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    5/16-24 wing nut needed.

    Need one wing nut that size.
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    Beverley cymbals

    I have a lovely set of 1965 Beverley drums. I know the horrors of Beverley/Zyn/Krut cymbals but when offered a 18" thin Beverley cymbal w/ rivet holes I went for it. As a gesture of heritage I shall put the cymbal on a stand to the right of the floor tom. In any event, the guy who sold it to me...
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    Beverley 6-lug wood 6x14 snare. Make it sound better?

    So, I have this snare drum from 1965 or so. It looks great with the kit but I would like to get it to sound better. Evans head? German wires? Suggestions?
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    Vintage straight cymbal stand

    Have one available?
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    Rivets for old cymbal

    I have the opportunity to obtain a funky old cymbal which has five holes drilled in it for Rivets. Anyone have five rivets they could pass along? Also, are rivets relatively easy to install? The videos of installing rivets looks fairly straight forward but there always seems to be something...
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    Snare side hoop matter so much?

    Have an S-Hoop on top, nice German wires, drum is set up fine. Would it make any real difference getting another snare side hoop? I have thought of obtaining an old Slingerland snare side hoop, the inward bend would be similar to the batter S-Hoop. But if there is not any change in sound, I...
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    Slotted drum keys, Premiere, Beverley, reproductions

    Mark Jones of Australia makes these. Only way I know of how to contact him is thru Facebook. I have made these Premier budget line slotted drum keys 100% Australian made out of Australian surgical grade stainless 17.00 free postage in Australia, these are made from the original premier...
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    Reasonable Radio King built?

    Did this man craft a good RK copy?
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    What are the best triple flange batter hoops?

    What differences will be realized from one manufacturers type of triple flange hoop to the next?
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    Can standard head be made pre-international size?

    If standard is 12". Pre-international needs to be 11-7/8th inch.
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    Rare Earth, Get Ready Interesting story behind "the guy with the snare drum."
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    Never ceased to amaze. Buddy Rich.

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    Watts/Keltner Project Last half of this article is particularly informative on who did what on the CD, as told by Keltner.
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    Torque car wax OK for old wrap?

    Seems alright. What do you think? The reason I say Torque is because I have it here. The drums I want to use it on are an old Beverley kit, BDP.
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    Everplay pre-international 12"

    If you have one, let me know.
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    Goo Gone remove Remo ink logo?

    Off of a white coated head without damaging the white coating? A rep for Remo says Goo Gone will safely remove the ink stamp but I am skeptical. Anyone try it? In any event, there are like five different types of Goo Gone, which do you use?
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    Slingerland snare drum?

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    Snare drum porn

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    Giant billboard Remo logo of late.

    Let us hope the folks at Remo make the correct decision and tone down the logo a tad. Remo is a long time supplier of heads, thus it would make sense to let that reserved heritage show with a scaled down tasteful logo.