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    he's back! funny listing for hi-hats on seattle CL.

    the guy with the yamaha bass pedal from a week ago is back on CL with some zildjian hats to sell. wish him luck!
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    funny seattle CL yamaha bass pedal ad
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    i'm getting a haircut monday!

    that's it.
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    let's all put our shades on and wish jim keltner a happy birthday!

    the man is 78 today. take a minute to review his discography.
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    my ludwig metal snares - best of the 60's and 70's.

    sold off most of my metal snares - here's what i'm keeping. 6.5'' 70's b/o ludalloy 6.5'' 70's b/o brass 5'' 60's keystone ludalloy (birthday drum) 6.5'' 60's pre-serial brass 6.5'' 60's keystone ludalloy
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    Who's got Ludwig 5'' chrome tension rods? here is a picture of what i need. cash or trade parts.

    i need 10 5'' ludwig chrome tension rods (will take less if you have some). please - just like the picture, not kinda, not sorta, not slingerland, not mismatched - please. will pay cash or trade for other parts. what do you need? i will want to see pictures. thanks for your time and stay safe.
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    HELP! - looking for 16'' Ludwig snare side hoop, 1.6 chrome (cos). will consider WFL chrome (cob).

    title says it all. 16'' BOTTOM snare hoop - 8 hole. chrome - steel (ludwig) or brass (wfl).
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    thanks for your time.
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    looking for ludwig/wfl marching snares from mid 50s' to mid 70's. who is THE MAN to see?

    who is THE MAN (or woman) in this part of the vintage drum world? someone is sitting on a pile of these. someone specializes in these. WHO?
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    Ludwig/WFL snare collection. all wood all the time. missing two family members - can you help?

    between 1955 and 1975 was a golden age for ludwig/wfl 3-ply wooden snare drums. by the mid 70's metal snares became more common, and ludwig discontinued many wood snare sizes. at the peak, 14 different size 3-ply wood snares were produced. i now own 12 of these 14 drums and would love any help...
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    think you're too good for mis-matched drums? steve gadd isn't!

    had the great pleasure of seeing the steve gadd band last night at jazz alley in seattle thanks to my friend donn bennett. mr. gadd was of course playing black yamaha drums. looked like 20-10-12-14 with a green 16. i do not know if it was backline, but the cymbals were not - they sounded...
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    where can i find new 3.5'' nickel tension rods? vintage only?

    looking on line for nickel, and all i find is black nickel. i'm looking for a snare, but they would be the same as for a 12'' club date tom. anybody got a line on this?
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    i need a Ludwig/WFL 6.5 Pioneer in red sparkle - that's it.

    title says it all. ludwig or wfl, chrome or nickel. missing or broken parts may be ok - let's see your project. pm for best results. thanks for your time.
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    SOLD - THANK YOU - Ludwig & WFL blow out.

    here are 2 more from deep in the vault..................... WFL 15'' x 8'' mahogany Ludwig EIGHT lug 400 each drum has it's own post
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    SOLD - THANK YOU - Ludwig supraphonic 400 blue/olive badge 8 lug snare.

    as bun e likes to say - it's the rarest of the rare. every body always wishes they made an 8 lug supra - well, they did. found this on ebay a few years ago, and it is the real deal. some ludwig acne, but no flaking. the original lugs must have been a bad batch - they were completely pitted out...
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    SOLD - THANK YOU - WFL 15'' x 8'' mahogany finish school festival snare

    late 50's WFL model #916 school festival snare. original mahogany finish. mahogany/poplar/mahogany shell w/maple re-rings. edges are nice, heads go on fine, no extra holes. all hardware is shiny nickel - lugs, hoops, tension rods, throw and butt. + p-83 throw off & p-32 butt + 12 strand ludwig...
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    ALL DRUMS SOLD - THANK YOU! Ludwig blow out - 3 unique drums.

    3 very different ludwig snares for sale. each has it's own listing below. all the same price - $310 plus actual shipping. 70's 13x3 piccolo 60's 14x5 acrolite prototype 30's 15x6.5 pioneer
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    SOLD - THANK YOU - Ludwig 15 x 6.5 pioneer player.

    30's ludwig pioneer brass snare. ALL parts are nickel. did i mention it's a beast? drum is a player with a couple extra holes and some well earned bumps and bruises - but it is ready to go to work right out of the box. includes modern p-85 throw bottom if you want to use tape instead of string...
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    SOLD - THANK YOU - Ludwig 14 x5 acrolite prototype.

    this is the famous orange peel finish, weled seam ''prototype'' acrolite. legend has it that there were 200 of these made - who knows? the soft hoops did not hold up and were often replaced with steel. this drum has the original aluminum hoops and they are in fine shape. lugs are original...