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  1. 2012-04-21 17.46.35.jpg

    2012-04-21 17.46.35.jpg

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    2012-04-15 19.18.31.jpg

  3. Yamaha DP Series (Debut)

    Yamaha DP Series (Debut)

    Anybody give me an about price you think these are worth. I dont know much about them but the in awesome condition and the sound is great.
  4. 2012-04-21 16.25.19.jpg

    2012-04-21 16.25.19.jpg

  5. Y


    haha yea I got them and i didnt need em on any other drum so I just threw them on there lol
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    So I have an old westbury snare that was broken, needed new heads and snares and peices are broken. So instead of buying new snare equpment i removed it all and intalled tomtom heads. Is there anybody that has done this, if so i could use a couple tips on how to tune and if it is even going to...