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    Whatcha mixin' for hats?

    I use 16" K custom dark crash on top, and an old old old Sabian Rock Crash on bottom. They make great "light" hats.
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    My pork pie snare drum

    I have an S-Hoop on my go-to snare and I love it. It isn't so much you hear a difference. But you FEEL a difference. Your rim shots become so much more buttery, and your hand just falls into it nicely. I love the S-Hoops.
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    Exciting new band gig in MPLS!

    Forum friends... Exciting news. A singer/songwriter named Nick Nelson contacted me through the grapevine the other day to ask me to be his "live" drummer. Nick just released a record that has gone viral on the internet. I looked him up on this website and realized he's #1 on the charts in...
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    Snare Buzz In The Toms ~ Where Are We At?

    I'll be sound checking my drums before a show or something and be hitting the kick with the snares OFF but after doing that for a second, I quickly turn them back on because the drum sounds so naked without the snare ambiance. I almost feel embarrassed when I have the snare off for a second...
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    Drumhead on the snare

    YES this sounds great. I actually just used this technique in a recording session a couple weeks ago. Makes for a really nice thud. I was recording some soft rock/ambient stuff and worked perfectly. Often sounds kind of like a Mute Math sounding snare. Andy
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    Your Guitarist's Gear and Effects Box(s)

    Both my guitarists use a custom boutique company for their heads known as Winfield. One uses an Avatar cab (another boutique company) and the other uses an Orange cab. They're the biggest gear heads I've ever seen. Equivalent to me and drums... we talk gear for hours.
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    Age is just a number...

    I know at this forum, we have a lot of "older" people. Or maybe in respect I should say "wiser" people. But I'm just wondering if there a two ends to the age curve... seems like there is not very many kids that have such an interest in vintage drums. Anyway, I'm 19! :D Just wondering if...
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    Clean up the mud of toms

    I'd go with some coated 2-ply heads. For Remo they would be Coated Emperor. For Evans they would be Coated G2's. For Aquarian (my favorites) Coated Response 2's. The thick head and coating will make for a warmer sound and tighten up most of the ring. You'll just have to experiment with the...
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    Any love for Zildjian K Customs?

    I have a 20" K cust dark ride that I only use for a crash cymbal. I bought it used. It has so much character, I probably wouldn't buy a new one only because they they're expensive, and also because its gotten so much love beaten into it already ;-) I also have a 16" K cust dark crash that I...
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    16'' K Light Hats?

    I don't have any experience with those exact hats, but I use 16" K cust. dark crash on top, and an old old 16" Sabian rock crash on bottom. They sound almost identical. They are super light, great slosh. When I play them closed they make for just a great dry tone, and total uniqueness! I think...
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    What snare are you currently playing

    6.5x14 custom snare. I call it the "White Leopard" ;-)
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    What's set up in your wood shed right now??

    16" K Custom Dark Crash (Hi-hat top) 16" OLD Sabian Rock Crash (Hi-hat bottom) 20" K Custom Dark Ride 22" K Constantinople Medium Ride (drilled w/ rivets) Mid 1960's WMP Slingerland drum kit. 13/16/22 6x14 Tama Starclassic snare drum
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    Helicopter views...

    My new Slingy's!
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    Shine Out

    I hope I didn't offend you in any way there Dennis! Plus... I never said any of those drum companies were "bad" or made terrible drums!! There is obviously a reason your drum business is continuing to be successful in the industry. That says something right there.... :occasion5:
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    Shine Out

    Nope I don't know who Dennis S is, just speaking my mind here. Regardless, I have mad respect for anybody/company who is in that business. What a difficult business to take part in!! And every person in it has a passion for building I'm sure. With there being so many "Keller shell" builders out...
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    Shine Out

    Wow! I'm surprised a company like that went out first before Truth drums, Risen drums, Phattie drums, and all those other fence-line custom drum companies.
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    Popsicle stick snare drum

    I had an idea to make a snare drum made out of popsicle sticks. Here are a couple photos that display the insanity. I spent about three days working hours upon hours glueing what ended up to be thousands of these little popsicle sticks together. The snare was going to be a 5x14" snare (the...
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    1990 Twin Cities Best Drummer Contest

    Cheers from another drummer in MPLS :D Nicely done!!!
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    6 ply or 8 ply

    With 6-ply shells you will get more resonance and "woody" tone. With 8-ply they will be louder, more attack, and less resonance of the shell. If you're going to be banging hard on the drums, 6ply shells also tend to warp a little easier than the 8ply just because they are thinner...
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    Another source for 1.6 mm hoops

    Hey, I work for that website :lol: Write product descriptions.