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  1. Ptrick

    Duluth Brass Manufacturing Redux.

    First off, congratulations on getting your first build going. You will not be disappointed! I’ll do my best to answer your questions (I’m on build #6 currently, and have owned several other brands cast bronze snares). The treebronze 907 alloy is a great place to start. I like the size you’re...
  2. Ptrick

    Meinl 24” R&D Concept Model (Foundry Reserve Thin Ride)

    Great balance of stick, wash, bell, and crash! Nice pick up.
  3. Ptrick

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Both. They actually sound great together, one is higher/trashier, the other smoother and lower. But they usually end up split up, because it’s a very specific sound when paired together.
  4. Ptrick

    Serious snare question - The actual sonic difference between 5 and 6.5

    This is how I tune mine. Shallower snares low/deep, deeper drums higher (but still retain body because of depth of shell).
  5. Ptrick

    The Cure Drum Tone

    Searched some other forums and found that Boris Williams, The Cure’s drummer used a Noble & Cooley solid snare with a Black beauty as a backup while he was with them. Kit was a Yamaha 9000 series. As far as production, sounds like 80’s gated reverb to me. (compressed reverb with a sharp gate...
  6. Ptrick

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    That’s my favorite Meinl ride. I have TWO!
  7. Ptrick

    DIY Clap Stack

    But they are no longer around...
  8. Ptrick

    Istanbul Ottoman or Sultan? UPDATE: solved By JDA

    I’ve never seen a non ridiculously heavy ottoman ride, so I’d go with Sultan.
  9. Ptrick

    DIY Clap Stack

    That sounds good. Curious how expensive that bending tool is. I did cringe every time he said “Stack clap”
  10. Ptrick

    That sharp snare crack

    There are several materials and ways of building that seem to have good crack. (My interpretation of crack is not just a high tuned snare, but one that simultaneously has a fat gut punch sound.) The best I’ve experienced are (no particular order) Cast metal shells-Bronze, steel, aluminum 3mm...
  11. Ptrick

    Thinking of switching to 20 inch rides

    I’ve been using finger cymbals, and thinking of going to just playing brass rivets, so....... ;)
  12. Ptrick

    So you're shopping for a new 14x6.5" brass snare [UPDATE: purchase made]

    Yep, designed by same guy (Josh at Inde )
  13. Ptrick

    Ride suggestions for using rods...
  14. Ptrick

    Testing Novelty Drumsticks

    I’ve been using several headhunters models for years. Before that, I had an endorsement with a stick company called Unigrip, which were made by headhunters! (Didn’t find out till much later).
  15. Ptrick

    "I make cymbals for people that don’t like beautiful sounds"

    Roberto was a master, and wonderful human being. Thanks for putting it back up.
  16. Ptrick

    Snareweight M1

    My favorite muffling technique for snares is my tape gate, a variation of the Akira Jimbo/Paul Leim coin or felt floppers. It’s very subtle. Drum opens up as normal, tape lands back and kills excess sustain. Here’s the thread. Used it yesterday in the studio...
  17. Ptrick

    To you Yamaha Stage Customs users, what heads are you likin'?

    I bought Nylok tension rods from drum factory direct for the top rods only, cost me $15 for 4 toms, tuning hasn’t budged since.
  18. Ptrick

    Snareweight M1

    They do get more pliable over time. But even my oldest one still has that problem, but in a pinch I’ll fold it over on itself several times to get it (mostly) flat on the drum (when I haven’t kept it flat for instance.)
  19. Ptrick

    Snareweight M1

    Ya, I have this issue with the M1. What I do is take it off the drum when not in use and store it flat. Then it sits flush next time I go to pick it up. Makes the easy release function a moot point, though.
  20. Ptrick

    To you Yamaha Stage Customs users, what heads are you likin'?

    Coated G2’s sound like butter. Coated Emps are also great. Coated 2 ply on birch shells really warms them up.