Drum Dots (like Moon Gels) to dampen my drums. In the past 5 years or so of using Drum Dots, I have never had a problem. Until recently that is. About six weeks ago, I bought a set of new Remo coated Emperors...
  10. Topsy Turvy

    1960s Ludwig Downbeat Drum Set 20/14/12

    Looking for a 1960s Ludwig drum set in champagne sparkle, red sparkle, burgundy sparkle, mod orange, etc.. in downbeat sizes - 20/14/12. Not looking for collectors level stuff, this just needs to be in good shape. I am not interested in gold sparkle, blue sparkle, or silver sparkle at this time.
  11. Topsy Turvy

    Rogers 22” Blue Onyx Bass Drum

    Just looking for a 22” Rogers bass drum in blue onyx wrap. Really looking for something that has the hardware and is in at least good condition.
  12. Topsy Turvy

    SOLD Ludwig Classic Maple 6.5X14 Snare Drum - Natural Gloss - Excellent Condition SOLD

    SOLD- Ludwig Classic Maple 6.5X14 Snare Drum in Natural Gloss- Sold! This drum is a couple of years old, but it has hardly been used at all. It sounds great, looks fantastic, and is a great all-around snare drum. There are absolutely no known issues with this drum. The drum comes with a 42...
  13. Topsy Turvy

    SOLD - Istanbul Agop 22" Sultan Jazz Ride Cymbal - 2250 grams- Great Cymbal! - SOLD

    Istanbul Agop 22" Sultan Jazz Ride Cymbal This cymbal weighs in at 2250 grams, so it is perfect to ride or crash on. The Sultan Jazz model has different bands of lathed and unlathed sections, which gives the flexibility of stronger stick sounds or more wash. This cymbal is also light enough to...
  14. Topsy Turvy

    SOLD- Ludwig Atlas Pro Bass Drum Pedal- SOLD

    Ludwig Atlas Pro Bass Drum Pedal - This has been my backup pedal for the past year. It's in great shape with no known issues. $100 shipped in the U.S.
  15. Topsy Turvy

    Rogers 22” Blue Onyx Bass Drum

    Looking for a 22” Rogers bass drum in blue onyx wrap.
  16. Topsy Turvy

    Vintage Supraphonic/Acrolite Vs. Modern Supraphonic/Acrolite

    I'm just wondering, are there any differences in sound between a vintage Supra and a modern Supra? Or a vintage Acrolite vs a modern Acrolite? I ask because I was in Steve Maxwell's shop a couple of months ago, and one of the guy's working there said the vintage Supras are warmer and not as thin...
  17. Topsy Turvy

    Modern Pop/Rock/Country Drummers That Play a 20/14/12 Setup?

    I have been thinking about switching over from my 22/16/13 setup to a 20/14/12 setup. I'd like to check out some current/modern pop/rock/country drummers that play these sized drums on a regular basis, if possible. I know the guy from the National plays either a 20/14/12 or an 18/14/12, but...
  18. Topsy Turvy

    Vintage Ludwig Downbeat (20/14/12)Drum Set From 1960s or Early 1970s

    Looking for a vintage 1960s or early 1970s Ludwig Downbeat (20/14/12) drum set. Not looking for a collector’s piece, I just want something in decent to good shape. Would prefer it not be gold sparkle or Ringo black oyster or white marine pearl. Bonus points if it is red sparkle or burgundy...
  19. Topsy Turvy

    Sold -Paiste 22" Traditionals Light Ride - Mint - Used Twice -Sold

    This is basically a new Paiste 22" Traditionals Light Ride. I bought it a month or so ago, but I just find it sounds too close to my other cymbals. This thing is in absolutely mint condition with no flaws of any kind. And it sounds fantastic - warm, smoky but with a great, clear stick sound...
  20. Topsy Turvy

    SOLD- Paiste Masters 20" Dark Crash - Like New - SOLD

    This 20" Paiste Masters Dark crash cymbal has literally been played twice. It has a few stick marks on it, but that's it. This is a fantastic sounding cymbal - definitely dark and smoky but with some cut. I have decided to stick with my Istanbul Agops instead, otherwise I would definitely be...