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  1. cworrick

    Yamaha RC kit - Piano Black or Natural Wood?

    Black. Classic and neat. The Natural in the pic looks like a bad orange instead of natural wood.
  2. cworrick

    OT: For $10,000 would you ride this road?

    Nope. No way. No how. Not me. NEXT.
  3. cworrick

    A little o.t.

    I was going through an antique shop this weekend and saw this sitting on a shelf. First thing I thought of was I miss him and his posts.
  4. cworrick

    Name your favorite odd meter songs

    I can't believe no one has mentioned TAKE FIVE yet. I also like Pat Methany's FIRST CIRCLE.
  5. cworrick

    One drum company for all of your drumming needs?

    1. PEARL I'm into drum set. Pearl has that covered. I'm also into marching drums. Pearl has that covered. I'm also into concert percussion. Pearl has that covered. I'm also into mallet percussion. Pearl's Adams line has that covered. I'm also into auxiliary and Latin percussion. Pearl has...
  6. cworrick

    Stick technique advice for a beginner please.

    Right idea, but it is possible to get the weak hand "up to par" Reversing the exercises is a great start. I love doing and teaching it. Instead of following along this forces the weak hand to take the lead. This helps when teaching in that I can play along with the students on a pad by...
  7. cworrick

    nybody know what practice pad Steve Smith is using here? It's nice and quiet.

    I Agree with Mark. Looks pretty close to me.
  8. cworrick

    Tell me about walnut characteristics

    Squirrels love them
  9. cworrick

    Where can you order new Ludwig Parts from?

    I'll 3rd this site. I just finished a project and these guys were a great help. Knowledgeable about the parts as well.
  10. cworrick

    Joke Thread

    Ya know, I've often wondered that myself. :scratch: :dontknow: :laughing3:
  11. cworrick

    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    I'M WITH YOU! :thumbright: My two rack toms are offset. I usually play more like a 4 piece anyway. Gotta have my ride where I can comfortably play it all night long.
  12. cworrick

    OT actors in movies that could never be played by anyone else

    Sorry, had to. :laughing6:
  13. cworrick

    Drum head help

    Everyone above has the right ideas. Here's the comparisons: Remo / Evans Batter Side Toms 2-ply Emperor G2 Pinstripe EC2 Black Dot --- ---- Hydraulic Reso Side Toms 1-ply Ambassador...
  14. cworrick

    Sing, Sing, Sing - Drum Cam (GoPro)

    Buddy's answer:
  15. cworrick

    Ludwig Kit Progress FINISHED!

  16. cworrick

    Ludwig Kit Progress FINISHED!

    I'm waiting on the Good Bass Reso head to come in. The bass drum does NOT sound like it should with the old junk head on front. Really bad tones. Will post when it comes in.
  17. cworrick

    Ludwig Kit Progress FINISHED!

    $1599. I was focusing on the drums not the price tag.
  18. cworrick

    Ludwig Kit Progress FINISHED!

    The traditional setup. My preferred setup. 4 piece +1. Gotta have my ride where I can reach it comfortably.
  19. cworrick

    Ludwig Kit Progress FINISHED!

    13" mounted 14" mounted 16" floor 24" bass