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  1. drumstuff66

    Friday Five Fer - Charlie Daniels Band

    My second and final week filling in for snappy. Thanks, snappy! Thought I'd pay tribute to the late, great Charlie Daniels.... Orange Blossom Special 2005 Uneasy Rider 1980 Legend of Wooley Swamp 2005 (a personal favorite) Long Haired Country Boy 2007 Devil Went Down To Georgia 1979...
  2. drumstuff66

    Friday 5 Fer - The Night Shift

    Hi all, Honored to be subbing for snappy the next two weeks. Hope he enjoys the break - I'll do my best keep up the high standards! Instead of showcasing just one band, I went for an overall theme. Could've easily done 5 on each one, but I was hoping to hit on something for everyone. All live...
  3. drumstuff66 What's the scam here?

    Hi everyone, So obviously there's a scam here. Everything on their site is under $75.00 (Ex Tax). Can't find a review, even of their "highly rated" products. Their return policy seems almost impossible to adhere to - only original packaging, unopened, including shrink wrap and they must get it...
  4. drumstuff66

    Is this a Zil Med or Ping? 20", 2629g, Hollow Logo

    Thank you in advance for any insights.... I picked this up a couple years ago and love it - a pretty versatile ride, IMO, but I use it mostly on my rock/cover gigs - wondering what it might be? Zildjian 20" Hollow Logo ink stamp 80's "CO" stamp 2629g 5.5" bell zenstat had a post back in...
  5. drumstuff66

    Modern Drummer...

    I was 14 in 1980 and three years into school drum lessons (which I begged for) when I first saw a copy of Modern Drummer. It was at Goldie & Libro's on Chapel St. in New Haven, CT. It was the only place I could see brand new cymbals and drums up close and I just loved it. I'm sure it was small...
  6. drumstuff66

    Over-the-bar fills/beat displacement

    Hi all, I love using these "tricks" whenever I can get away with them - mostly on original stuff or more "jam/improv" gigs. I'm talking about things like Stewart Copland on "Spirits in the Material World", Bonham's thing on "Black Dog" (and others) and even the way Dave Robinson flips the beat...
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  8. drumstuff66

    Basic Triggering Live For Idiots

    Hi All, For the first time in a long time I'm looking at incorporating triggered sounds into my live set-up. Though I've done this before, it was always the sound tech or keyboard tech that set it up - this is my first time trying get it together myself. We won't be using a bunch of sounds...
  9. drumstuff66

    The City Winery, Boston tonight - opening for Joanne Shaw Taylor...

    She's a great blues guitarist from the UK touring the US...The band I'm playing with has sold out The Winery's smaller room a couple times over the last year & they asked if we'd like to open on the main stage. I know, tough sell on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, but it should a fun gig...
  10. drumstuff66

    What Do I Have Here?

    I picked this 16" crash at Music Go Round today for $29.99 (it actually measures just under 16")...the hammered look caught my eye. I've been looking for a "trashy, china-ey, efxie" type cymbal - either to use on it's own or be part of a stack - this weighs 1023g and has a dark, funky sound -...
  11. drumstuff66

    Unusual Zildjian Stamp on this A Custom Crash

    Hi all, In my search for an 18" A Custom crash I came across this stamp. It's lasered, but no serial number. I was thinking it might be an early A Custom ('91-'93) but from what I understand, lasered stamps started in 1994 along with serial numbers. 1993 and prior were die stamps. Zenstat's...
  12. drumstuff66

    WTB: Zildjian A Custom 18" Crash - 1990's

    Hi all, Hoping someone has an Zildjian A Custom 18" crash from the 1990's (no serial # or the serial # starts with the letter "I") they are looking to let go... I'm looking for good condition or better. Structurally sound - no keyholing, cracks, warping or dents - but not too concerned over...
  13. drumstuff66

    MF deal on Tama Stage Master Hi-Hat Stand today: $59.99 shipped

    Thought this was a pretty good deal on a great basic high-hat stand, IMO....
  14. drumstuff66

    Opening for guitarist Matt Schofield tonight @ The Bull Run, Shirley MA

    Matt Schofield is an amazing blues guitarist from England - Any fans of virtuoso blues guitar should check him out - Pretty excited to have scored the opening slot!
  15. drumstuff66

    Herbie Hancock with Vinnie C tonight @ The Orpheum in Boston....

    Super excited - haven't seen VC live since since Zildjian Day Boston 1983! The band is Herbie, Vinnie, James Genus (bass) and Terrace Martin (multi-instrumentalist)... On this tour it looks like they've been doing "Cantaloupe Island", Chameleon" and "Actual Proof", along with a couple of...
  16. drumstuff66

    Opening for Kofi Baker's Cream Tribute 8/5/17 (Sat) in the Boston area

    Pretty happy to have grabbed the opening slot for Kofi Baker (Ginger's kid) @ Thunder Road in Somerville, MA...Doors open at 8pm
  17. drumstuff66

    Bud Stein Cymbal Weight Calculator gone?

    It was up just a few days ago, but just tried it now and get a URL Not Found On this Server and an error 404 notice....just me?
  18. drumstuff66

    Ludwig 5" Black Beauty - bottom head hoop almost touching lugs?

    Hi all, I have a 5" x 14" 1996 Ludwig BB and the snare side head hoop is almost touching the (tube) lugs - the "center" bead is actually just below center so the lugs are closer to the bottom edge. Most photos of 5" BB's I've found have a more "centered" look, though I did find a couple that...
  19. drumstuff66

    Premier Artist Birch 13" Tom/FT with "British Made Since 1922" Badge

    Specifically, I'd love to find the 13" x 10" (?) Floor Tom that came with the Heritage Jazz or Bop kit (Sliver Sparkle Laquer). I think those were the kits that had the 13" based on what limited info I've found. One of the configurations might've had a 14" FT which I'd be interested in as...
  20. drumstuff66

    Ludwig Acrolite Black Galaxy "Blacrolite" years of production?

    I think have the start date of '93/'94 from a catalog scan I found online, but nothing about when they stopped.... Any info appreciated - Thank you!