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  1. RettaW75

    What’s your best score?

    My DTX750K kit. It's about $3700 CAD brand new, but I got it used, excellent condition, for $1200. The guy only had it for a year but then he died :(
  2. RettaW75

    Finally happened - Neighbors working from home and can't take the drums!

    Not where I live. I had a friend with drums in an apartment and the police told the person who complained that very thing. There was nothing in the contract that stated they couldn't have drums, either. My friend hasn't had a complaint since. Guess it depends on where you live. *shrug*
  3. RettaW75

    WHATS Your Next drum/music related Upgrade/Purchase?

    Saluda Ninja stack and 14" medium hybrid fusion hi-hats :) Just ordered em last week and can't wait till they get here :D
  4. RettaW75

    Finally happened - Neighbors working from home and can't take the drums!

    Ha! If you're not playing late at night, or past the noise by-law time (it's 10 or 11pm in most places) then they can suck it. Otherwise, get some low-volume cymbals and some Remo silent stroke drum heads. Problem solved. They can still suck it tho ;)
  5. RettaW75

    OT: Who Is Still Working?

    I'm still working. I clean the common areas of condos/apartments etc and we're still considered an essential service.
  6. RettaW75

    Our gear when we are gone...

    I got a practically "like new" electronic drum kit from a man who passed away. He only had the kit for a year so it was in great shape. I felt kind of bad about it, but I've played the hell out of that kit and will continue to do so for years to come. I'll enjoy it on his behalf. I hope whoever...
  7. RettaW75

    "Embarrasing" music you were a fan of.

    I LOVED Poison back in the day. I think their Flesh & Blood album was pretty good. Wasn't keen on the albums that followed.