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  1. drumstuff66

    Cover Tunes and original tempo (too slow?)

    I'll add to bolweevil's thought: I'll sometimes say to the band if it feels a little slow live, we're probably closer than you think without rushing it... I also use an old beatbug to agree on tempos in rehearsal, or after hearing a live recording, so everyone can agree to a good live tempo...
  2. drumstuff66

    Rock Drummers who actually used Rolls

    Ok, I know Simon Kirke has used one a couple of times - right now I can only come up with this one at around 1:19..It's short so maybe some will say it's not a true press roll, but cool nonetheless IMO: Andy Newmark sneaks a little one in here at around 2:00...again if you call this a press...
  3. drumstuff66

    Wrist Burning

    I'm going to take a shot at this... I think Dale MIGHT be talking about just doing 16th's at 145 BPM. He said if we consider 580 BPM 16th's he can "double" that... By "double" I think he MIGHT mean "to do at the same time", to "match" the clicks at that speed, not really "double" it in the...
  4. drumstuff66

    PayPal holding funds for 21 days?

    Just sold a drum on Ebay yesterday and noticed this PayPal "hold" on the funds. I marked as shipped and added tracking and was notified funds will be released "1 day after the buyer receives the item." Thanks for the info posted above...
  5. drumstuff66

    Who Is The Most Famous Person You’ve Met?

    4 or 5 years ago I played an outside wedding for Tom Hamilton's niece at his house on Cape Cod. We were told that if we learned "Sweet Emotion" EXACTLY like the record Tom might get up and play it with us. He was hanging out all day, super nice to all of us. On a break he asked if he could get...
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    Time for new cymbals !!! K's worth it ??

    Were the A Customs re-weighted in 2013 along with the A line? I love the original 90's A Customs before the Projection, Medium, etc, lines came out. I guess they were developed with Vinnie Colaiuta shooting for that old school vibe you mentioned. Thanks for the heads up on this!
  7. drumstuff66

    Drum Set Ergonomics - Thesis

    Done. Good Luck and hope you post a follow up of your findings...
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    Yes, I was thinking flam accents with a single bass drum stroke or flam taps with two bass drum strokes. My ears ain't what they used to be...
  9. drumstuff66

    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    In real life I manage a liquor store, I'm also a fan of bourbon. I might suggest Eagle Rare or Four Roses Single Barrel...and I agree with Skeet6 and Tornado on their recommendations as well = all great bourbons...Purists might say Gentleman Jack isn't really a bourbon, but it's excellent...
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    One my favorite Bonham tracks as well. In Through The Out Door, IMO, has some of his best drumming. Upbeat and funky, but he/they also bring it down in places - in volume and tempo. The song is over 10 mins long but keeps me interested throughout the different sections with the shifts in...
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    Favorite TV Theme Songs

  12. drumstuff66

    Premier Floor Tom

    I'm really off today! I just saw that Gibraltar makes a 10.5mm, which is just over 3/8" - I re-measured and it looks like my FT legs are over 3/8" but under 1/2" - so I have Gibraltar 10.5mm legs... I realize I've told you every size is correct - I'll just let the picture do the talking!
  13. drumstuff66

    Premier Floor Tom

    Yes, but I was completely wrong about what FT legs I use - sorry! The 12.7mm will NOT fit, but the 9.5mm (3/8") will. Here is a pic of one my brackets with a Gibraltar 9.5mm FT leg in it... Also a link to GC - 3pk for $11.99...
  14. drumstuff66

    Premier Floor Tom

    I did the same thing on a late 90s Premier Artist Birch. Actually, I made an 11" x 14" suspended tom into a legged floor tom using Premier brackets. IIRC 12.7mm legs fit them. I'll double check when I get home..
  15. drumstuff66

    Black Beauty help please- Its here and I think newer?

    Another great photo job by GC showing the first one comes with both heads and a case. Argh! It also looks like there is something rolled up inside the drum with tape on it (?). Optical illusion? I'd usually call the store and ask a couple more questions about this one. I might jump on the...
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    Can You Play the 29 Greatest Beats Ever Recorded -- Like the Ones By Slayer, Iron Maiden and Lars?

    You are correct. I would've never guessed it, but it was Ron Tutt... Thank you, thank you very much...
  17. drumstuff66

    You're in quarantine with the first famous drummer you saw live - who is it?

    Gregg Bissonette with Maynard Ferguson on the New Haven Green...1980? His brother Matt was on bass. They were opening for Buddy Rich that night.
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    Friday Five Fer - Charlie Daniels Band

    My second and final week filling in for snappy. Thanks, snappy! Thought I'd pay tribute to the late, great Charlie Daniels.... Orange Blossom Special 2005 Uneasy Rider 1980 Legend of Wooley Swamp 2005 (a personal favorite) Long Haired Country Boy 2007 Devil Went Down To Georgia 1979...
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    Signed and forwarded...
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    Cutting Gretsch USA Custom down (18" to 14")

    Thinking out loud while trying to visualize: If you do end up getting them, anything taken off the batter side would bring the tom mount that much closer to you, the player (or technically, the player closer to the mount) I thinking that through right? If so, and if it matters, something...