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  1. gretschdrummer

    Paiste giant beat versus big beat....differences?

    Any thoughts?
  2. gretschdrummer

    COMPLETE CYMBAL SET....$300...14/22/17/18/18....ZILDJIAN AND STAGG

    Zildjian medium k top, unkown zildjian bottom, very heavy...looks like b8 zildjian stamp Stagg 22 dh eho medium ride 22.............................. 2 stagg dh eho med thin crashes, both 18 inchers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 stagg dh eho med thin crash 17 incher......................... Really just...
  3. gretschdrummer

    OT actors in movies that could never be played by anyone else

    Yul Brinner king and i George c scott. Patton Wall Street. Michael douglas Arthur. Dudley Moore
  4. gretschdrummer

    1 week post neck surgery acdf no playing

    Anyone else fused? im now c5 to c7 no drums at all But it was even a little more painful before 6 weeks in a neck brace this could take some time I’m told anyone else have any experience?
  5. gretschdrummer

    Sexiest song of all time nominations

    my nomination could be used in a 70s stagg film
  6. gretschdrummer

    Show us your prettiest kits.....

    mine is the premier genista African mahogany kit with rings...……..a prototype obanded when premier went out of business and left with a dealer orphaned
  7. gretschdrummer

    My classic birch kit bought here and very cool drum set

    First easiest transaction with michiganice91 that could possibly happen great communication shipping deal etc... ok Added red hydraulics purely for cosmetics I play in garage for myself and they sound fine and I like the look 12/13/16/22 with matching 6.5 snare so here it is
  8. gretschdrummer

    Rush on kiss Geddy gives them their due

    I like part where he says no one worked harder And gave fans their monies worth
  9. gretschdrummer

    Is anyone buying or selling now?

    Just wondering my thinking could be way off but it seems maybe a good time to buy But a horrible time to sell gear assuming of course we’re still around any thoughts??
  10. gretschdrummer

    Musicians who are off the chart intelligent

    Huey Lewis perfect score on math portion sat Others I believe with super high iqs frank zappa David lee roth Guy from boston Any others?
  11. gretschdrummer

    Anyone one use colorsound or other colored heads on toms?

    Thinking of putting them on these just for appearance sake
  12. gretschdrummer

    Buying on the forum with a check

    Would you? Pay by check then they ship anonymous seller And don’t want to name names please So no accusations needed
  13. gretschdrummer


    I/m sure this has been asked ad infenitum but what the best for just one mic recording of the kit? just going to place it right under the bass drum ala this:
  14. gretschdrummer

    Rip Kobe Bryant

    Awful bad week for heroes
  15. gretschdrummer

    Pearts many of us still hurting?

    Still choked up a bit really for us that grew up in the 70s And then read his books it seems like a big chapter of life is closed A strange and bad feeling but for us pushing 60 our heroes are starting to fall off I don’t suppose that’s a healthy sort of view but I do confess I think along...
  16. gretschdrummer

    Ok about to go in for elbow surgery

    Outpatient about 30 minute procedure Cubital tunnel release Same thing as carpal tunnel but other side of hand 45 years drumming and 20 years army played a part I suppose if I don’t make it a ton of drums cymbals and snares and hardware that my wife will Give away as she says drums all sound...
  17. gretschdrummer

    Neil Peart dead?

    God I hope that’s not true
  18. gretschdrummer

    Best budget ride cymbal ideas

    Looking just for a medium ride in the $100 range new I was thinking something in b8 Everything else I have is cast b20 sabian zildjian any ideas?