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  1. Bongo Congo

    1965 Ludwig "Double Badge" Anomaly?

    Black Galaxy Super Classic outfit with twin badges on bass drum!
  2. Bongo Congo

    & You Don't Stop..... Happy Birthday, Man!

    Always enjoy reading your comments and benefiting from your perspective and experience! Happy Birthday, man! Many more!
  3. Bongo Congo

    Brief Gadd Interview (Dec 2012)

    Pleasant little chat, mostly focusing on the "Fifty Ways" groove. Steve's behind the drums, though, so cool stuff can be heard. :-D
  4. Bongo Congo

    Redesign Coming to A. Zildjians?

    I got an email blurb today (from Midwest Percussion) that the "new" Avedis Zildjian "A" cymbals would be arriving soon. 'NEW LOOK' Classic A Zildjian Cymbals. "Zildjian has updated the look and sound of the classic A Zildjian line." Anybody know what's going on there? They're getting...
  5. Bongo Congo

    OT: "Disappearing" eBay Auctions

    Something that has always puzzled me about eBay: what happens sometimes to the concluded auctions? I looked at this one while it was running (two weeks ago), although I didn't bid on it...
  6. Bongo Congo

    Glance At Instructions Before Assembly

    Funny. Doesn't have quite the same volume when you play the left-side pedal. :mellow:
  7. Bongo Congo

    OT: May Be AFK For A While...

    Just wanted to mention, ummm.... I'm goin' back in to the Opthamology Clinic early tomorrow to be evaluated by a FOURTH Optho guy. They're turfin' me all over the place. I failed the qualification for a corneal transplant (quality of vision-improvement is not worth it), and now the progressive...
  8. Bongo Congo

    ***Santa's "Happy Holidays" Thread!***

    (authorized by Santa Claus and the Mods) MERRY CHRISTMAS Happy Holidays! SEASON'S GREETINGS Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men No matter how you say it, say it here! Let's bring a little Yuletide Cheer to the Forum! Now, there's one other thing you need to know: On Christmas Eve, Santa...
  9. Bongo Congo

    Red Sparkle 60's Downbeats!

    ...worth checking out just for the photography! They look so good. (Restored, I guess)
  10. Bongo Congo

    Declined Cymbal Offering Of The Day

    Too late to add a washer? Zidjian Vintage 16" on eBay. Does anybody use a stand that doesn't have to go up through the middle? :-D
  11. Bongo Congo

    Another Bass Drum Mic Comparison..

    Interesting. HD sound available. Hint: skip to 2:30 and avoid two-and-a-half minutes of techno-nerdbabble. (j/k)
  12. Bongo Congo

    Drummerdude's Daughter Is In The Hospital

    Hey, set aside a moment to send good thoughts to Drummerdude and family. His daughter is, I think, going to have surgery tomorrow. Not too many details, but she's in the hospital now. Drummerdude (Lee) will fill us in when he has time, I'm sure.
  13. Bongo Congo

    Opinions On A Classic Bass Drum Sound?

    This bass drum sound has always struck me as unusual. Relatively high-pitched, short, and I could almost believe it's an analog electronic sound (Simmons). But I'm not sure. It's so prominent, and dominates the mix throughout the tune. What do you think of it? Is it right for the tune? Would...
  14. Bongo Congo

    Gretsch Experts/Players Ignoring the cosmetics (it's pretty beat up), is this a good deal for an '80's Gretsch 3-piece? Would this have the correct "Gretsch" sound? Is this the "desirable" Gretsch...
  15. Bongo Congo

    Stage Feng Shui

    Do you prefer to be up on a riser? All the way in the back? Drums downstage with everybody else? Do you put the kit on stage at an angle? Sideways? Reveal! :-D
  16. Bongo Congo

    Vague Musical Crisis

    (Pardon the meandering exposition, but I was up on a ladder cutting tree limbs all morning in the heat, and now I'm so exhausted and dehydrated I can't even get up from the computer. I'm still able to type, though. That's a shame for you guys, right?) What do you do when most music fatigues...
  17. Bongo Congo

    DW's "Specialized Shell Construction"

    If you have the time and patience to watch this 9-minute video, and you have good speakers, you can't help but be impressed with the tonal variations in these different shells. I don't care if you're a DW hater, this is interesting stuff. Personally, and for the record, I love my DW's a...
  18. Bongo Congo

    More eBay Weirdness

    Somewhat minor eBay rant to kick off a Friday morning. :-D Spotted this listing for a Stage Custom set: Perfectly nice drums, not...
  19. Bongo Congo

    The "Ideal" Crash Cymbal Size?

    I've been seeing a lot of clips lately with really great-sounding cymbals, and I'm noticing something particular: a lot of the drummers I like are using what appear to be 15" or 16" primary crash cymbals. I've always thought you needed 18" crash cymbals.... now I'm seriously wondering if that's...
  20. Bongo Congo

    The Camco/Royalstar Lug

    For Mudjacker2. Pic of the Camco lug that's similar to the Royalstar (if not the same one), and of the Royalstar I posted that's on eBay: